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So we’ve got a series of books we are developing called “Red Sector”.
They are going to kind of be our Starfinder equivalent to our “Alternate Path” series that we do for Pathfinder; player options built around a specific topic. They are in the same vein as the “Complete [Class]” series from 3.5.

They are, ostensibly, “set” in a region of space called “Red Sector” but that is more so we can use consistent proper nouns (so we don’t tred on Paizo’s IP) and have some fun with it- but the content will be entirely setting neutral.

So we want to know what kind of player options you guys find that you are lacking in your games. Are you bugged by the lack of certain kinds of weapons at certain levels? Are there not enough melee feats? Do you want more spells? Too few power armors for your liking? (etc)

Our second book (the first was “Races of Red Sector”, a racial book) is going to be “Forces of Red Sector”- a combat/martial focused book. We’ve already got a whole slew of soldier styles and options, some operative specializations, new solarian manifestations and revelations, a bunch of new weapons and armors, some pre-made ships and extra ship stuff, (etc) but we want to know what you want to see.

I know we have talked about doing a magic book and our class conversions from Pathfinder will probably be a book in this series (we’ve already converted over the davatti and multiman from Gonzo 2) and necroknight from the Tome of Ethical Necromancy. What other topics do you guys want to see covered?


  • We are releasing a new line of player option books.
  • Setting neutral content, couched in some fun lore.
  • First book was “Races of Red Sector”
  • Next book will be combat focused- “Forces of Red Sector”
  • What kind of material do you think hasn’t been covered well enough yet?
  • What topics do you want to see for future books?

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    I want classes with good action economy. Starfinder needs more Warpriest, Magus, Paladin, Inquisitor, etc type of class features. Most of the classes have some good features and choices, but they are still a bit bland in combat.

    I want Space Goblins that aren't just space cannon fodder.

    I want new spells and a new casting class.

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    I love how well Dragoon turned out. I'm planning to run a session with my group to try it out. From PFRPG sourcebook, I'm really hooked to henshin hero class from Gonzo 2, as well as see the potential in strayspell becoming augmented with tech of far future. Good to hear more red sector's coming.

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    We have a big list of classes to convert over. Henshin Hero hasn't been converted over yet but it shouldn't a huge challenge to convert over given it's mechanics (maybe tension will be a bit problematic due to the resource conversion thing).

    We actually kept Stay Spell and Arma out of the Races of Red Sector book because their conversion will be really extensive and, really, deserve their own books. Like... Stray Spells WAS its own book and I KNOW we could do a LOT with Arma given the new item level/weapon rules in place.

    Glad you enjoyed dragoon though!

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