What is generally known about Hakotep I among scholars?

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My party is in the middle of Shifting Sands, and just finish digging into ancient libraries to learn about Hakotep I - accessing information that has been intentionally hid and apparently not accessed for 100s of years.

On the other hand, Osirion has a 17 square mile feature to the South West named the Slave Trenches of Hakotep. Admittedly the function is unknown to most/all, but they are his eponymous trenches.

How do I reconcile this situation? Was Hakotep widely known among scholars or not? If unknown, why are there huge trenches with his name? If unknown, is it just the nature of his flying pyramid that the PCs learn about which is new? Do most people call the trenches something else?

I was thinking of having them known as The Slave Trenches of Hakotep as a name that stuck, but somehow through the centuries most scholars incorrectly assume the trenches are named after the second (and unrelated) Hakotep pharaoh who is not the Sky Pharaoh, Hakotep I. But I thought there might be an actual answer and I don't need to make something up.

The trenches are called with another name on The Slave Trenches of Hakotep book, The Khepsutanem. That's the name given in Ancient Osirion.

In my game, that name endure until the present, so the scholars can't relate the site with Hakotep. They only think there is another unexplored and very dangerous ruin in the vast deserts of Osirion. But I don't dislike the idea of relate them to one Hakotep closer in time.

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OOC, the Slave Trenches came first, the AP came second, by a number of years.

The books lay out that the name of the unremarkable ruin is kind of a mystery. Perhaps they come across an essay that suggests that Hakotep I liked the name of the Trenches so much that he took it for his ascended name. I just pushed the idea that the Slave Trenches were just some ancient marvel that nobody really cared about due to its extreme remote location. Without having the secret knowledge about *our* Hakotep, anyhow, the name doesn't matter.

Remember, the Order of the Blue Feather pretty well wiped any records of Hakotep from written history, with his legend likely only orally passed down through its members. Deku herself probably has some elaborate way to code any messages she sends to the Order's leadership about the party's meddling, just to further obscure any reference to our Hakotep from anything that might make it into a record somewhere. He who shall not be named or some nonsense.

Additionally, with these Nethysians history erasers being a presumably powerful sect within Osironi history (at least at one point), though the centuries furthering the idea that the Slave Trenches of Hakotep was some obscure name to some obscure nothing, actually helps them keep the name associated with Hakotep I and some rano ruin rather than a long lost tyrant.

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