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So the Police Cruiser is the only vehicle listed with a weapon: The Autodisabler. The weapon is listed as "Ammo 2", which I assume is meant to be its capacity. But "Ammo" isn't an actual type of ammunition so there's no rules for buying more of it. It seems like it should be using a battery of some sort, but no battery is listed and "2" wouldn't make sense for a capacity in that case. Can it only take two shots ever? Is it considered to have infinite ammo and reloads after every two shots? How in the heck is it supposed to work? Is there further information elsewhere in the rulebook that makes this distinction clear?

Next up on my list of confusion with the police cruiser: So the weapons can't harm people. That's weird, but I am guessing that they didn't have enough space in the rule book to go into how mounting weapons on vehicles or modifying them might work, and didn't know how they wanted to handle the concept of "vehicles that are designed to shoot people" yet, so they're saving it for later. Ok.

Can I still TARGET people? Can I apply an Anchoring fusion to it so I have a chance of pinning a target?

For GMs out there: Do you bother with this restriction? Obviously you have to if you're in organized play, but at the home table do you let players pay to remove that restriction? Because it sounds annoying. I would have just made the gun count as "Merciful" vs. creatures. I guess the writers just really wanted to limit vehicles to shooting at each other starting out. I hope we see vehicles with weapon mounts in the future.

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I expect that it only has two shots and needs to be re-charged when you recharge the car back at the station. But now that you mention it, I don't really have any idea what it means. It could be that it uses a battery and takes 2 per shot, but that seems super off for the damage output and level of the vehicle.

I'm going to FAQ this. It's probably needs a FAQ.

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Thanks I'm almost thinking someone typed "Ammo" by mistake and meant to type which TYPE of ammo.

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If it were me, I'd probably treat it like it has 2 batteries (normal ammo battery or maybe one of the higher capacity ones), and each shot takes a whole battery. As if it had Charges 20*2/Usage 20, or something. That way they could reload during combat if needed, but it'd still be something that made sense in light of everything else.

The autodisabler is probably only useful against other vehicles, by design.

Mounted vehicle weapons seem to work just like any other weapon attack, albeit at the penalty given in the vehicle statblock. I don't remember seeing anything about item level limitations on certain vehicles or anything, so you could probably just stick them on and use them as just normal weapon attacks (attack/full attack actions).

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