Newbie back again, Teamwork Feat and Sneak Attack Questions

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I have an archer Inquisitor with the Sanctified Slayer Archetype. It looks like the Feint Partner Teamwork Feat would allow me to make an attack and add sneak attack damage, as long as someone else did a successful feint and I was within 30 of that opponent. Is this correct?

Are there any other Teamwork Feats that would allow me to add sneak attack damage as an archer?

How do you use stealth to gain more sneak attacks?
I assume that means my Inquisitor would need to be in cover or have concealment. Then, roll a successful opposed stealth check against my intended target as I move into a good firing position. If successful, my attack would add sneak attack damage. Is this correct? Is total cover or total concealment needed or, is partial Ok?

Silver Crusade

Teamwork feat looks fine.
Unless you start combat stealthed its really difficult to get sneak via stealth (invisbility being one way) flanking is the more realistic approach exspecially action economy wise

Attacking while flanking allows sneak attack damage. Are there any teamwork feats that allow an archer to get that flanking bonus?

Flanking is melee only.

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