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Hi guys,
I would like to get some tips for my dragon bloodline sorcerer with specialisation on electric spells.
There are some rules:
- Only options from the corerules or the equipment compendium
- Keep the bloodline and the lightning aspekt
- Dmg oriented build

I started with these stats:
Str 7
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 9
Cha 17 +2(Human)

And the feats:
-Spellfocus Evocation
-Spellpecialisation (only thing my GM allowed from other rulebooks)

And burning hands as first lvl dmg skill.
I would like to target lightning bolt/ chain lightning as my perfect spell.

I already thank you all for your help.

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_Crypto_ wrote:

- Only options from the corerules or the equipment compendium

That basically doesn't leave you any options. There's the Spell Penetration feats, and you'll probably want to take Empower and Quicken spell, but there's not really anything more you can do than that.

Keep in mind that the only way to cast quickened chain lightning in core-only is with a metamagic rod.

_Crypto_ wrote:
chain lightning as my perfect spell.

Spell Perfection is from the Advanced Player Guide, so it's not in your permitted list of sources.

Ok xD so not realy worth playing?
An options to play a working dmg sorcerer in the corerules?

A: Core sucks >_>

B: Fire is your best bet, you get the most options:
Burning Hands (Spell Lvl 1)
Flaming Sphere (Spell Lvl 2)
Scorching Ray (Spell Lvl 2)
Fireball (Spell Lvl 3)
Flame Arrow (Spell Lvl 3)
Fire Shield (Spell Lvl 4*)
Fire Trap (Spell Lvl 4*)
Wall Of Fire (Spell Lvl 4*)
Delayed Blast Fireball (Spell Lvl 7)
Incendiary Cloud (Spell Lvl 8*)
Meteor Swarm (Spell Lvl 9)

advice with core only blasters are crappy, ditch the blaster concept battle field control, summoning or buffing are pretty much your only sorc options with core only rules

Core is very limiting, but it is limiting on most everyone else too.

With the things that you are focusing on:

- Only options from the corerules or the equipment compendium
- Keep the bloodline and the lightning aspect
- Damage oriented build

There are FEW spells that are electric to use your bloodline ability. Most of your career is going to be using the lower level versions, so make sure those work.

- Shocking Grasp (1st)
- Lightning Bolt (3rd)
- Chain Lightning (6th)

The array of stats that you displayed is great for a control sorcerer, but not so good for your electric bloodline - damage orientation. So, arrange slightly to make them more advantageous to your preferred specialty.

S:14 D:12 C:14 I: 14 W: 7 Ch:17 (20 pt human)

All told, you lost +1 DC (~1 feat) later in life to Lightning Bolt to make Shocking Grasp a worthwhile power to start. Levels 1-5 will work much better for you.

- Spell Focus: Evocation (human)
- Spell Specialization: Shocking Grasp (1st)
- *choice* (3rd)
- *choice* (5th)
- Empower Spell (7th)

At 1st Level, you have the following options.

- Full Attack - 2x claws (1d3+2)
- Move and Attack - Shocking Grasp (3d6+3)

NOTE: If you miss with the Shocking Grasp, you have the option to use claws the next time to land it. Also, Shocking Grasp is +3 to hit vs. metal clad foes, so easier to hit than typical.

Items of Interest:

- Amulet of Mighty Fists (of Spell Storing) - this will allow you to preload one extra Shocking Grasp into your first hit in combat. This will give you a huge hit to start a fight and useful for a long while.

Example: At level 5, you can Move and Attack to land a Shocking Grasp (5d6+5) on a successful hit, and then discharge the amulet Shocking Grasp for another 5d6+5. 45 average damage on an opening hit at level 5 is BRUTAL. Alas, due to Core Only, you are stuck with that as a cap for a long time.

Silver Crusade

Spell Specialisation is not in the CRB.

Since there isn't much you can do to improve spellcasting more than to a certain point, I'd go hybrid melee/spellcasting by entering the Dragon Disciple PrC. This takes away almost nothing from spellcasting (it delays spell progression by 1), but adds many combat options.

Stats: 16 14 14 7 9 14+2

1 Sorcerer. Arcane Strike, Toughness. Claw/Claw 3+Cha rounds/day
2 Sorcerer.
3 Sorcerer. Spell Focus(Evocation).
4 Sorcerer.
5 Sorcerer. Empower Spell
6 Sorcerer.
7 Dragon Disciple. Spell Penetration
8 Dragon Disciple. Power Attack (bloodline feat)
9 Dragon Disciple. Greater Spell Penetration
10 Dragon Disciple.

At this point you can decide whether you prefer more a spell- or combat-oriented build. In the former case, proceed with Sorcerer (quicker spell progression, higher CL), otherwise Dragon Disciple (+2 Con, higher AC, more hp).

Spells: Start with Shocking Grasp and Mage Armor as spell known; you'll get Mage Armor at 3rd level as a bloodline spell, swap it at 4th level for Shield. Know always at least one summon spell of the highest level you can cast once they last a few rounds: they are convenient flank-buddies and/or meat-shields. Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning are your obvious damage choices.

Equipment: Get a Haramaki (Ultimate Equipment, which I guess is what you call Equipment Compendium) and invest in a few scrolls of Mage Armor and Shield instead. A mithral buckler has no ASF and can be used with claws, albeit imposing a -1 penalty on hit and losing the shield bonus to AC upon attacking with that arm: it might be useful when flat-footed or when not full-attacking. Have always with you a long spear and a bunch of daggers you can use melee and/or ranged with the buckler. Get a Conductive AomF when you can afford it.

Upon buffing yourself and your allies, start the fight with a couple of well placed blasts. If you ever find yourself in conditions of full-attacking and/or spellcasting is not the best option (few spell slots left, immunity to electric damage or spells, bad positioning), activate Arcane Strike and go with Claw/Claw/Bite (the Bite adds 1.5xStr to damage), eventually discharging any spell stored in your AomF.

Otherwise you can just go full Sorcerer, dump Str (hence ignoring your 1st level bloodline power) and focus on Dex to improve your chances of survival and Initiative, maybe while picking Weapon Finesse to land your touch spells more often.

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Rory wrote:
Core is very limiting, but it is limiting on most everyone else too.

Not really true; core is very uneven in terms of how much support different concepts get. Strength-based melee, archery, battlefield control spellcasting are all notable for being very solid even with just core. On the flipside, Monks and Rogues have it even worse than electric blaster sorcerers.

So it really depends on the rest of the group. If you see a Monk, a Rogue, and a support Bard then your Sorcerer might fit in just fine. If you see a Barbarian, a battle Cleric, and an archer Fighter... maybe looking for something a bit better.

My advice would be to try to argue for more access to other rules xD

Most specifically

Spell perfection
Magical lineage
Blood Havoc

Ty for all the input ^^
Will work on the concept and beg my GM for ultimate magic xD
Or would it be better to beg for another rulebook?

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Ultimate Magic isn't actually very helpful to you, as all it offers for blasters is more bloodline options. From the sounds of things you've already got your heart set on draconic so those options aren't useful to you. What you want is the Advanced Players Guide to get Magical Lineage, Spell Perfection, and Dazing Spell. If you can get a second book, then the softcover companion Magic Tactics Toolbox is your next pick for the Blood Havoc ability.

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