Gnome Saboteur (alchemist)+bore bomb+skulls and shackles and a ship hull

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so im working on a Gnome Saboteur (i know its not a good class archetype but hear me out) the idea is to sneak on the enemies ship plant a delayed bore bomb on the ship and blow a hole into it to start sinking it. (ironically the mutagen is useful for this)

"Bore Bomb: When the saboteur creates a bomb, he may choose to make it a bore bomb. If a bore bomb strikes a wall, gate, siege engine, or similar large, solid, inanimate structure, it ignores half the target’s hardness and deals 1 point of damage per saboteur level. If a bore bomb reduces an inanimate target to half its hit points or fewer, it blows a hole 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep in the target."

my GM and I have mutually agreed that the bomb does normal dmg (d6's) as well as int and the bonus damage together also factoring in elemental dmg against objects.
so the question is when can this come online and what would the the hardness of a ships hull and the hp to get through? we have had trouble finding it (only total hp of ship and its hardness). any ideas would be useful. i think it will come online at around lvl 9ish.

The hull would have the HP of what's left after the other parts that are called out...

Warship for example...

hp 1,200 (oars 600, sails 320)

That leaves 280 for the hull.

So you'd need to do 141 damage to blow a hole in it.

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