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Hello everybody guys. I am pretty new in regard of writing on the forum, not a veteran of PF (3 campaings never ended for players abandoning) yet a very passionate one,who knows pretty well manuals, rules, similiars and so on. So don't worry about complexity.
We're going to start another campaing, perhaps, and I'd like to do my dream's build: A Mage slayer (always hated Evil Casters, I'm a very "in-role" player").
I've been reading dozens of similiar threads that already cleared my ideas, getting those down to the following doubts: any suggesting for a lv 1-20 progression will be accepted ! (bear in mind so far I've been a LV8 Paladin, a LV5 Ranger Trapper and a LV10 Fighter PC Duelist) I am not very used to mastering spells as far as I'd like, but I am reading a lot.
So, down to the analysis:

I'd prefere a Melee over a Ranged, No pure casters.
Ethically, a CG walking around saving folks from evil casters.

1)Over-the-top Will save (Generally, good saving throws)
I hate Enchantement spells, that would be what my BG would be about, too. For this reason, my first level will be
-Spellbreaker Inquisitor for the good saves and, mostly, Strong-Willed (IDK if my Master will allow Spellbreaker inquisition to me. Shouldn't, I'm considering Persistance or Magic, also depending on the other levels and the race I will pick.)
Should I go for an high Wis character (That I'd highly prefere), I'd probably pick LV2 2, too, for Initiative boost.

2)Other reliable spell defences (Under evaluation)
What I mean, is that I've been reading tons of stuffs about SR, Touch AC boosting, Counterspelling and Dispelling, and still didn't get a precise idea on which is the best. Of course, the best for such a character, I mean.
I have been reading many don't like SR and investing into Touch AC because are easy to outscale at high levels, and require too resources investment. Similiar regarding the Counterspell mechanic, too lowly reliable if compared to simply damaging or dispelling.
However, the build options to follow all consider these possibilities .

3)Reliable ways to damage casters
Again, I'd prefere melee, but am open to ranged possibilities. Speaking of melee, this point refers to Step-Up and Disruptive feat tree, High damage output obv and other ways you find unavoidable to land useful damage on casters (Initiative, Stealth and so on)

Now, the options I've been considering:
-Pure Spellbreaker Inquisitor
PROS:Good saves except REF which can be fixed (Mainly through the optimal Defense against magic), many cool offensive options that do not highly rely on stats and help the not optimal BAB (Judgement,Bane,Foil Casting), good Skills and ranks, good versatility.
CONS:Not highest BAB, No SR( or High Touch AC, Counterspell, Dispel) Shouldn't Spellbreaker domain be allowed, I'd have almost no way to get Disruptive, which would be bad), probably slow, meh HD.

-Warpriest (Pure with Alternative Channeling-Magic or Disenchanter)
PROS:Versatile combat features (Sacred Weapon, Sacrd armor-SR possibility), Versatile SL abilities (Channel Energy Alternative Magic or the Disenchanter sobstitute version which basically is a mass ST boost for Round/Level; Fervor which is wonderful, Blessings which are very good. Disenchanter also can convert 2 fervors into 30 ft. Dispel magic. Oh, and bonus combat feats and considerd as a Fighter for requisites: Say Hi to Disruptive feats)
Also, consider that a Quickened Alternative channeling (Magic) would practically allow me to force casters in the range of the channeling to concentration checks.
CONS:Few. No good Ref, probably no good Touch AC, no full BAB (seems pointless, with his many offensive features), low skill ranks, probably slow, meh HD

-Barbarian (Breaker)
I know about the Superstitious, which doesn't particularly appeals me.
Yet, among the Rage powers there is the (in)famous Sunder Spell. Now, what if I'd add 1/2 my LV to sundering ?
PROS:Though, high-outpout damage, full BAB, Sunder Spell. Highest H
CONS:Low will save, the Breaker has not fast movement, losing an important feature against casters, not very versatile.

-Monk (Archetype?)
I've been considering one or two levels of Monk, not the unchained to keep the will save, for a Touch AC oriented build (Together with same melee dex-to-damage feat) and Evasion.
I don't dislike it, just the features of the following levels do not seem optimal, to me, for the purpose I have.

-Skald (Spell Warrior)
I don't like this class very much, but basically, if I understood it well
PROS: Can counterspell while Rage Singing, so as a sort of immediate action ? Also, good versatilty, team buffs, Middle SR and BAB
CONS: I honestly don't like it very much. Shouldn't be for the feature mentioned above, I'd not even consider this.

-Bard (Magician)
I don't like this class very much, too
PROS: Similiar to the Skal Spell Warrior, while singing can counterspell a spell of a level equal or lower the number of rounds has been singing.Meh.
Other prose are well-known: Versatile, Knowledger, Face of party, etc.
CONS: I honestly don't like it very much. Shouldn't be for the feature mentioned above, I'd not even consider this.

-Arcane Archer (Prestige Class)
I just have been reading it is a good tactic to place Anti Magic Field on arrows and shoot those. Due to my low experience with casting, I've not been able to understando how reliable this is, yet.

-Magus (I haven't realize if there is any Archetype particularly fitting my needs)
More interesting than the previous three ones to me
PROS: Many, but except the Good will saving throw, here we really have a very versatile and customizable arsenal. Also, heavy good Fighter's features (Bonus feats, armor). More than all, Dispelling strike at LV 9 (Dispel through an attack) and can learn Disruptive.I think he halso can get access to good Counterspell combos.
CONS: Sounds a little complicated in terms of mechanics, but should I find it's optimal, that would not be a problem. I like the concept a lot. Low ranks, meh HD.

I will be brief, since this will highly depend on class

PROS:Good saving throws, Wis bonus adn the Con one also is appropriate for almost any class I'm going to pick, many optimal features to fight spells, included possible SR+6 and Shatter Spell (Basically, One-per-day Sunder Spell race feat), optimal ST features.
CONS: Basically, just being Slow.

PROS:Good ST Vs spells, possible boost to thos vs enchantment, immune to sleep, versatile.
Some interesting traits,like Fey Thoughts and Mismatched. Faster than dwarves.
CONS:Mainly, overall inferior to dwarves, except for speed and sleep immunity.

PROS:Basically, the +11 SR and the +4 Dex +2 Wis for Touch AC oriented builds. Integrate ST boost. Intergrate +3 AC bonus.
CONS:Slow, inferior to Dwarves and half-elves(IMO) except for the SR and AC.(which is pretty good, to be honest) The strenght malus could be troublesome in some cases, and should I carry gears to fight the casters.

Vesatile, I'd consider these only for the Warpriest because he gets, as favored class, 1/6 more bonus feats.

Guys, forgive me for the immense speeching and thanks everybody! Phew!

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Dwarf inquisitor comes to mind right off the bat. With hardy, steel soul feat, and the the trait Glory of Old, you're at a +5 to saves against spells and SLAs, on top of the high will save you'll have from your wis bonus and base save.

You do suffer on attack rolls from not having a racial bonus in STR or Dex or by having a size bonus, but as you level up that becomes less of a problem. I'd say by level 5 as an Inquisitor you shouldnt have a problem with hitting.

Thematically it seems like inquisitor is best fitting, and they have good incentive to go ranged builds, as being able to stay where you are and fire additional bane arrows means more damage output. That said, with arcane spellcasters you typically want to get up close and personal with them.

I would also suggest fighter, as they have access to some feats that help shut down spellcasting that most other classes don't get access to. Sticking with dwarf will help shore up the poor will saves, and you would have enough feats to throw in Iron Will and possibly Improved iron will too.

Running a sword and board build allows you to absorb spells with your shield so they don't affect you.

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Sniper slayer with scry ingredients familiarity can hit from outside the rage of true seeing. You can get mirror image like ability and invisibility through the stygian slayer archtype.

Slayers also have the witch hunter super station line of rage powers through witchkiller archtype which can really enhance their defenses.

Spellbreaker inquisitor is built around this idea. It boosts defense which combines well with spells like nondetection.

I don't have much experience with Mediums (Media?) but since AFAIK the only full-BAB class with a good Will save is Paladin which conflicts with your CG alignment, maybe a Medium can get you the good Will save while being pseudo-full BAB. I feel like full BAB is important, because you really don't want to miss on that readied action attack to disrupt a spell. (Thematically, you could channel the spirits of those killed by magicians.)

For feats, along with the must-have Step Up, also don't forget about Blind Fight, as that is very necessary as a counter to mirror image.

Thank you all very much for the hints! I admit I had overlooked many (Slayer and Medium on top, and Blind Fight)
On the top, I had forget to mention Fighter chances (I love the unbreakable archetype, thematically)but what makes me unsure about it is the lacking of sinergy with Wis.
Going to check on the aforementioned classes, thanks!

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as far as lacking a good will-saving class, there are a number of ways around that. As I mentioned, at level 1 you can play a dwarf with a +5 to all spells and SLAs before adding in any modifier to wisdom or class.

Not to mention the fighter can get bravery as a bonus to will saves.

Here's an example of a 12th level Half-Orc Barbarian Invulnerable Rager built using Pathfinder Society rules which is designed to work as an anti-caster build. I'd built this for another thread, but perhaps it might prove useful for inspiration for your request.

The cornerstone of this build is rage cycling through use of Allnight. In combination with Superstition, Witch Hunter and Spell Sunder, it lets our combatant Sunder through most defensive spells and maintain extremely high saving throws, with a free action reroll on failed saving throws using Eater of Magic.

Pre-fight buffs are typically consuming Allnight and a potion of Fly before raging (already included in stat block), then using Haste from boots depending on distance to enemy. Beyond that, strategy revolves around closing to melee with the enemy as quickly as possible in order to bring the pain before they have time to cast too many spells, cycling a rage as a free action whenever possible.

Offensively the focus is on melee damage to put the enemy down, and the greatsword attack sequence isn't counting Reckless Abandon or Haste to improve the attack bonus. Against extremely high AC enemies, the strategy would be to target any spells boosting defences by using the opening bonus Haste attack to perform a Strength Surge Spell Sunder (usually +37 with Haste and Reckless Abandon vs. DC 25 + CL to dispel, ignoring any miss chance caused by a spell or spell-like ability) against an ongoing effect on the target, dispelling things like Mirror Image, Barkskin or Shield of Faith. Note this provokes an attack of opportunity from the enemy, as the build does not include the Improved Sunder feat. Assuming free actions to cycle rage can occur between iterative attacks, this can possibly strip the opponent of multiple spells per round of full attacks, though many GMs limit free action rage cycling to once per round.

Defenses include strong saving throws against magic including rerolls (once per rage using Eater of Magic, once per day using Tenacious, once per day with +4 Luck using Lucky Horseshoe) on failed saves, generous amounts of hit points, and the option to use Combat Expertise with Improved Stalwart to increase the DR from 6/- to 14/- at the expense of -4 to hit. If Strength Surge is unused during the current rage, it can be used defensively to add +12 to CMD vs. a single combat maneuver instead. All favored class bonuses have been put towards increasing the saving throw bonus of Superstition via human heritage. There's just enough ranks in Use Magic Device to activate wands on anything but a natural 1. Scrolls are a riskier proposition, but available if required, mainly to counter invisible or stealthed opponents.

Half-Orc barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 12 (Advanced Player's Guide)
N Medium humanoid (human, orc)
Init +10; Senses low-light vision, darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +16
AC 20, touch 11, flat-footed 17 (+9 armor, +3 Dex, -2 rage)
hp 161 (12d12+72)
Fort +21, Ref +14, Will +17; +9 vs. spells and spell-like and supernatural abilities, +4 and one size larger to resist effects of wind
Defensive Abilities invulnerability, extreme endurance (hot); DR 6/-; Resist fire 3

Speed 40 ft., fly 60 ft. (good)
Melee +1 furious greatsword +20/+15/+10 (2d6+27/19-20)
These numbers assume rage and power attack are active. It does not include attack bonuses from haste or reckless abandon, or damage bonuses from witch hunter.

Special Attacks greater rage (29 rounds/day), rage powers (reckless abandon +4, superstition +9, witch hunter +4, spell sunder, strength surge +12, eater of magic)

Str 26, Dex 16, Con 23, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 8
Base Atk +12; CMB +20; CMD 31 (41 vs. disarm)
Feats endurance, diehard, combat expertise, stalwart, additional traits, power attack, improved stalwart
Traits fate's favored, hermean paragon (steaming sea), underlying principles, pragmatic activator
Skills Acrobatics +16, Fly +18, Intimidate +12, Perception +16, Spellcraft +12, Use Magic Device +18
Languages Common, Orc, Abyssal
SQ fast movement, orc blood, shaman's apprentice[ARG], dusksight[BoS], tenacious[HotS]

Prestige purchases (50 PP) potion of enlarge person, potion of feather step, potion of protection from evil, potion of remove fear, potion of remove sickness, potion of touch of the sea, potion of countless eyes, potion of displacement, potion of fly x3, potion of haste, potion of heroism, potion of gaseous form, potion of good hope, potion of protection from energy: fire, potion of remove blindness/deafness, scroll of glitterdust x5, scroll of mirror image x5, scroll of see invisibility x5, scroll of invisibility purge x2, scroll of wind wall x2, wand of divine favor, wand of lead blades, wand of faerie fire, wand of long arm, wand of obscuring mist, wand of shield

Weapons and armor +1 furious greatsword, +3 mithral breastplate

Other gear belt of physical perfection +2, headband of inspired wisdom +4, boots of speed, cloak of resistance +4, cracked magenta prism ioun stone (UMD), cracked pale green prism ioun stone (attack), cracked pale green prism ioun stone (saves), cracked dusty rose prism ioun stone, goz mask[ISWG], lesser talisman of freedom[OA], lesser talisman of danger sense[OA], lesser talisman of warrior's courage[OA], lucky horseshoe[OA], pathfinder's kit, locked gauntlet, weapon cord, spring-loaded wrist sheath, allnight

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