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Here's the discussion thread! I might ask a few questions here if I'm away from my computer with Discord on it, otherwise I'll just post things I think we'll both want to see long-term.

Sounds good! Shall we use this as a general discussion thread for both games, or should we just use it for my game, as obviously there will be two separate game play threads?

Hmmm... I think separate discussion threads would be good, at least long-term. Short-term we could use this one for both.

Whoops, put this in the wrong forum. Could a moderator please move this thread to Play-By-Post Discussion instead of General Discussion?

By the way, do you want to make the gameplay thread for Brennus's game so I can post a big intro post in it? :D

Yea, I'm gonna get to that today. I also realized last night that I'm not sure if we came up with character creation rules for Zashier or not.

I don't think we'd set exact rules. Honestly, I'm fine with you building him how you want him to be, but if you want some more structure than that, how about...

5th level (gestalt if desired)
25-point buy
Standard starting gold (Unless you want to use ABP?)
Background skills
(Anything else you want?)

I was also realizing that I have an old Google doc with some snippets of RP between Brennus and Failin. I think I didn't get Brennus's "voice" quite right in it, but it still provides some character background.

Couple more questions, figure ask them here so I don't have to go digging for them on discord:

Are you cool with 3pp? If I use anything that you don't have access to, I will include it in my profile.

Also, would it be alright if he had a staff that was a minor(eventually becoming a major) artifact? If you don't want me to start with it, I'm fine coming up with something in game.

Yep, third-party is fine!

What are you thinking of for this staff? I'll probably be fine with it.

Also, I did some small updates to Brennus. I realized he should really have Eschew Materials. I also realized I had access to his old character sheet, so I added the equipment he had at the end of our Emerald Spire game to his sheet.

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