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My current homebrew campaign is taking my players to a sprawling underground complex that they must navigate to reach a story goal. Large sprawling mega-dungeons are such a staple of the genre that I feel obligated to put one in the campaign, and this is a moment where it fits rather well. That said, I don't run dungeon crawls bigger than a few rooms very often, so I'd like to look at published adventures for some inspiration. Those of you with experience running this sort of thing, are there any published dungeon crawls that you can recommend? I don't mind paying for something if it's well done.

Some things to consider:

  • I normally run 100% homebrew, so I'm very comfortable modifying and rewriting things to fit my needs. Although I've shared the setup for my adventure below, it's fine if your recommendations don't seem to fit.
  • My PCs consist of a party of six 8th level characters, but again, I'm comfortable modifying things if necessary, so recommendations don't have to fit that party level.
  • The story and setting call for an underground complex consisting of a collapsed and buried city that was later built over. While, again, I'm comfortable modifying, it would be most helpful if recommendations consisted of something that I can re-skin accordingly.

If it'll help, here's the basic story setup I'm working with:

current draft of the plot:
The PCs have been seeking the keys to an ancient vault that imprisons a fallen angel. They have learned that the last key was entombed with a powerful priest who in ancient times led a crusade that destroyed a group of powerful vampire lords who ruled over a foreign empire.

What they do not know is that this priest is not dead, but was turned by one of the vampire lords. In my world, vampires absorb experiences and fragments of personality from those whose blood they drink. One of the vampire lords defeated the priest, but decided to turn her into his servant rather than kill her. However, her faith was so strong that the vampire lord became a convert, released her from his control, vowed to serve her god and seek redemption from the vampire's curse. He subsequently aided her crusade, and his knowledge of the other vampires and their empire was the reason the crusade was successful.

When they returned to her home city, her church would not destroy their greatest hero, but neither could they let her roam free in her cursed state. Therefore, they built a temple complex underground, which serves as a tomb, temple and prison for priest, the vampire lord and the other crusaders that he turned. The vampire lord did not resist imprisonment, seeking redemption through prayer and devotion.

To reach the complex, the party will have to navigate the twisted halls of an ancient collapsed city that lies beneath the modern church's city as its foundation. At its end they'll find the temple complex inhabited by a congregation of vampires, including both the vampire lord and the priest. Some of the vampires are penitent, seeking redemption and a cure to the curse. Others, however, are restless and seek release from their prison.

Thanks for whatever recommendations you come up with!

Emerald Spire is a great "superdungeon" for the pathfinder ruleset
Also if you can find it: Rappan Athuk: the dungeon of graves, is a 3.0/3.5 3rd party superdungeon that's well worth tracking down.

Wow, Rappan Athuk is huge. From the descriptions, it seems like the kind of thing I should be able to cherry pick pieces of for years. I suppose if I can't find something in a book that big, I can't find it anywhere.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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