Kingmaker - Leadership Positions living outside the Capital?


So the King will without question remain inside the Kingdom's capital far as residence. The question however comes down to everyone else, but in particular the Marshal player's character.

They essentially want to be the Ruler of another town or fort many hexes away, or simply just live there for security reasons (undecided) but wants to remain the Marshal of the Kingdom. By the rules I don't believe that is feasible but there's not much on the subject that technically doesn't say she can't with exception of the multiple roles limit. But as has been talked about, if the group is fine with it...

I have been debating on how to run it mechanically for some time, and it comes down to the below which I expect many will tell me;

#1. She becomes a baron which allows her to grow her own army and make the big decisions herself but losing the Marshal role of the Kingdom as stated/limited by the rules.

#2. She maintains Marshal of the Kingdom, somehow maintaining communication in a reasonable manner (likely shell of sending)while being able to simply live outside the capital thus allowing her to do her Marshal duties and watch over the town. This one sounds legit, but only because of the Shell of sending idea of been playing with.

edit: would like to add I am searching for my answers, just a bit to go through. So any helpful information is appreciated.

#3 I may simply be missing something in the leadership roles or general kingdom rules. For example, baron may not be the correct title in that I don't want them to expand, but the person in question wans to just manage that hex on their own and make those decisions while still being Marshal and living there.

edit #2: I found this link which basically covers the subject, but I'll continue digging.

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It's quite possible for medieval administrators to live outside the capital and do a lot of stuff (e.g., dukes are frontier generals, people like the Warden of the Cinque Ports handled taxes and naval adminstration). You might make them spend some extra time doing stuff (two weeks/month instead of one week/month) to allow for communication difficulties, unless they set up some kind of fast communications network network (pay BPs for a bunch of semaphore towers, and some to maintain them regularly; start up the Pony Express; the party wizard spends a week every month casting sending spells or something; set up some teleport gates; have a bound outsider teleporting around with messages; whatever their fertile little brains can come up with).

If they're interested in running their towns and doing their thing, run with it. If they just want to skip all the boring kingdom stuff -- then ignore kingdom-building and run with "kingdom in the background" rules. As long as they're having fun, all is well. Give them some advantages (they hear about problems faster so can act faster, +1 to Stability rolls or maybe -1 to Unrest occasionally) and disadvantages (-1 to Economy because they're messed up on tax rules, or -1 to Loyoalty because local people like the local guy better than the guy off in the capital, from time to time.) Run some adventures where they get advantages, and some where they have disadvantages, from being split up.

Titles are really up to you; the game gives "baron", "duke', and "king" as rough examples of levels of power for growing kingdom size, but whatever title works is fine.

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The rules say that you must spend “at least 7 days per month attending to your duties”. It absolutely does not place any restrictions on your location.

So as long as your players are happy on the multiple roles for separate kingdom-style-entities, then go for it. I’d just suggest requiring 7 days for each role.

Consider that as soon as you have more than 1 settlement, your Leaders do not live in all their areas of influence. Your Marshall is responsible for riding around and watching over your citizens in Capital City A, Little Village B, Farm Hexes C & D & E, Road F, etc.

If they can attend to all those from living in City A, what difference does it make if they live in Village B instead?

Our game has Leaders living all over the place with no rules differences. It's never been a problem.

Thanks for the input, as figured it should technically be no problem. And glad to hear others have had success outside the one linked post; They just have to accept the above mentioned "issues" of their station as it were.

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