Druid looking to acquire Earthglide monster ability or similar


Are there any ways to acquire this ability without selecting the spell. I'm aware of the Plane of Earth Domain "One with the Stone (Su)". Any other ways for a Druid to get this type of an ability?

I am hoping to use this while in Ooze form (Cave Druid archetype)

Wild Shape wrote:
At 6th level, a druid can also use wild shape to change into a Large or Tiny animal or a Small elemental. When taking the form of an animal, a druid's wild shape now functions as beast shape II. When taking the form of an elemental, the druid's wild shape functions as elemental body I.

At 6th level, turn into a small Earth Elemental...

take the form of an earth elemental?

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If you don't want to use the spell, the domain, or an earth elemental form, then your options are all pretty limited. You could take VMC stone oracle, deep earth sorcerer, or kobold sorcerer. You could take Greater Eldritch Heritage with the deep earth or kobold bloodlines. You could be an oread and take the Oread Earth Glider feat. You could buy a xorn robe or a ring of stony flesh. Or you could cast summon elemental steed.

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