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I have an oracle with the Lich Curse, and I've realized there's a problem with it. Many oracle curses grant bonus spells - in this case,

Horror Realms wrote:
At 5th level, add control undead to your list of 2nd-level oracle spells known.

Great! My oracle would love to control undead - wait. Control Undead is a level 7 wizard spell. It is essentially a multi-target Dominate Undead. And for me, it would be a level 2 spell. Now, there is a level 2 wizard spell with a very similar name, Command Undead. This is more like Charm Undead. Powerful and long-lasting, but with significant limitations. I suspect the author and editor used the wrong spell.

The Lich curse is PFS legal; I've looked for an errata or clarification, and haven't found one. I know, in PFS, we are meant to stick to RAW, but this seems ridiculous. Would it be reasonable to use the level 2 version, rather than the level 7?


I would love an answer to that before said oracle appears at a table I'm running, so you may want to post this to the rules forum as well.

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It was probably meant to be command undead but yes it currently is a 2nd level version of control undead as written.


This isn't that powerful, really.

A first-level cleric can get Control Undead (3 + cha times per day) by taking a single feat.

A first-level wizard can get it (3 + int times per day!) without even taking a feat.

And given that it scales with level, the HD limit will prevent you from having anything too stupid.

If anything, the command undead spell is more powerful than the control undead spell (no saving throw for mindless undead, much longer duration).

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