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There are some moments that I am proud of in my GMing history. Some of them are things that happened on the spur of the moment. Others took months to set up and play out.

Probably a lot of us have such moments. And we don't really get to share them very much! Often, they take a lot of explaining before they can be properly appreciated, and it's hard to find someone whose eyes won't glaze over about a quarter of the way in.

So -- GMs: tell me your triumphs. Tell me what you did that you are proud of as a GM. How did you do it? What went into it?

I promise to read every post in this thread in full, even the long ones.

I am not afraid of spoilers, but for the sake of people who care about such things, please put any potential spoilers for published adventures in spoiler tags.

I look forward to hearing your tales.

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I achieved two TPKs (well, only one, but I let the players leave Barovia on the second time only out of Mercy, I could have TPK'd them at will) on 1st ed AD&D Ravenloft...

I also reduced a 12th level wizard to lvl one... he rescued two fair Maidens in Distress and proceeded to get a reward in kind from them, they were actually succubi.

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I have dual-wielded tables.

We had eight players show up to an organized play session, where the max that can sit at a table is seven. And it was an older scenario, which is meant for four players anyway.

So I had them split into teams of four, and ran the adventure for both teams at the same time, having dual combats side by side on the same maps. It was wild, threatened to get away from me, and entertained everyone who showed up without turning anyone away or asking someone to GM last minute.

But I don't ever want to have to do it again.

I refer you to the following thread:

Your proudest moment as a GM

More recently, I did this after a lot of buildup.

I ran a 10 year long 2e campaign that ended in 2000. One of the major characters was my friend Tam's ranger, Diana Brownsparrow. Her backstory included leaving her homeland to escape her abusive lover, another ranger.

At one point I ran a couple of adventures where he showed up and joined the party. The roleplaying was awesome between her and "him". But soon he showed his true colors and turned on her again, so she told him to leave under threat of death.

A year and a half later (in real time) I'd run a few adventures that made them think he was somewhere still around. Sure enough he was, as he showed up in the nick of time to save Diana and the rest of the group from a pack of ghouls. He sacrificed his life so they could escape.

6 more real time months go by, with lots of gaming. At the end of a particularly harrowing adventure, they faced off against a wight, who they discovered was her former lover. He told her he that, "I swore I would love you until I die, and now we'll be together forever!" He attacked, and after a really good combat segment, she killed him for good. Tam, the ranger's player, actually broke down and cried because she was imagining the emotional agony Diana would be going through after it was all over.

Yeah. Pretty proud of that one.

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