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I just, for the first time in years, got weekends off again. So now I can do stuff. Like RPGs. But I can't GM for lack of time. I'm looking for an established group, preferably playing Pathfinder, Starfinder, or Savage Worlds, though I could maybe learn D&D 5E or go back to D&D 3.5. I live in San Francisco, so that's naturally my location preference, but I'm open to meeting outside of the city if the location is reachable by BART or Caltrain.

Hi Rosita, I know this is last minute and all but I thought I'd drop you a line despite the fact. It's not Society play nor is it an established group yet, but feel free to stop on by and network if you're available.

Hi Gamers! Posting this here if interested in a Meet&Greet to play Pathfinder in SF.



It's not quite what you're asking for, but in case it's of interest, we have a pretty bustling Organized Play scene locally.

San Francisco games

Bay Area in general

Hope to see you there!

Hi Rosita and Kate!

Just an update if you are inclined to check it out. The previous event went very well. The group plans to meet up again, to follow up on what we discussed regarding forming a group that caters to the players' play styles and schedules. We have also actually networked with Douglas, one of the Bay Area Pathfinder Society Meetup members and Society DM/GM. He was gracious enough to offer running some scenarios for the Meetup. Granted it's still in the early conception stages but we're making progress with collaborations. If you want to invest in forming a group, feel free to check us out. Have a hand in the process and see what group(s) will become out of this venture. We will be running demos of our play styles courtesy of Douglas and have an open table discussions afterwards for feedback, thoughts, and comments. Note that this is not for Society play credits.


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