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So, my stupid self is running two simultaneous Crimson Throne campaigns. The staggering difference between the parties honestly keeps it fresh, but I have a question for the audience. My second group managed to bargain with The King of Spiders (a stupid high diplomacy check followed by winning several games of knivesies, and then a game against the king himself lead to him being EXCEPTIONALLY Impressed by our little warpriest) and gave them the info they wanted. He also expressed interest in seeing them again, since they chose to patch his wounds after a significant crit during the game left him below 0.

Im going to bring him back in during Escape from Old Korvosa, but I'm not sure exactly HOW.

What do you guys think? I was thinking as maybe a rival to the Emperor, perhaps...

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Excellent idea as Dervargo is a great NPC.
Remember he has connections with the Arkona's - he could be working for Bahor in Old Korvosa.

I am also running CotCT and my group is midway through eel's end - I am hoping Dervargo survives - as I think he offers an excellent NPC to the group to be the opposite side of the coin to Vencarlo.

My idea for book 3 is when the party first arrives - to stumble in the middle of a gang war - Emperor's Thugs / Arkona Men / possibly Dervargo's men and/or the thieves Guild opportunistically sensing a change in power in Old Korvosa. With Arkona struggling to hold on to the Island.
I just like the idea chaos in the streets with different gangs. :)

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I am also planning on bringing Devargo back into the mix in book three. He will be coming to them for muscle. In exchange for revenge and information, and if that doesn't work..good ole blackmail. (Having them tailed within the city, and trips to Vencarlo's, Trina etc.. he is no fool.)

I simply do not like Pilts background as written for my group. I feel he is a boss without a history. So, I am having him be an old friend of Lamm's. He has changed his name to Pilts, as per his stage name to cover his creepy BDSM/sadistic past (used to run underground human cage matches). So the group will have some understanding of whom he is, and a strong desire to want to stop him. As opposed to insert unknown boss name here.

Devargos angle. Pilts has been asking taxes from all business within his turf "Offering protection". He further wants a piece of the illegal dealings going on at the Eels End. Devargo is "not going to pay this idiot a damn copper (spits)." So, obviously he wants this shut down. His business is already hurting big time due to quarantine, Pilts running the streets means no customers can make it. Turf war will come to the docks. Devargo is doing what Devargo just does, and is playing some of his hands.

So even though, my group had a falling out with Devargo in the first rounds of negotiations. They were able to secure the information for Cressida Kroft. However, In the dealings, the Wizard was not able to secure the release of Menjenko due to Devargos asking price. But later on, she managed to secure enough coin to place it on retainer, and a task in exchange for the release.

In doing so he was very impressed by her bravery, as that she came to him alone and was brave enough to trust the mission he had tasked her with (he knew she would get the groups help to complete it). So, he knows the group is better then most of his current team. They are also more expendable.

The Akonas, in my story do not care about Old Korvosa. Arkona is old money, thus it is secured throughout the city, and it's roots run deep throughout. They could squash, Pilts or Devargo, but its pointless.. and keeps eyes off them.

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I've incorporated House on Hook Street into my Crimson Throne AP, which gives a natural way to reintroduce Devargo. The party will be encountering a (rather horrific) Chittersnap very soon, who also escaped from Eels End, but I plan to have Devargo trapped in the dream realm, and give them the chance to rescue him from the Brotherhood of the Spider. Won't be an easy rescue, though; if they manage it there'll be big rewards, but there's little consequence of they fail.

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I didn't even consider Hook Street, that's a nice touch.

And yeah, I was liking the idea of Devargo being very... LE about it, wanting his organization to continue. Maybe even throw in some hints about him watching them during the Blood Veil issue. They planned on stopping by at some point, so I'll probably have them save him from Chittersnap then.

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My party stole Manjenko, which led to one of the party being kidnapped by Barvasti and brought back to Eel's End. The party went in and rescued her, and in the process killed the ettercap and most of the guards. The spider king escaped, though.

I just brought him back in the last session. I wanted to give them some reason to care one way or another about Pilts, so when they finally made it to the palace, Barvasti was standing by the Emperor's shoulder whispering in his ear. He told Pilts that the party couldn't be trusted due to his previous dealings with the group.

I was hoping he would make the fight a bit more challenging, but in round 1 he ate a critical hit from a scorching ray that dropped him dangerously low. He came close to knocking out one of the original party members that had stolen his hideout, but he didn't really make much of a difference

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