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This topic comes up every once in a while but never actually gets answered. In cases where a spell is on both the witch and wizard lists, but the witch level and wizard level differ, which does the hexcrafter choose? As an example, bestow curse is on the witch list at 3rd level, but the wizard list at 4th level. Which one does the hexcrafter take? Common interpretations vary. Hero Lab offers the spells at wizard level.

It is worth noting that every thread that has been marked for FAQ has also been marked as "Answered in FAQ," yet it is not. At least, if it has been answered, which FAQ? Certainly not Ultimate Magic, where the archetype is defined.

It probably is meant to follow the order of precedence for determining SLA levels, which is in a FAQ somewhere. Wizard -> Cleric -> I forget after that. The intent is to avoid spells that don’t specify a list from getting early access.

Spells wrote:
A hexcrafter magus adds the following spells to his magus spell list: bestow curse, major curse, and all other spells of 6th level or lower that have the curse descriptor.

These are among the spells added:

Life Of Crime -- antipaladin 4, bard 6, mesmerist 6, psychic 8, sorcerer/wizard 8
Lost Legacy -- bard 6, cleric/oracle 7, inquisitor 6, occultist 6, psychic 7, sorcerer/wizard 7, witch 6
Pox Of Rumors -- bard 5, cleric/oracle 7, mesmerist 5, psychic 7, sorcerer/wizard 7, spiritualist 5, witch 7
Prediction of Failure -- sorcerer/wizard 8, witch 8, occultist 6, psychic 8
Rotting Alliance -- cleric/oracle 8, druid 8, inquisitor 6, occultist 6, witch 8

These are available at several levels, and four of the five can only be learned at the minimum, since the other level is not allowed.

Also, there is this spell:
Curse Of Disgust -- bard 3, sorcerer/wizard 5, witch 5, occultist 4, psychic 6, mesmerist 3
Available at 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th.

As there is no text telling you any order or priority of determining the correct level, I see no problem accessing these at their minimum.

Wands, scrolls, and potions have the wizard, cleric, priority, and SLAs have arcane, divine priority, but this does not have such listed.

Added spells:
Accursed Glare
Alaznist's Jinx
Beacon Of Guilt
Befuddled Combatant
Bestow Curse
Bleed Glory
Brand Of Conformity
Brand Of Hobbling
Brand Of Tracking
Brand, Greater
Conditional Curse
Covetous Urge
Crafter's Curse
Curse Item
Curse Of Befouled Fortune
Curse Of Burning Sleep
Curse Of Disgust
Curse Of Keeping
Curse of Magic Negation
Curse Of The Outcast
Curse Of Unexpected Death
Curse Terrain
Curse Terrain, Greater
Curse Terrain, Lesser
Curse, Major
Cursed Treasure
Disfiguring Touch
Eldritch Fever
Flexile Curse
Fury Of The Sun
Geas, Lesser
Hex Vulnerability
Irregular Size
Itching Curse
Life Of Crime
Lost Legacy
Mark Of Blood
Mark of Justice
Mark Of Obvious Ethics
Mark Of The Reptile God
Mathematical Curse
Mythic Severance
Nature's Exile
Night Blindness
Old Salt's Curse
Open Book
Oracle's Burden
Pox Of Rumors
Prediction of Failure
Project Weakness
Puzzle Box
Rest Eternal
Retributive Reparations
Rotting Alliance
Rune Of Ruin
Sun's Disdain
Sun's Disdain, Mass
Undine's Curse
Violent Accident


My inclination would be to match it to another 6 level spell caster wherever possible - so Bestow Curse would be the lower value at 3, because that's when spiritualists get it.

Life of Crime would be 6th level because that's when the other two 6 level casters, mesmerist and bard, have it, instead of using the anti-paladin's 4th.

I'm sure it's intended to work like spell blending mixed with the SLA FAQ, you take it from the Wizard list. If it's not on the Wizard list but is on the Cleric list (which seems to be everything) you take the Cleric level, so you just don't get the higher level spells even though they show up on some other list at a lower level.

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Unfortunately, knowing what people think it should be is not a solution. I know what people on the forums think. I also know that at least someone official thinks this question has been answered in a FAQ, yet nowhere is this FAQ entry cited. It would certainly be easier if the FAQs were searchable (other than ctrl-f on the page itself).

For Hero Lab, btw, it's easy enough to add spells to a list. It just drives me nuts to read "answered in FAQ" without any reference to where. You might as well count out of order, or randomly capitalize a letter in some text I'm reading.

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For the record, I have read the various FAQ entries for SLAs and precedence. I don't think they cover this. Not well enough, at least.

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