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So, Pactseeker's Blade is a +2 cruel longsword from Blood of the Coven that also counts as cold iron. When it deals damage, it also deals damage to any other enemies that share a bond to the struck target - a shared buff spell, in the same coven, etc.

Question: Say that an Inquisitor uses a Quicken Metamagic Rod to cast Blistering Invective on an enemy party of five, who all share a haste spell. Through Blistering Invective, she succeeds at demoralizing all five enemies. Then she uses her move to get next to an enemy and her standard to attack; she hits and deals damage. Would all five enemies become sickened from cruel?

No. The triggering event for cruel is "striking", as in hit. If it triggered off of damage, you might be on to something.

If the weapon causes one or more creatures to fall unconcious, you should get the THP's.

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