Open Call for The war for the Crown.


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What about the Friday group? Anyone set on any specific character concepts yet?

My two most well-developed ideas are an investigator and and oracle...

Silver Crusade

I'm flexible but my current character concept is a
Courtly Hunter.

So, fairly good in combat. The Courtly side of Hunter is a significant downside to how combat effective a hunter is but we're still talking a full BAB character with an animal companion :-). Depending on your standards that is somewhere between competent and pretty darn good. Combine that with quite decent social skills and a whole mix of general type stuff (good at getting his animal into places, spell support, etc).

Not particularly twinked out or anything but competent. Of course, with the massive range of character builds these days that probably translates to "a useless character who is a drain on the party" to "overpowered as all get out" depending on how the other characters are built :-( :-)

Friday, the fourth player is looking at Cavalier either of human, half-elf, or aasimar.

Wednesday, the fourth player is looking at paladin.

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Vakr wrote:

Friday, the fourth player is looking at Cavalier either of human, half-elf, or aasimar.

Wednesday, the fourth player is looking at paladin.

Who is the other one? I see the sorceress and the paladin and me.

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So a hunter and cavalier should mean the front line is well covered. I'm going to leave things pretty open on specifics until the fourth player has chimed in and the Player's Guide is out, but the idea will be a caster who can handle social scenarios well.

Oracle with intrigue mystery or fey bloodline sorcerer are both looking good. On the other hand, if we need skills I could still go with an investigator and use traits to convert social skills from CHA to INT.

@Vakr: Would a changeling be alright?

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Here's the latest update on the Player's Guide. It's looking like it won't be coming until the end of the month.

One of the AP discussion thread posts lists the campaign trait names, but doesn't give their details. From what I gather the campaign traits are very tied to the beginning, so quite important to character's starting role in the campaign.

It's all very vague, but implied that the party is already together at the beginning and (possibility) employed or serving the same boss. this could be inaccurate though, just implied in a post.

I may have to rethink character backgrounds. Mine were set up to be working for outside, interested parties (Kyonin for one). That type of thing may not mesh with the starting scenario.

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Do you have a link to that please?

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Here: Player's Guide Thread

The information is in bits and pieces spread across several posts so you'll need to read the last few.

I've already mentioned, I will be abstaining from even character concepts till I get the Player's Guide in hand to look over. Flavor text of the Campaign guide typically gives me an idea of what I wanna play so feel free to set up whatever you like.

There is no real issue we need to worry about trying to fill X slots as a hunter has a wide berth of positions it can fill (IE, CLW wand to be healer, ranged fighter, animal companion, etc.) and then a Cavalier of course is going to be most likely front line fighting with some extra DPS from a steed.

So feel free to whip up what you please.

I play almost anything apart from Arcane (excluding Alchemist and Bard). For some reason I have problems contemplating those classes and just steer away from them. Who knows maybe I'll make my first Wizard.

rdknight wrote:

@Vakr: Would a changeling be alright?

Yes, just keep it 1st Party Publisher.

Hello everyone! I have now the Crownfall in my hands. Player's Guide still not out yet so far. Here's hoping it come out today or tomorrow!

Scarab Sages

Nice! Does it read as good as it's been sounding?

Oof well it is exciting to me. As soon as that Player's Guide is out, we'll be discussing what optional rules we will be using.

Ultimate Intrigue will be included for sure.

Friday group's cavalier player is settling on the race Aasimar with archtype Gallant, Courtly Knight, and Daring General for the cavalier.

Silver Crusade

Vakr wrote:
Friday group's cavalier player is settling on the race Aasimar with archtype Gallant, Courtly Knight, and Daring General for the cavalier.

Ok, they win. Just for being able to cram THREE archetypes into a single class, they win :-) :-)

And the archetypes actually all fit together and fit into this game, both thematically and mechanically.

They win :-)

Friday game is if I'm correct on the updated concept... Half Orc Hunter, and Aasimar Cavalier. Undecided addition I think is leaning Changeling Oracle or Sorcerer?

~Stares at it~ Hmm, so we're not essentially lacking in skills. Possibly missing out on the arcane but if so, rather taken care of in the Divine side. Or possibly an Arcane user with a tiered Divine user (I've been a Warpriest in a non divine team, I'm not in any way saying that's lacking.)

~scratches chin~ Well, could use someone with a bit more Kerpow in the physical department....or an arcane user, or a skill monkey, or any combination there of possibly.

My gut says Alchemist or Bard, but Barbarian would be fun in a political campaign.

~tap taps~

Edit: Man, I'm feeling a Cleric though. For some reason I just keep leaning back to it but I don't think I'm gonna be very useful in combat. This is the one bit I love rolling stats for, Clerics don't have to take a more backseat role in combat all the time.

Silver Crusade

Vitaliano da Riva wrote:

Edit: Man, I'm feeling a Cleric though. For some reason I just keep leaning back to it but I don't think I'm gonna be very useful in combat.

If you're going towards a cleric who doesn't do direct combat anyway there are a few archetypes that really punish combat ability but make the cleric a LOT better rounded in general.

And lets face it, any character who does the traditional buffing/healing cleric role will definitely be appreciated and be pulling their weight.

You can be a decent cross bow user at mid to high levels if you spend some feats. Not great but reasonable. Especially if you can find some way to sleaze gravity bow :-)

Scarab Sages

Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen anyone manage three archetypes before!

During the time waiting for the player's guide I've been mucking around with characters and decided to go with a basic concept for the character and build her in different ways so at least one of them should fit the party and the guide info.

All of them focus on social skills, infiltration, and information gathering. Otherwise they vary some.

1. Oracle with Intrigue Mystery: 9th level divine casting so healing, very good with enchantments. More a caster than a combatant. Will likely take the Evangelist PrC for Callistria.

2. Investigator, either Empiricist or Psychic Detective. Skill Monkey and Library. Probably the best combatant on the list after the first couple of levels. Dip into Inspired Blade/Noble Fencer Swashbuckler at 2nd level for 1 level.

3. Duettist Bard: Less skills focused than the Investigator, but will be a very powerful party buffer. Very good party support spell list of course. Could be a ranged combatant if that's needed.

4. Psychic with Rebirth Discipline: 9th level caster most like a sorcerer (if you're not very familiar with the class). The spell list is variable in it's contents, but leans toward enchantment and divination type spells. Skills are better than other full arcane casters, but knowledges are the big speciality.

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Vitaliano da Riva wrote:
Edit: Man, I'm feeling a Cleric though. For some reason I just keep leaning back to it but I don't think I'm gonna be very useful in combat. This is the one bit I love rolling stats for, Clerics don't have to take a more backseat role in combat all the time.

If you're wanting to go with a cleric, I can pull the oracle off the list. That's kind of the point in having the list! I like all of them so I'm not set on one more than the others.

Silver Crusade

I have no problem with duplication, especially in this campaign, but be aware that i think we'll all have good social skills and I'm going to be fairly decent at infiltration (my animal companion more than me, but I suspect the animal companion will rapidly become my primary character :-))

I forsee everyone probably leaning a bit towards the Courtly capabilities. (IE, most people will be playing a social based character.)

I can only assume that this would in fact be a good choice for this campaign.

I'm not gonna say 100% I'm doing a cleric at this point but I'd be hard pressed not to play one.

I have two thoughts in mind. Bard (Thundercaller, Arcane Healer) or Cleric (Weather, Feather domains)

Both are all about being weaponless but not defenseless. Both would potentially fill the healer slot. I need a wee bit of Dex for both, Cha for the campaign.

However, with the Cleric I of course need to focus Wisdom. (If I feel we're lacking in healing then I can just take Extra Channel as a feat. Both characters would likely need this at least once, Bard at least twice.)

I'm trying to find an archetype I like that doesn't sack my second domain.

Scarab Sages

We'll see what the player's guide says of course, but yeah, I think social skills will be a baseline expectation for characters. Everyone will need some, the equivalent to swim and profession: sailor in Skulls and Shackles.

I wouldn't short sell WIS skills though, sense motive and perception are about as important as buff and diplomacy. One of the reasons I've been looking at the psychic casters is subtlety. For example, a telepathically linked group could tag team social encounters. The cleric watches for lies and shares the information with the diplomacy expert without having to break off to consult with each other. Cloud skill sets!

Silver Crusade

rdknight wrote:
One of the reasons I've been looking at the psychic casters is subtlety. For example, a telepathically linked group could tag team social encounters. The cleric watches for lies and shares the information with the diplomacy expert without having to break off to consult with each other. Cloud skill sets!

Don't forget that psychic spells are every bit as detectable as non psionic spells, despite the lack of gestures and incantations. That was made very clear in Ultimate Intrigue.

There are feats to make spells subtle but they're pretty expensive.

Its almost like they thought that charm person needed to be controlled :-)

Scarab Sages

Yeah, subtle not invisible. Psychic is cheaper to conceal than other types though, and in an extremely social campaign some of the costs actually carry benefits of their own. For example I'd never take Deceitful normally, but if I did in this case I'd be getting something I can use often aside from it being a prerequisite. Still not great, but less pain.

Silver Crusade

For what its worth, if I were going for an oracle I'd personally be taking a Kitsune with the Wrecking Mysticism curse together with the Intrigue Mystery.

Useful spell like abilities together with subtle spells. Yay!!

In fact, the only reason that I didn't was that
1) I'm already playing one in PFS :-)
2) This is the absolutely perfect campaign for a Courtly Hunter. Which I've always loved but could never justify from a mechanical point of view

:-) :-)

Scarab Sages

That is nice. The oracle I built used changeling, which delivers much of the same but doesn't include the kitsune curse of course. I must say it's a good one.

*Sigh* getting tired of waiting for the player's guide.
I can say the AP is supposed to be Political Intrigued centered. And that you should, at least, talk about your character ideas some more (while saving a trait slot for campaign traits if any of you want to do that).

Silver Crusade

I'm kinda waiting for the guide to fill in the background. The mechanical aspects aren't likely to change much

Scarab Sages

Well, as time has passed I think I'm settling more into Investigator as my choice. She will be more in the mold of Phryne Fisher I suppose than anything else. I've been watching Babylon Berlin and while Weimar period Berlin doesn't have any obvious connection to the setting, the mood and vibe seem just perfect for Taldor.

The specifics of her backstory will vary some depending on a final decision of class/archetype but the basic contours will remain the same.

Background Sketch:
She's from an impoverished background. By her late teens both of her parents were dead, and she was left to fend for herself while also taking care of her younger brother. Her main occupation has been as a shop girl in a rare books store, sales and book repair. Most of her education comes from what she reads there.

She also worked part-time, a couple or three nights a week as a "courtesan". The place was decent enough, themed as an aristocrats' playground to cater to a middle class clientele. She was the "Fallen Countess". It turned out she had considerable talent in reading people and coaxing information from them. Occasionally she made some extra money on the side brokering information, especially if she didn't like the client she gathered it from.

Her Benefactor discovered her there, and she simply could not refuse the offer he made. The Benefactor is a elf who has been in Oppara for a very long time. His business is in locating exceptional talent to recruit. He trains recruits up for various functions as political operatives, then places them with clients in high social and political positions for a hefty fee.

The Benefactor is completely apolitical, he's been around long enough to see all the ways involvement can get one ruined or killed. His placements often don't live long, and sometimes their employers don't either. He does care a great deal about making sure he matches clients and placements based on compatible outlooks. It tends to foster loyalty, which is good for business.

And so Merindol Santon has just recently come to be employed by Martella Lotheed.

Employment Portfolio:
Merindol is gifted with an especially acute intelligence that she uses quickly and flexibly. She may not always be the most beautiful woman in the room, but her personality more than compensates. She is keenly witty, and able to draw on her considerable knowledge of many subjects to build rapport with anyone. Merindol is aware that her half-elven heritage is often viewed as somewhat transgressive in Taldan high society. She is also aware of how alluring a hint of transgression can be.

Primary Skills: Merindol is particularly adept at listening, observing, and asking innocent but revealing questions. Her talent for assembling snippets of information into insightful reports and profiles is unmatched.

Supporting Skills: Purloining documents and other items. Confidence games. Blackmail, Information brokering, Seduction and influence.

One will find Merindol highly suitable for almost any situation that requires tact, insight, and a light touch.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Rulebook Subscriber

OMG this wait for the guide so we can get started is driving me insane. Working on a month overdue now I believe, or nearly so.

As for skills, yeah, social ones are going to be very important and it would probably be wise to have at least one per player fairly high. I also think that Knowledge (nobility and history) will be much bigger in this campaign than most.

Also from what I've read the first book has a largely dungeon crawl aspect to it so keep that in mind. Purely social characters may be somewhat hindered at first.

Scarab Sages

So, maybe it's close to time to just move on without the guide? I'd love to have it first, but brass tacks is that aside from having to choose a trait from the campaign list I've rarely seen anything in them critical to character creation. In this case especially, I think we have enough general information about the AP to make good decisions without it.

How about putting a deadline on it like Friday? If it isn't out by then we come up with campaign traits to use from another source. There is now a thread collecting community created traits in the AP discussion thread. Or Vakr could make them. Or we could each make our own subject to Vakr's approval.

Any thoughts on this?

Silver Crusade

Last we heard from Adam he said that he'd be very disappointed if it wasn't out in 2 weeks. Those 2 weeks expire Friday.

So we should give them at least until Friday evening PST.

Personally, I'd vote for waiting. I don't really care about the mechanics of the trait but the FLUFF can matter a lot. Sometimes, I've found the fluff of a campaign trait to be essentially character defining, the hook around which an entire character is built.

Not that likely this time, admittedly. If others want to start without the Players Guide that is fine with me. I'd happily go with the majority

Yes. We will wait for Friday Evening. After that, if you still want a campaign trait just leave a trait slot open for when the guide's finally out.

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I've got to bow out. Sorry, but IRL is taking me out of the country and so my previous schedule is no longer open. Hope you guys have fun!

Okay I will see about finding someone to fill the fourth slot for Wednesday group.
TheChelaxian, good luck on your venture abroad!

Hello everyone,

I just saw the posting on Discord and was pointed this way to join the Wednesday 2-5 EST game. I think it sounds like a blast! I would love to play something simple but fun.

Kara Reed - Human Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade)

"Kara is a damned fine swordswoman, she can strike faster than an adder's fangs." - Half-drunk bar patron
"I hear she is caught up in some sort of cult, worshipping demons and the like, burnt her hair so bad, that is why her hair is cropped so short." - Local priest
"Kara is a damn near paladin with the way she is always helping out others with no care for 'erself." - Friendly baker
"She shouldn't be prancing around in them boy's clothes, I hear she likes other girls, ain't right that." - Woman washing clothes at local well
"She comes from a right uppity family that one. Well-to-do I've heard. They disowned her though after she cut up her betrothed and ran out of her own wedding." - Expensive bartender

I hope this is what you are looking for. I am happy to provide a backstory and other content as needed!

Welcome aboard!
Everyone, if you can't come up with a page for your character background, you may do this instead;

Write one sentence for each point below.

*Birthplace or home region you have a strong attachment to or has a big influence to you

*Physical description

*Talent; what are you good at or imagined you are good at?

*Values, Codes, and Motivation

*Personality Or How you interact with others

*Secret? Optional.

Please remember, this is not necessarily shared with other players. Just PM me.

No Player's Guide as of 8pm EST. Okay everyone; proceed with the game or keep waiting?

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I'm good with either really, I'll likely leave a trait open to take a campaign one when they come out.

Scarab Sages

I'm fine to wait if others prefer it. No big deal either way.

Silver Crusade

I'm ok either way. Note that this coming Friday I will not be available until about noonish EDT.

I can go either way, I apologize for not being in contact this weekend. I was working a convention and I ended up with less time that I planned or expected. -Path-127-Crownfall#628

Well that's what I suspected. Hopefully they can get the guide out soon.

I want to do a session Zero this friday, about 2pm EST for the Friday Group.

Silver Crusade

I can make that no problem

Scarab Sages

Uh oh, any chance of moving it back to 4pm? I have a one time thing on Friday and won't be home from it until then.

Silver Crusade

I won't be available past about 4 to 5 pm Friday. That is pretty much a constant for me on Fridays and definitely applies to this Friday (assuming we're talking in EDT times :-))

1 person marked this as a favorite. ide-Should-Swing

It's finally here

Silver Crusade

And a very good guide it is. Kind of glad we waited although I wish we hadn't had to wait so long.

Although I'll have to tweak it a bit definitely staying with my courtly hunter.

Are we still having a session 0 tomorrow?

I'm looking at it and attempting to figure out what I'm gonna try and throw together. Tomorrow might be a little difficult for our group given all the restrictions on time?

I'm gonna switch up from Cleric, I was leaning hard on it but I'm drowning trying to pin down so few skills. I'm gonna switch it up to a bard. Would you allow a common Drow with the Surface Infiltrator Racial Trait?

The next time for Friday group would be April 6th. IF you guys want to wait until then.

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