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I’m thinking about what kind of gods are allowed within the borders of Geb. As an undead nation, it specifically bans channeling positive energy, so good gods are strictly prohibited.

But what does that mean for other gods? Neutral aligned deities can be given some leeway as long as their followers don’t channel positive energy with the exception of Pharasma. Urgathoa is pretty much a given since she’s the big undead god.

Other evil gods must be a bit kore complicated. As a lawful evil country, chaotic deities are likely forbidden, even if the gods in question cater to the undead like Orcus or Kabriri. Neutral evil deities are a trickier matter; Urgathoa herself is neutral evil, but daemonic entities such Charon facilitate a goal of eliminating all existence. I bet certain extremists of the whispering way could see such daemonic divinities as the means to wipe out all living things, but their worship would probably be highly regulated, even with Urgathoa’s beneficial relationship with the horsemen.

And what about the archdevils/Asmodeus/the forces of hell? They’re lawful evil personified and certainly there are a few infernal dukes that deal with the undead. Still, a few scant demigods don’t overwhelmingly shift the entire court to the infernal side.

So what kind of other gods would be allowed in Geb, and how would they or their clergy be treated?

I would assume as an Osirioni nation, the ancient Osirioni pantheon would have a presence.

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Possibly Zon-Kuthon, but the lack of pain from some undead might be an issue.

Zyphus (as a sometime ally of Urgathoa) probably has some sway.


Calistria is Chaotic Neutral

She would probably find business booming, as new vice routes of lust are explored.

Irori is Lawful Neutral.

While he's usually about living things and the cycle of growth, I can't see him turning away aspirants who weren't living if they were focused to the path of self-improvement.

Abadar is Lawful Neutral.

He's all about civilization, and if the undead of Geb have a good working one, he's invested in seeing it work.

Nethys is Neutral.

Magic is magic. That is all.

Gozreh is Neutral.

While undead are technically against the cycle of life, at the same time they are new development of life in an odd direction, one that might merit observation, at the very least.

Just those five Neutrals alone give a nice solid structure to religion, without going too evil on things.

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You guys are also forgetting Arazni. She's the defacto ruler, and a demigoddess that has domains.

Other than that, I'd imagine most if not all deities with the Undead domain, and ones related to gluttony, vengeance, and other things that cause dead folk to become undead in the first place.
I know vampires have their own specific deity as well, and there's more than a few of them there.
Also, agriculture is a huge part of their economy, so any non-good nature/farming-related gods would probably have a sizable clergy.

I'm not sure good deities would be off limits. "No posiive channeling" doesn't mean that no one capable of positive channeling is allowed, any more than a "no swords" policy would mean anyone who can wield a sword is banned. I could see Lawful Neutral Erastilians flourishing, for example, considering the central role of agriculture in Geb's economy.

I don't think Chaotic Evil ones would be entirely banned, either. I mean, Rovagug certainly, and probably Lamashtu as well, but Demon Lords related to undead like Kabriri and Zura (demon lords of ghouls and vampires, respectively) are almost certainly not going to be banned. The Four Horseman probably aren't allowed, though, since they want to kill everything including the undead (much like Rovagug), but ones who are less genocidal like Zyphus are probably fine.

There might be some Neutral followers of Good deities whose portfolios aren't necessarily against the rule of the undead allowed as well. I don't agree with Erastil (he isn't really going to be okay with a huge mass of essentially slaves serving as living blood bags, no matter how many farms you have), but there might be possibilities for, say, Shelyn.

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