Ship Expansion: Holodeck


Holodeck (5 BP, 15 PCU)

Designed to help a ship's crew blow off steam and stay fit during long trips in deep space, this recently invented 30x30 ft holographic recreation suite is becoming wildly popular. It is lined with multiple holovid and magnetic field projectors, as well as environment modulators to independently adjust temperature, gravity, atmosphere and other factors separately from the rest of the ship. It can display holographic entertainment or other media, simulate various environments, act as a celestial observatory, run virtual reality games, call up virtual arcade cabinets or various table games, and perform other functions limited mainly by the creativity of its users as well as the sophistication of the available content packs.

A rack of elastic skin-tight fullbody holosuits are provided in an attached closet (basically thick zentai suits by way of Tron), made for users of varying heights and body shapes. These allow a user to simulate tactile feedback and other physical sensations when interacting with the holograms, using a combination of magnetic repulsor weave, force feedback, nervous stimulation, and other enhancements; you can even pick up and climb onto holographic objects while wearing the holosuit. These suits thus also allow the deck to be used as a gym, sparring dojo, weapon practice range, or the like when running the appropriate content pack. An appearance of your choice and roughly comparable size can be projected over your suited body, assuming you have a suitable avatar pack or a game includes such functionality. Changing into or out of a holosuit requires 1 minute for an unarmored character.

The chamber can be locked. This is typically done from within for privacy, but with appropriate command-level override can be done from outside, permitting the holodeck to be used as a makeshift environment chamber.

I don't see this as being substantially different from the holographic amusement chamber option already provided by the recreation suite expansion bay, save that it's substantially more expensive and can double as an environmental chamber. Though I suppose the total lack of any meaningful description leaves some room for ambiguity. Beyond that, your starting cost feels rather excessive; the only other bays that hit double digit PCU are the hangar at 30, and then the shuttle bay and fully upgraded, DC 50 smuggling compartment at 10. BP cost could potentially be cut by a point or two as well.

I'm not sure you're really proposing anything that's not already covered, but I'd be happy to give more thoughts if you can explain how it's different.

The BP cost was just the cost of the three different recreation suites and the sealed environment chamber, with a +1 BP surcharge for the other uses it can be put to and for only taking up one bay. You are right that the PCU is probably excessive; my intuition is that something like this would take a lot of power, but looking at the cost of other expansions, some of them are surprisingly lower than I thought. The sum cost of the recreation suites and environment chamber is 6 PCU, so with additional uses and only taking one bay, maybe 8-10 PCU is fair.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in Holodeck Four.

The more advanced force field holosuite does not require the holosuit. It uses 2 slots and with a holobee like device (Also known as a mobile holo emitter) allows a hologram to leave the suite till the power runs out. MHEs are currently very rare and expensive, some claim it's made artificially so because of the risk of rogue holographic, AIs.

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