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I've recently developed a homebrew class flavored around the traditional Valkyrie, with heavy inspiration from games such as Wizardry. Throughout her levels, she slowly gains powers and abilities akin to the Valkyrie's traits as per the pathfinder creature, with extra effects. Mechanically, she has a feel similar to Paladin and Fighter, and is meant to be a mostly defensive martial class with a few potent utilities and offensive abilities as well.

Currently it is in an early stage of development where I've essentially laid all the ideas out of the table. The class, however, is in need of tuning and critique, possibly removal of certain abilities.

Let me know what you think! What works well, what needs tuning. If you'd like, even push the class to its limits to see how it compares with similar classes.

You can view the class here:
The Valkyrie


Looks pretty spiffy =)

Normalize the DCs of her abilities and make them scale better. Give Freyja's Embrace, Words of Harbard, Wail of Hel, and Light of Balder a DC of 10 + 1/2 class level + cha mod, and make the grapple from Freyja's Embrace equal to BAB + cha mod.

I'm no expert on Norse mythology, but the wikipedia page for Tyr says that he's a god of law and justice, and known for his wisdom. So why does Strength of Tyr count as chaotic and give a wisdom penalty? Also, I think it should be an enhancement bonus rather than an untyped bonus. Does the increased crit threat range stack with things like Keen? If not, mention that.

Odin's Cunning is pretty weak. In addition to the current effects, give it a longer lasting bonus like Magic Circle against Evil or a paladin's Aura of Righteousness for 1 round per level.

What type of action is Nibelung Valesti?

Chosen Weapon would be fine without the -1 attack penalty. Since Warhorn requires a free hand, most valkyries aren't going to use a heavy shield. Either they'll use a buckler and get a -1 penalty when using their weapon twohanded, or they won't use a shield at all. Shield Brace exists, so try to make this class feature as good as that or better.

Thank you for the input!

DCs have been normalized, Nibelung Valesti has been corrected to have the action type, and Chosen Weapon has been slightly buffed to put it decently ahead of Shield Brace.

In terms of Tyr, Pathfinder Valkyries are non-lawful, so I see where the confusion would come from. Instead it has been changed to operate on whether you are good or evil. The wisdom penalty originally was meant to offset the strength bonus, though one could consider Tyr's trust to put his hand in Fenrir's mouth to be unwise, though a noble sacrifice. I've changed the wording on the crit range buff so that it won't be doubled by a keen effect, for example, but rather tacked on at the end of that calculation.

Odin has been greatly buffed to be more akin to a short duration Aura of Righteousness with illusion immunity.

I like the concept, but only criticism is helpful. Here we go.

I am familiar with Norse mythology and understand that Valkyrie were exclusively female. Still, I believe that gender requirements are counter to the way Pathfinder and most modern RPGs do things. Most people who would choose to play a female Valkyrie anyways, I think, but this could easily be reflavored to work in a different culture where gender isn’t important.

I don’t agree with handing out all exotic weapon proficiencies in two weapon groups at 1st level. There are already plenty of options in the simple and martial groups. If you want the class to be great with these weapon groups, then reduce the penalty for non-proficiency by 1, and then scale it up with level until the penalty is gone.

Renaming this could be helpful so it is easier to fit into a game without Norse deities. Also, some of the specific edicts seems peculiar to me, given that the character is required to be non-lawful. Not impossible to role-play, but counter-intuitive. Just because Odin was probably chaotic neutral, that doesn’t mean all of his followers are.

I am not a fan of this type of class feature, particularly when chosen at 1st level. Who knows what kind of magic weapons will come to the character’s hands as they advance in level? Wouldn’t it suck to choose a favorite pole arm, and then later on come across a very powerful pole arm of a different type? I recommend doing away with this. Maybe take a cue from the unchained rogue’s weapon finesse feature where he gets to choose multiple weapons over the course of his career. I don’t think 1st level is the best time for this.

This is too overpowered for 1st level. Even with a modest Fort save you will have a reasonable chance of succeeding. I suggest raising the required level, and then changing the DC to reflection of the negative hit points the character would be at.

Maybe begin with medium armor and then advance to heavy armor?

This a so iconic to the Valkyrie, that I think it should be a spell-like ability used as a move action. Like the paladin’s detect evil class feature. It would not be overpowered to do so.

The language needs revision for clarity. I know you don’t want to out of control, but I would suggest expanding the spell list a bit. The restoration spells would be in line, although maybe require material components be paid for. Spell-like abilities are not cast, they are used. I see no reason to enforce a caster level penalty. I think you should also speed up the advancement a -bit-. At 19th level, a Valkyrie may not have a whole round to stop to remove blindness.

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The class lacks unique abilities that make it stand out. The most interesting ability is the warhorn, but the powers have a lack of cohesion with the rest of the class. They feel like little extra gimmicks rather than powers central to the class's mechanics and identity.

I'm not a fan of giving them all exotic weapons from a category. I'd suggest naming specific weapons instead.

Cheat Death is way too powerful of an ability to give at 1st level. Its DC math is a little broken and pitifully easy for a class with a good Fort save and the ability to have a high Constitution.

Saving throw DCS are usually 10 + 1/2 level + an ability score modifier. However, the math for DCs vary wildly from ability to ability in this class. They should be consistent.

Holy Zeal: I don't like abilities that give a straight up deflection bonus. Deflection bonuses are typically reserved for buffs and magic items. This ability gives a free ring of protection that scales with an ability score. Considering this class gets many proficiencies and other defensive abilities, I don't see why they need yet another bonus to their AC.

Good to have some free home-brewed Valkyrie stuff out there for PF. ;)

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