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BS:43 | WS:32 | ST:34 | T:28 | AGI:42 | PER:35 | INT:44 | WP:30 | FEL:43 | Pilot (Space) +20 Wing Commander

Hey there!
Little IC explanation for the Profit Factor decrease of Heinrich I came up with:
Heinrich has established a very strict security and training routine, having two squadrons of flyers out, patrolling alongside the Tempest at all times, hot-swapping pilots and machines out after a 4h period for another squadron of fighters.
This routine, while undeniably effective for bringing 'his' pilots and hangar crews up to top performance and creating a nice all-time security cordon of attack craft around the Tempest, is quite expensive with respect to fuel consumption and repair cycles.


Checking in.

Hello there! Glad to be onboard.

I like that explanation about the PF decrease, it's fun when stuff like that is mentioned.

I'm curious as to what the general, hm, plot of the game would be, or whether or not it'd be a bit more sandboxy. Interested in both, just wondering which!

Hey all!

Checking in.

Here's our ship's profile. It should be good to go with the SP additions from Heinrich.

Ioneyse on board and proud to serve.

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our IC thread: e=last

I've included a note on the character's sheet about his name, but I figured I'd put it here as well:

Hajj is an honorific from the Lord-Captain's homeworld and not a proper name. Meaning that his full name and title is Lord-Captain Hajj Qalandar Khan, but if you were to just call him by his title and name, it would be Lord-Captain Qalandar. And if you just called him by his name it would be Qalandar Khan.

BS:43 | WS:32 | ST:34 | T:28 | AGI:42 | PER:35 | INT:44 | WP:30 | FEL:43 | Pilot (Space) +20 Wing Commander

Hey Qalandar, we should discuss the attack craft composition of our hangars.

.. Fighters can hunt other craft AND torpedoes
.. Fighters can go guard bomber squadrons against turrets and fighters
.. Space craft can be used in atmosphere
.. Bomber can attack enemy space craft (quite well actually)
.. Boarding Ships, well can deliver boarding parties for hit&run
.. Atmospheric Craft can be used in-atmosphere only
.. Atmospheric Crafts are smaller than space version thus their squadron size is about doubled compared to their space counterparts
.. Support Craft
.. Each of our hangars (Strength 2) can hold 2*3=6 squadrons, so a total of 12
.. Support Craft (shuttles for trade and diplomacy, in and out-of orbit)

Some questions that may influence our choices:
.. Do we want to focus on space battles (then the majority should be fighter and bombers)?
.. Or have a considerable power for ground invasions (then we should take at least a couple of aeronautica squadrons due to their about-doubled size)
.. Do we want to have lots of support craft for trading and troop movement (then we want some more attack and boarding ships)?
.. How about boarding in general? Do we have someone eager to get their hands dirty in leading the charge (looking at Lydia)? If so we want at least two or three boarding squadrons.

My opinion:
Unless we want to engage in regular planet raiding and empire-in-the-empire-forging, I'd recommend to skip on any aeronautica squadrons. All space vessels can be used in-orbit as well, so with lots of space fighters&bombers, we can still send in a frighting air force if we need to.
Not to mention, that space fighter/bombers are my currency in space battles, so I like to have A LOT of them ;-)
As for boarding / support craft ... maybe one support and two boarding or something?
Would leave us with 9 squadrons of fighters/bombers.
I'd recommend to go with about 50-50. Fighters being more on the defensive side (although necessary to keep bomber operations going) and bombers (naturally) more on the offensive side.

Radavel, will we be using the rules from core or from Nevis prime for warp travel?

Dark Archive

we shall use the Navis Primer Rules.

I'm good with a balanced set of attack craft. We don't need atmospherics and can deal with that sort of thing if it happens.

We might as well do this:
4 Fighter Squadrons
4 Bomber Squadrons
1 Support Squadron
3 Assault Boat Squadrons

That keeps us flexible enough to rotate out squadrons during attacks and gives us some other options when we need to do other things. It doesn't look like we actually get any benefit from having more than one Support Squad as the benefit is based on the Launch Bay Strength of the ship itself. I'd b fine with just one Assault Boat Squadron and upping both the Fighter and Bomber Squadrons by one. I'll leave that call up to you. :)

On a separate note:
Do we actually have a ground unit in the Barracks right now? And, if so, what are they like?

Dark Archive

Yeah you have a house unit in the barracks with the same rating as the crew.

Putting the mechanics here so as not to clutter the rp. Rolling as 2d10 as intended due to the effects of certain rolls.

Auguries, Psyniscience 42: 2d10 ⇒ (2, 4) = 6 24 subtract 1 from stability.

Going to assume the captain takes his hour to not make 9s instant fail. Can't wait to see what he comes up with.

Omens: 2d10 ⇒ (7, 7) = 14 Under the crews morale, I think, if I am reading our ships stats properly.

Translation test WP 42: 2d10 ⇒ (5, 6) = 11 Warp Hallucinations... woohoo.

Hallucination: 2d10 ⇒ (1, 6) = 7 Well, Phobia is fun, unless my WP test was arduous or worse...

Elseways, Forbidden Lore Warp 54: 2d10 ⇒ (10, 9) = 19 Oh my... that is a lot of success. +45 to navigation tests. Though we get a +20 penalty to warp encounter rolls. Please tell me the captain took his hour.

Navigation for duration: 2d10 ⇒ (5, 6) = 11 3+ success 1/4 duration trip

I await encounter rolls.

Radavel wrote:
Yeah you have a house unit in the barracks with the same rating as the crew.

Sounds good. A bunch of conscript quality guys with lasguns. :)

Zon of Ter'Mcan wrote:

Putting the mechanics here so as not to clutter the rp. Rolling as 2d10 as intended due to the effects of certain rolls.

Two things:

1. You can always use a spoiler to hide the rolls in the Gameplay thread. :)
2. You can do d100 rolls and still deal with the mechanics. (If a 9 is either digit, it's a 9 being rolled, right?) An then it's also easier to read. Your call though.

As for warding off bad luck, there will be extremely few situations in which Qalandar would be willing to have the ship enter the warp without observing several superstitions. And by "extremely few", I mean probably none, but accidents happen.

With that said, I'll hold off writing that up in the Gameplay thread until we actually get there.

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kindly advise me as to your preparations before I get the ship underway in my next post on the IC thread.

Huh. I didn't get any indication that there were updates to the game thread yesterday! Sorry about that! I'll get right on a post.

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will there be a lottery as to who gets thrown out of the airlock to satisfy the gods of the warp???

Nope. That's not part of this particular ship's superstitions. They don't do blood sacrifices.

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Just a head's up. Will update after my hearing tomorrow. Prep work is really taking up my time.

Sorry about the delay, I thought Zon had already rolled for Omens above.

And I completely forgot about Transition rolls! :P

I had rolled omens, 77. Translation test 56. What I got 16 Phobia. Elseways 09. Navigation for duration which was 3+ success 1/4 duration trip due to the ridiculous amount of elseways roll. I am in the waiting for encounters point on my rolls and everyone has to make a WP roll for the translation effect.

Also, after a protracted battle with cancer, a close relative of mine has passed. I will be sitting shiva for her and will not have much time to be online for the next week. If you need to bot me, please do.

BS:43 | WS:32 | ST:34 | T:28 | AGI:42 | PER:35 | INT:44 | WP:30 | FEL:43 | Pilot (Space) +20 Wing Commander

What are we stalling for at the moment?
Don't want to press someone, but I fear this to loose momentum if we don't go on soon...

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Have made two posts you all may wanna check in the IC.

BS:43 | WS:32 | ST:34 | T:28 | AGI:42 | PER:35 | INT:44 | WP:30 | FEL:43 | Pilot (Space) +20 Wing Commander

Huh, those post were totally eaten by the site.
Whether the 'new' nor my feed showed any updates!
Well, sorry for not checking the gameplay before posting here!

Sorry about that! Very, very busy week. It should all be back to normal by next week, though!

Couple of questions:
1. What was the Command test for earlier? Was it not to launch the assault boats?

2. Small crafts don't generally block line of fire do they? I mean, space combat turns are *long* (allowing for a Hit & Run attack to be done all in 1 Turn).

3. How many VUs are the ships from the Tempest?

4. How deep into the asteroids are they?

I think that's it for now. ;)

Will my firing be a problem if there are fighters between us and the three ships?

BS:43 | WS:32 | ST:34 | T:28 | AGI:42 | PER:35 | INT:44 | WP:30 | FEL:43 | Pilot (Space) +20 Wing Commander

Are we dead, already?

It's possible. No word from the GM in a week isn't exactly promising.

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