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I know this has been discussed before but 2 posts does not a very good discussion make.

At 4th level, a bonded investigator’s familiar becomes a cunning assistant to the investigator. The familiar can access the investigator’s inspiration pool to augment its own actions; the use of inspiration is deducted from the investigator’s number of daily uses as normal. The familiar can use the inspiration ability (and gains the increased benefits of investigator talents that affect the bonus dice used in this ability) but cannot expend uses of inspiration for other purposes.

What exactly does the familiar get out of the inspiration pool?

1)Expanded inspiration talent?

Expanded inspiration - Use inspiration on trained Diplomacy, Heal, Perception, Profession, and Sense Motive without expending inspiration

2) Device talent?

Device Talent - Use Use Magic Device untrained; if trained, use the inspiration ability with it without expending uses

3) Combat Inspiration?

Combat Inspiration - Inspiration on attack rolls and saving throws expends one use instead of two

4)Half Elf Favoured Class bonus?
Gain a +¼ bonus on all inspiration rolls.

I know amazing inspiration works - since it says it gains benefits of investigator talents that affect bonus dice, and it does affect bonus dice.

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1,2,3 are talents and they effect when dice can be used. I would say that counts as affecting bonus dice used for the ability.

4 is not a talent so can't be used.

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