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now that I have received my shipping notice for the last part of Ruins of Azlant, I would like to cancel my Pathfinder AP subscription. No change is needed for my Starfinder AP subscription.

As way of feedback, I have no interest in the nations of Taldor and Varisia, as they are too European-flavored areas for my tastes. I am more interested in exploration of new regions. An AP set in Arcadia, Garund, Tian Xia, Sarusan, Vudra, Kelesh or the like would get me back as a subscriber.

Cancel Pathfinder Adventure Path after Ruins of Azlant
Keep Starfinder Adventure Path

Customer Service Representative

Hello Samy,

Your subscription has been cancelled. You will be receiving an email confirmation.

Thank you for the feedback, I have passed it along.

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