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Oozeform Alchemist

Whether by accident or design, some alchemists have permanently transformed themselves into a strange type of ooze; their bodies the very essence of alchemy, such an alchemist can spontaneously invigorate herself with alchemical concoctions created from her own body.

Alchemical Defenses
The Oozeform is not proficient with any weapons or armor. She adds her Intelligence modifier to her AC and CMD, and receives DR 4/Slashing. This damage reduction improves by 2 at 4th level and every two levels thereafter, to a maximum of DR 14/slashing at 20th level.

This replaces the Alchemist's normal proficiency.

Oozeform (Su)
Rather than her race's normal base form, the Oozeform Alchemist's base form is that of a blob of goo that has the same volume and weight. She treats her creature type as both ooze and the base creature type from her race for the purposes of effects targeting creatures by type (such as bane weapons and a ranger's favored enemy). She is immune to critical hits and precision damage and cannot be flanked. However, she has no magic item slots and she cannot benefit from armor, cast spells from other classes, or use any magic item that requires activation, is held or is worn on the body. The Oozeform cannot wield weapons, and instead has a single slam attack that advances at the same rate as the Shifter's Claws ability. The Oozeform can communicate normally and is capable of maintaing a vaguely humanoid form if she so chooses.

The Alchemist may cause an alchemical reaction in her body to enhance a physical attribute. She receives a +2 natural armor bonus and a +4 alchemical bonus to her Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution; this improves to a +4 natural armor bonus and +6 alchemical bonus at 12th level and a +6 natural armor bonus and a +8 alchemical bonus at 16th level. The Alchemist must use a standard action to activate this ability, and can maintain it each round with a free action. She may maintain this ability for a number of rounds equal to her Alchemist level plus her intelligence modifier.

This ability replaces Mutagen.

Glutton For Magic (Su)
The Oozeform is capable of dissolving magic items within herself and absorbing their power. When she consumes a worn magic item, it is destroyed and the bonus it would bestow becomes permanent. If these bonuses are dispelled in any way she may reinstate them as a standard action. Normal slot restrictions still apply (so if you consume an item in the shoulders slot, you cannot maintain this bonus if you consume another shoulders slot item).

Ooze-Bodied Alchemy (Su)
The Oozeform Alchemist performs alchemy by mixing the appropriate chemicals in her body, and can do so spontaneously rather than preparing them ahead of time. She is a spontaneous, intelligence-based caster with the same number of spells know and spells per day as a Bard. The oozeform can only target herself with spells she casts.

This ability replaces Alchemy and Swift Alchemy.

Compression (Ex)
An Oozeform gains compression as per the universal monster rule.

This ability replaces Brew Potion.

Malleable Form (Su)
The Oozeform Alchemist's form is highly malleable and full of infinite possibilities. Starting at second level, she receives a pool of evolution points equal to her class level, and can select any evolution from the Unchained Summoner list, ignoring form or limb requirements (but not level requirements, for which she treats her Alchemist level as her Summoner level). She may change the way her evolution points are distributed every time she gains an Alchemist level. The only natural attack evolution she may take is the slam evolution, though she may take this evolution up to two times at second level, three times at seventh level, four times at twelfth level, and five times at seventeenth level. Slam attacks taken this way advance identically to her initial slam attack.

The Oozeform adds transmogrify to her spell list, treating herself as an eidolon for the purposes of the spell.

This ability replaces Discoveries and Grand Discovery.

Acidic Ooze (Su)
The Oozeform Alchemist may toss acidic globs at her opponents. This is identical to and replaces the Bombs class feature, except they do acid damage instead of fire.
So this ended up being almost more of an alternate class than an archetype, but this is my take on the "what the oozemorph should have been" concept. I decided to use the Alchemist as the starting point because I personally prefer the idea of becoming an ooze through a freak laboratory accident than being some kind of weird, niche druid.

Thoughts, opinions, criticisms? Malleable Form might be a little excessive but at the same time I feel like it helps a ton with the feeling of being able to mold your shape into anything you want, which is one of the things that stick out for me when I think of playing an ooze character.

I love the concept.

The round-limited mutagen analog is a cool way to draw in alchemist abilities while differentiating them. I'd suggest maybe allowing for cognatogen bonuses too, given its limitations. Maybe I want to be a hyper-intelligent ooze!

Glutton for Magic seems like a pretty elegant way to deal with ooze-gearing issues. Amulet of Mighty Fists is the only thing that would cause me a double-take. I feel like that could be exploited. You should also be careful with the wording of the ability, because "the bonus it would bestow becomes permanent" would cause all sorts of stupid RAW v RAI arguments.

I like that this archetype is spontaneous, but I do wish it had the option to poop out a little ooze biscuit empowered with an extract a la infusion.

Malleable form is cool; I love the idea of bringing in evolutions (though I'm not familiar enough with the full list having never built a summoner). I do think this is the piece most ripe for exploit. No worse than a baseline druid, but I could see some shenanigans.

Acidic Ooze- it seems like most of the Oozeform builds toward physical skills, so an INT-based bomb seems kind of meh, especially since it's limited to acid. My reco would be to add mutations that alter the ooze you shoot a la discoveries, but then you really are designing a new class.


I love the concept and totally want to play one.


Seems pretty MAD given the INT bonus to AC and the focus on slime-slams. Alchemists are great because they're versatile. Maybe build in some room for an INT-based slime?

Riffing on the spontaneous casting element, what about an ability that converts an extract slot into a ranged touch damage attack a la arcane blast?

It's really approaching its own class, but a custom list of evolutions could make this coherent and make it shine.

Well done :D
(Also, I'm a bit drunk, so any comments about balance are to be taken with a grain of salt)

I was actually thinking about writing something quite similar! My intuition was to take the Feral Hunter as the model of a "good" Shifter; swap out bombs for the ability to wildshape at the rate of a Feral Hunter (but for oozes, not animals);* and make casting spontaneous and wisdom-based, but still arcane. I wasn't quite sure how to handle of the implementation of the default ooze form, which is extremely cool conceptually, though the canonical Shifter archetype's implementation of it has been criticized (above and beyond everything else said about the class.)

Wisdom seems to make more sense intuitively for me for the same reason moving to spontaneous casting makes sense to both of us - the oozeventurer isn't accessing consciously known formulas as getting to know better how to intuitively modify its body. It might have been a scientist, but it just as easily could have been an experimental subject. But this is largely a flavor distinction and it might make sense to allow the player the choice of Int or Wisdom, depending on the concept.

Trading out discoveries for evolutions makes sense!

*This trade seems pretty even to me on the grounds that the Alchemist and Hunter chasses are pretty similar beyond Alchemists having bombs and Hunters having animal companions, and the Feral Hunter primarily trades out her pet for wildshape. Alchemists arguably have a better spell list, but not so much that it seems worrying about.

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