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Looking to run this one for PFS. If I run it use the CORE ruleset, do I offer the PCs the option to play one of the pregenerated characters that the scenario mentions are legal?

The pregenerated characters in question are made from the Advanced Class Guide, but are also printed in the scenario, so I'm unclear.


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I think it's probably allowed - the point of CORE is that people don't need to own more books, but these pregens are included in the scenario.

That said, I've been told several of these pregens are not really suited to the job, so you might not be doing your players any favors.

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I was convinced that those pregens are no longer legal (now that they have official versions), but my search-fu is weak at the moment.

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Yeah, I'm kinda sure I remember that those pregens were PFS legal only on Free RPG Day that year.

I'm happy not bringing them, since it saves on printing, but I wouldn't want to my own frugal nature deny my players a legal option.

So, sounds like the answer is no, don't bring them? Or should I bring them and just recommend they don't use them?

Sovereign Court **** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden aka Ascalaphus

I'm not 100% sure you're allowed to bring those L3 pregens, and you're not doing your players a great service.

Far better then to only bring some of the regular L4 pregens, especially the ones that would be people you'd really want in your party for this adventure.

The main question is regarding CORE, since the provided pregens are not CORE legal classes.

I don't think the L4 pregens for those classes can be take for this scenario on CORE. Could be wrong.

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