[Trailer] Lost in Space. New Netflix show.


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How does Parker Posey manage to even bite into a potato chip with villainous intent? She's amazing.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again. I do hope the writing is better; as mentioned a long time ago upthread, the string-of-coincidences and smart-characters-doing-dumb-things-because-the-writers-don't-know-how-to-pl ot got really bad as the show went on. I'm concerned from the trailer that there is also going to be way too much Will; he was fine in the first season for the most part, but he needs to be measured out in proper doses.

But as sheer scenery eye candy and watching some good acting goes, I look forward to it.

I dunno how she does it, but I'm totally down for it.

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I really enjoyed the character development of the adults of the series. I found the children to be a little uneven, but teens are always difficult to portray in film.

I especially enjoyed the fact they used a lot of adult themes that are still appropriate for younger viewers. It's refreshing to see that folks have not forgotten that you can have a compelling drama without excessive violence, language, and gratuitous nudity. Not that I mind those things, but I don't need them in everything.

I do enjoy the indirect threats that face the expedition, though always being in dire peril and rescued at the last second is way over used so far. Though, it is nice to see a series that isn't so grim dark as has been the trend for Sci-Fi for sometime now.

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