Wendigo Corruption?

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I had an idea this morning that I wanted to share, and see what people thought. The wendigo is one of those monster's that's really interesting (and terrifying to encounter), but I find that it's at such a high CR that getting it into a game is difficult, because by the point where you could use it, your PC's are generally pretty skilled, and well equipped to deal with the beast. So i thought of creating (or appeal to Paizo to create it) would be to introduce a Wendigo corruption; a gradual change in a person as they fall prey to the corruption. Early manifestations would be pretty straightforward; claws, bite at the cost of lower wisdom (or sanity if you're using those rules). Later stages introducing a 'pale visage' as you're body adapts to the cold (at the cost of fire vulnarability) or even growing antlers. At the later levels it would be out right loosing your feet, and wind walking. Progressing the corruption would be the urge to feast on sentient humanoid flesh, with the addition of tempting others to do the same. Anyways, thought it was a cool idea and wanted to see how others reacted to it.

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I’d be interested in seeing a Wendigo Corruption.

I think a Wendigo Corruption would be really interesting and I'm always in favor of more kinds of corruptions (I think they're only in two books as is- Horror Adventures and the Campaign Setting HA tie in (Horror Realms I think?)), so it's not like there is not a lot of room to explore here.

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Go for it! I'd look forward to using it later on in the AP I'm running when the wendigo shows up.

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