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Sovereign Court

General rules question (and hopefully, a simple, straight-forward one at that).

Suppose you have a character who was an Abyssal or Draconic Bloodline Bloodrager 1 / Eagle Shaman Druid 6, who was wild-shaped into an Eagle. Eagles have a bite and 2 talon attacks. Now suppose said character entered a bloodrage, and grows 2 claw attacks.

Would this character then have 1 bite, 2 claws, and 2 talon attacks?

I guess I'm wondering how an Eagle would be able to grow claws. I guess on the tips of its wings?

Sovereign Court

Not-so-shameless bump.

I don't think it would get claw attacks since it lacks the appropriate limbs. It'd be like trying to give claws to a snake. But a different GM might allow the wings to function as the requisite "hands" on which to grow claws. I just don't see them working considering that wings used as natural weapons are secondary attacks.

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