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I want to make a PFS character that excels at hunting monsters of all varieties. I'm basing her off the Winchester boys from Supernatural. So far I've come up with an Inquisitor and that's it. I'm newer to Pathfinder (played a lot of other systems) and not sure where to go next to make the best build for me. I don't want to go mounted with this character. I can just buy an animal to call it Baby, don't need it to do anything for me. ;) Book suggestions would be awesome too. Thanks y'all!

Inquisitor is very flavorful for Dean, while I would say same is a bit more of an investigator. Beyond that, I don’t have a whole lot of suggestions.

Slayer can be a good choice as well. In a lot of the encounters they face that are actually interesting, switch-hitting is involved, between going between using guns (or in the fantasy realm, ranged weapons), getting disarmed, as well as relying on knives or blades (AKA melee weapons) in several situations. Slayer has both solid combat abilities that span across multiple fighting styles, as well as the ability to support those fighting styles without too much hassle.

Ironically enough, Bard could work also. Perform (Oratory) can be taken as prayer or exorcism. With the access of Bardic Knowledge, having the concept of understanding how the Planes (AKA Hell, Heaven, etc.), Arcana, and other knowledges work, could make for a very interesting "Lore Monger" while still having some competence in battle (AKA using Inspire Courage to buff ones self and allies into victory).

There are plenty of ways that the two Supernatural protagonists can be flavored, and given the amount of experience and versatility they possess, that they wouldn't be properly quantified without the use of Mythic (or even Gestalt).

Thanks. I'm definitely going Inquisitor, Heresy inquisition with sanctified slayer. Going ranged with crossbow and when get enough fame (and gp) will buy different kinds of bolts for my monsters. Just need to figure out a deity next (CG for my alignment). Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely have another 5 character ideas for the future now.

I always found the Trophy Hunter ranger archetype to be a intriguing beast hunter. Improved Tracking & Hunter's Aim seem like really good class abilities. And that sweet sweet touch AC within the first two range increments, instead of just the first.

That does sound fun, but our group doesn't play many non-PFS games, and I didn't think it was legal for anything but Gunslinger to have black powder weapons.

Since you are going Inquisitor, you should take a long look at Teamwork Feats. Inquisitors have special abilities for using Teamwork Feats, and Teamwork Feats are awesome.

I have a build for an Inquisitor that dips in a few Martial Classes in order to get Thunder and Fang (Earthbreaker and Shield) and Shield Slam. This character would also take Broken Wing Gambit, Greater Bull Rush, and Paired Opportunist, so would be getting lots of Attacks of Opportunity every round and giving AoOs to fellow PCs.

I can share it with you if you want.

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