Racial Ability and Boon from chronicle sheet, they stack?

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Hi, I'm playing an Ifrit sorcerer with the elemental bloodline, so I have been using the Fire Affinity racial ability which makes my spells and abilities count as if I have +2 charisma, in the recent session I got a chronicle sheetfrom Tyranny of winds, Part 1: The sandstorm prophecy, the boon, Genie Heritage grants me the same as my racial if I'm a sorcerer from the efreet bloodline, so, this makes me wonder 2 things:

1.- if I retrain to the cross blooded archetype, would I qualify for both (racial and boon) provided I choose elemental and efreet bloodlines?

2.- Do they (Boon and racial) Stack?


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Going forward, it's really best to ask questions about a scenario over in the GM Discussion Forum (LINK to this particular scenario). There's usually a good chance that your question will have already been asked, and even if it hasn't (I checked for you, and it wasn't), you'll get the attention of either the author or a member of Campaign Leadership who can best answer your question. Plus, it avoids the risk of spoiling content for posters in this Forum who haven't played the scenario in question.

All that aside, I couldn't find an answer for you. My advice would be to treat them as not stacking. Better to play it safe, and then if you play at a table where your GM believes they stack, it'll be like a little bonus for that scenario.

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Retraining archetypes can get expensive. Retraining into crossblooded looks like it would be extremely expensive, as it changes 5 or 6 different abilities (not sure if you have to pay for the drawbacks). That’s 25-30 prestige. I wouldn’t spend that on something that might not stack at a given table.

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They may still be able to rebuild as a Level 1 character, though.

Regardless, it's a good question to ask for people planning to build such a character.

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True. If a rebuild is still an option, that helps a lot.

Aren’t things like Draconic and Orc bloodlines usually allowed to stack? That might be an argument that these stack. Also, they both seem to be untyped. So maybe it’s less of a table variation issue than it appears at first glance.

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Racial Bonuses and Untyped Bonuses would unquestionably stack, but the possible types of variation I can see would be:

1) You have a starting Charisma of 18. Your Charisma is +2 (so, 20) when determining Bloodline #1, and your Charisma is +2 (so, 20) when determining Bloodline #2.

2) You have a starting Charisma of 18. You "apply" the +2 from Bloodline #1, and then you "apply" the +2 from Bloodline #2, ending with a net Charisma of 22.

Kind of like those types of abilities that modify the Aid Another action. Two abilities that each make Aid Another a +4 instead of a +2 don't work to give you +6 or +8, but two abilities that grant you "+2 to Aid Another" would stack for a total of +6.

Nuanced differences, and all that.

It doesn't look like it can be #1, at least based on the ifrit racial trait (I haven't seen the Chronicle). Fire Affinity applies to all sorcerer spells and class abilities (logic and design intent notwithstanding).

PRD wrote:
Fire Affinity: Ifrit sorcerers with the elemental (fire) bloodline treat their Charisma score as 2 points higher for all sorcerer spells and class abilities. Ifrit spellcasters with the Fire domain use their domain powers and spells at +1 caster level.

If the Chronicle is worded similarly, it looks pretty certain that they will stack.

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