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Rise of the Runelords

Let's flesh out the character of Ameiko Kaijitsu!

Let's see all of your content (original or not) about Ameiko Kaijitsu, including but not limited to:

  • Non-canonical backstories
  • Mannerisms and descriptions
  • Relationships with other NPCs
  • Encounters or side-quests
  • Favorite activities
  • Images
  • Anything else that helps flesh out this character!

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Ameiko in my game has had a few changes to fit with the elongated timeline that I have for my RP heavy group.

1. Her time away from adventuring was a little bit longer than is originally written, giving her another year or so.

2. Her friendship with Shalelu is a bit deeper than as written. Shalelu helped her out with a few very delicate issues after returning to Sandpoint and ever since they have been fairly close.

3. One of my players used to be a soldier and as such, took Profession: Brewing, so I gave Ameiko a fairly impressive collection of wines, beers, and draughts from all over. As such, Ameiko took a shining to my player's moonshine, 'Soldier's Salvation' and has an agreement to buy from the PC when they decide to make fresh batches.

4. After the death of Tsuto and Lonjiku, Ameiko is now the owner of quite a bit of estate. In my game, she doesn't really care for dealing with quite so much of a headache. She is currently on the way to Magnimar with my PCs to see if she can find a buyer for the family manor (her reasoning being that there are too many bitter memories tied to her father's house).

-Added bonus here is that the buyer for the house will be a noble I plan on being a fairly strong red herring to make Chapter 2 less obvious!

Mannerisms: I tend to have her talk with an almost southern dialect, though not accent. Using terms like Sugah and Ya'll in conversation while keeping her tian accent.

NPCs: I actually had Ameiko's jealousy towards Cyrdak Drokkus be more of a romantic one. I had Ameiko originally court Sir Jasper before he had come out as homosexual.

Although the players don't know it yet, and may not for some time (they're currently on their way to Turtleback Ferry), Voon bought Ameiko's manor so she can concentrate on the Inn. Voon is becoming a big deal as he is discovering a new way to create and enhance magic items.

Did Paizo ever elaborate on why Ameiko quit adventuring? I haven't read or played much of Jade Regent.

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blahpers wrote:
Did Paizo ever elaborate on why Ameiko quit adventuring? I haven't read or played much of Jade Regent.

And that's exactly where I expanded on her adventuring career. ;-)

Ack! But . . . not sure if can read because not sure if will GM or play . . . OW RIGHT IN MY ABILITY TO COMPARTMENTALIZE

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The information is contained in the NPC write ups at the end of book 1. Ameiko's and Sandru's backgrounds are the ones you'd want to read. You can always skip straight to the back, read those, and quickly hide the book from yourself again. :)

Yeah, I may have to take one for the team and do that. Thanks!

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