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Thel Mereel
Adult Human (16) Technician 1 (stowaway : augmented enslaved)

str 13
dex 14
con 13
int 20
wis 11
cha 9

HP: 19
FP: 5

BAB +0

Defense bonuses
Ref D 13 = 10 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0
Fort D 14 = 10 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1
Will D 13 = 10 + 1 + 0 + 2

Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons)
Skill Focus (Mechanics)
Tech Specialist

Skill Focus (Use Computers) - 1st lvl
Gearhead - human

Schematic Savant

Endurance +6 = 0 + 1 + 5
Initiative +7 = 0 + 2 + 5
Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +10 = 0 + 5 + 5
Knowledge (Life Sciences) +10 = 0 + 5 + 5
Knowledge (Physical Sciences) +10 = 0 + 5 + 5
Knowledge (Social Sciences) +10 = 0 + 5 + 5
Knowledge (Tactics) +10 = 0 + 5 + 5
Knowledge (Technology) +10 = 0 + 5 + 5
Mechanics +13 = 0 + 5 + 5 + 3
Perception +5 = 0 + 0 + 5
Pilot +7 = 0 + 2 + 5
Treat injury +5 = 0 + 0 + 5
Use Computer +13 = 0 + 5 + 5 + 3

Wealth: 3000
Spent: 2810

Utility Belt - 500
Fire Extinguisher - 50
Heat Sensor - 250
Flight Suit - 1k
Datapad - 1k
Blank datacards (10) - 10


The Mereel family lived in a middle class district on Corellia. The three of them, Areta, Vict, and their son Thel lived quite happily for many years. Vict worked in an office for the local government and Areta for a branch of Cornelian Engineering Corporation. Thel showed tremendous aptitude early on toward mechanics much to his parents absolute pleasure, though the occasion itself was quite frightening. At the ripe age of 4, Thel found his mother's hydrospanner deconstructed it and then reconstructed it.

On Thel's ninth brithday, the whole family was changed forever. Areta came home early to prep for the party. Vict came home soon after in a hurry. He had gotten some information from some work contacts that something was going down in the Corellia system and that it wasn't going to be safe very soon. Worried that their son would be used and/or in danger, they agreed to secret him away on a trade vessel. And so Thel was snuck onto an older Action VI Transport in a secret compartment Areta knew about in the design.

Having been given food to live off of and several credits by his parents, Thel managed to remain hidden until the ship suddenly broke down. The could hear the crew rush about yelling and working on the ship, to no avail. Thankfully, Thel's hiding spot was near the engine room so he snuck out when all were sleeping to do what he loved, fix stuff. Just as he was finishing the repairs he was caught. The crew immediately blamed him for the troubles and Thel was almost tossed out an airlock when the captain caught word and stopped them. The captain, a big scary man, demanded an explanation. Thel gave him the note and credits that his mother had instructed him to. Surprised, the captain then inspected Thel's work on the engine and agreed to let Thel stay on the ship temporarily until they delivered their cargo to Kuat.

I left some vagueness at the end to add more so that Thel could be easily introduced to the group.

Question the first; do players want to include Starship Combat?

Question the second; do players wish to include organizations?
I think it is thematically appropriate and could easily add story and rp opportunity, but shouldn't be required.

Question the third; I love Dungeon World. One of the things I love about that game is the Bonds mechanic...
I struggle a bit with that stuff, but I think it is a great idea.

Updated to include background.

1. Starship Combat - Of course! I'm a noble. I can make snarky comments about getting out and pushing, point at things that need to be shot at and, ya know, other useful stuff.

2. Organizations - I have not strong feelings here. I can see the fun of it but I'm not falling over myself to do it?

3. Bonds seems cool. I'm all for giving fuel to create connections and rewarding us for doing so.

@Quen Pah- I'm looking for six players.

@Lion Cleric- Milestone leveling.

General answers to comments; Organizations would be things you would be a part of anyway. Their criteria for ranking up is generally not "Go kill twelve guys to advance to the next rank of the Dark Brotherhood" and more along the lines of (say you're in the Imperial Navy)- Have training in the Pilot Skill. Have training in the Knowledge: Tactics skill. Fight in a naval engagement. Have levels in the Soldier class. Have levels in the Noble class. Have levels in the Ace Pilot class. Have levels in the Officer class.

It's more that sort of thing than "I need ten womp-rat skins".

It would also certainly not be a hard requirement. You could absolutely be a Jedi, with levels in the Jedi Knight and Jedi Master prestige classes, without being highly ranked in (or, mechanically, even a part of) the Organization. A great example of this is Qui-Gon Jinn. In both the canon and the Legends lore, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest Jedi of his time by his peers. He is one of the finest Jedi swordsmen and Force-users of his generation, and he is kind and compassionate and wise. Yet he is merely a Master, without any special influence or a path to the Jedi Council despite his prowess and reputation.

He never really bought into the organization and instead operates as a maverick Jedi. He is still assigned missions and trains apprentices but is really sort of a "rank-and-file" Jedi Master.

Re: Bonds- A good example of how they would function would be to look at the relationship between Han and Luke. If they were characters and Episode 4 was a tabletop, they may have each written Bonds for one another. Luke's may have been "Han seems like a greedy smuggler, but when the chips are down I know he'll be there for his allies". Han's may have been "Luke is a good kid but too easily taken in by myths and stories. I need to make sure he stays grounded in reality".

Both these bonds would have been fairly well-explored throughout Episode 4. Han returning to save Luke during the Battle of Yavin would have completed Luke's bond for him, and Luke destroying the Death Star without a targeting computer would have completed Han's bond for him. These bonds color how they interact in the future; Han knows that there is some strange force at work with Luke, and Luke knows that despite his bluster, Han's heart is in the right place.

Mechanically, when Bonds are resolved, I will assign some small benefit to the character for whom the Bond has been resolved. Bonds are resolved when (subject to DM agreement) both players agree that it is no longer a factor in how the characters interact, either because it has been truly verified or because they have seen that it is false.

Re: optional stuff- sounds good to me! I'm up for whatever.

Sovereign Court

I would like to try starship combat, though Kon Laan won't be trained in Pilot skill for a few levels.

I've never been in a Star Wars RPG where the starship combat wasn't clunky. I think that the PbP format might give some leeway to handle all the crunchy bits over a longer time frame than tabletop and it might actually work better in this format.

Not a bad start, but if I'm reading your background correctly, this all happens when Thel is 9. That's seven years unexplained (as you have him listed as 16).

Here's an idea for you; when Thel was 9, that was 16 ABY (7 years ago). That was the time of the Black Fleet Crisis; the Duskhan League, a previously unknown confederation of planets in the Koornacht Cluster, entered into a conflict with the New Republic. The Duskhan League's Navy came to be known as the Black Fleet, and they possessed powerful ships, including the Super Star Destroyer Pride of Yevetha, and technological advances such as advanced deflector shield technology. This fleet was eventually dubbed the Black Fleet.

The New Republic was working on how to combat the Black Fleet's technological advances. Perhaps Thel's parents worked with the Republic, and Thel, a childhood prodigy, was able to work out a laser-fire sequence that was particularly effective in combating these advanced shields.

The Black Fleet eventually learned who came up with this, and sent a strike team to retaliate. Thel was smuggled away in secrecy to relative safety. After that, he won a fair bit of fame amongst New Republic Intelligence, and throughout his teenage years he has continued to work for them, developing new technology.

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That sounds fantastic. I could not have come up with that level of lore based background. Just awesome.

Comes from some Star Wars obsession :p. In that case, what I would like from you is to include a reference to helping combat the Black Fleet Crisis, and then sort of a sense of how Thel has developed. The last seven years, you've been a wunderkind working with the New Republic Intelligence Service. How has that informed Thel as he's grown up? As far as tech goes, what's been his main area of interest? Has he worked with the Jedi before? Is he developing anything specific for the Republic?

Also, I want to let you all know the sacrifices I'm making for you.

Just re-watched the first trilogies (machete, of course; ROTJ is about to start) and am playing some Jedi Academy. You know, to make sure I'm in the right headspace for Star Wars.

I'm such a giver.

You're welcome.

In case I failed to mention I'll be making my selections Wednesday the 17th around midnight PST.

In unrelated news, it is fairly infuriating that all of the Imperial ship's cost is listed as "not available for sale."

Heh, yeah. There may be several interesting options open to players during the course of play...

Will post my build and profile as soon as I get home from work. Hopefully not too late.

Looking forward to it!

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I was planning to pick up Starship Designer as a feat at 2nd level. This is even more perfect because it fits excessively well with his backstory now. He could be slowly working on a new starship design, again was already planning on colluding with you on this. I figured it could be a great side story/goal for my character wherein his (surprise?) travels give him inspiration on parts of the design.

After the Black Fleet was dealt with, in large part from Thel's contributions, Thel was kept isolated by the NRI (New Republic Intelligence). Easily understanding his potential, they created and put him through a custom education program. This program was designed by some of the greater educational minds in the Republic to cater to Thel's style of learning. Thel was a bit of a loner in personality and work. Many faces made appearances, from numerous senators to professors to random lead engineers, but none lasted long. The only consistent face throughout the years was Agent Yaris, Thel's handler. Yaris was basically the doorkeeper to Thel's life.

The isolation was Thel's dream come true. He didn't have to deal with pesky people constantly, just every so often. The downside to his regiment was that it caused him to be a little under socialized. This was made obvious in the later years of his studies when he called some pivotal NR senators "idiots" at one of his own required research presentations, during the 'Q and A' sections.

Despite his social failings, he still remains on of the NR's top engineers and is allegedly working on a new design for a starship.

As for working with the Jedi, I imagine that they tested him but unlikely anything aside from that.

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I'll hopefully finish up my character tomorrow (been busy the last few days and haven't had a chance to really hit the crunch).

Sounds good, Saashaa.

All right, here's my profile, crunch and fluff and all. Avatar is subject to change, not sure how I feel about it right this moment.

Anyway, I freely admit that I'm not much of a writer, but I'm always trying to improve what I can. If there's anything I got wrong, that I need to cut or expand upon, that otherwise should change about, by all means let me know. I'm not nearly as familiar with this part of Legends as I am with Old Republic stuff.

And hopefully I got the crunch mostly right. Let me know if I miscalculated or forgot something. I was torn between the Rescue and Destruction destinies. I put Destruction down, but it could go either way. It's the sort of thing I'd rather leave in the hands of the GM.

For the questions:

1. If we can do space battles, we should definitely do space battles. What's Star Wars without space battles after all? Not as Star Wars, that's what.

2. I think I'd be fine with this too. It certainly gives us a wider range of possibilities going forward, I think.

3. That sounds really cool. Let's do it!


DM Ragnarok wrote:

Also, I want to let you all know the sacrifices I'm making for you.

Just re-watched the first trilogies (machete, of course; ROTJ is about to start) and am playing some Jedi Academy. You know, to make sure I'm in the right headspace for Star Wars.

I'm such a giver.

You're welcome.

I'm just leaving to catch The Last Jedi, so I understand. The sacrifices are too great.

With such criteria, I feel like both the Organisations and the Bonds would be a great thing, and I'm all for it!

Before-hand I just want to say that I'm enjoying reading through many of these applications. Thank you all for your efforts.

@Redac- All the math seems to check out just fine. Though I have a question, by your utility belt gear entry you have (empty) right next to it; does that mean there's nothing in there?

Updated my character with a bit more flavor.

DM Ragnarok wrote:

Before-hand I just want to say that I'm enjoying reading through many of these applications. Thank you all for your efforts.

@Redac- All the math seems to check out just fine. Though I have a question, by your utility belt gear entry you have (empty) right next to it; does that mean there's nothing in there?

Ah, right. I couldn't afford the full utility belt as it was (namely the toolkit) so I just purchased parts of it separately. So the normal stuff one might find in the utility belt is actually in the belt, it's just not the full 500 credit utility belt package, so I listed all the stuff separately.

Gotcha. Instead of that feel free to just list Utilty Belt (minus toolkit), though if you'd like to have the individual items just to remember exactly what's in there that's fine too.

Updated w/ gear.

Ok, figuring this character out for the era took way more than I thought.

Pearl is not exceptionally old for a Shard, Having only seen a brief 300 years.

Pearl showed an aptitude for hiding his presence in the force, very useful for convincing others that he is merely a protocol droid, and there by being invisible to most sentients. Pearl harbors a severe dislike of the Empire, for the countless Shard deaths that are laid squarely at the Empires feet.

After convincing (read influenced with the force) a trader to purchase him for some months, Pearl had used his anonymity and his "Masters" connections to pester and prod the empire during the rebellion era. Staying under both the imperial and the rebel radar, most of Pearl's long work at sabotage went on behind the scenes as the war raged on.

After the battle of Yevan and the reincorporation of the disparate portions of the old republic into the new republic, the shard found a new home and a new calling. Unfortunately Pearl did not, he is bereft of home, having spent the whole of his time away from his own he no longer knows how to belong. Now he drifts, port to port, planet to planet, doing odd jobs and staying one step ahead of rusting solid. Now he seeks a new hope, a new chance to belong to something.

Quick note, Irina, you have both Shyriiwook and Wookie listed as languages. I believe that frees you up for one more language.

Ah ha! I had more, counted, somehow doubted myself and look, I left the placeholder in this messing with my count. Fixed.

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DM Ragnarok wrote:

Thanks for that, Dodekatheon.

I have a couple of questions to pose to prospective players.

Question the first; do players want to include Starship Combat?

Space battles are a big part of Star Wars, and I don't find the rules to be overly cumbersome, but unless the group buys into it as a whole, it can lead to some players feeling sort of useless.

Question the second; do players wish to include organizations? This is an optional rule-set included in The Force Unleashed. You have the opportunity to be a member of certain organizations (The Jedi Order, The Galactic Republic Army, The Imperial Remnant Navy, etc). By fulfilling certain criteria in the organization, you can advance your rank with that organization, and gain certain benefits, from the ability to requisition gear and intelligence to using a safe-house or even getting the loan of a capitol ship.

Question the third; I love Dungeon World. One of the things I love about that game is the Bonds mechanic, which has you, as players, create Bonds with other characters that actually gives the party benefits on dice rolls when that Bond is relevant. I am considering a version of this mechanic for this game, because this campaign, as mentioned, is NOT going be a happy-go-lucky beat up some Sith Star Wars game (well, not always, anyway). A lot of the things your characters will face will be particularly daunting and difficult, and having formed strong bonds with your companions is a powerful motivation and resource.

Let me know what you guys think!


Sorry for being a little late, GM Ragnarok. I really just now got them and am trying to bust this out before Midnight MY time... :/

Okay. So answering questions first:
1. Yeah sure. Pato Bendo won't be doing much until he can reliably use some of the more complicated or far-reaching force powers, though I'm all right with that.
2. Yeah I like the idea, would the New Jedi Academy be one of the orgs?
3. I would LOVE the idea of forming stronger bonds with other characters. For my NAKAMAAAAAA!!! (somehow gets stronger)


All right, on to finishing Pato's Background.

Pato Bendo grew up with his parents on a Manollium-class herdship. His parents were relatively common botanists living among the 10,000 other Ithorians traveling the stars. While on the ship, they had Pato Bendo, who was an endearing type of child with a joy and gentleness for living beings and plantlife in general. However, his parents soon discovered that he was also connected to the force when they discovered him, still a pupa, restoring a small fern he had crushed when he was playing around.

Pato Bendo further grew into his almost religious-like reverence for plant life and the force, but in the process felt further disconnected from his fellows in a social sense. After a few years of this, his parents discovered from a Meet (the pentannual meeting of herdships) of the presence of the New Jedi Academy and Luke's search for the Force-sensitive.

They discussed it with their child and decided that even though Pato Bendo was just fine staying home and tending to his assignment of plants, that it would be better for him to grow up the rest of his youth with people who would understand him and feel what he's capable of feeling.

Whether or not they understood what else there was to be faced in the academy, Pato Bendo might never know. Pato Bendo would be taking the next shuttle once their herdship reaches a nearby system.
Personality: Pato Bendo is a naive pacifist and completely unaware of how strong he is in the force. He has little to no ego. He loves anything with chlorophyll in it, and will talk for hours about the subject. He is inexperienced in social sitations and may miss certain social cues, especially from non-Ithorians.
Appearance: He is a rather plain Ithorian, though a bit scrawny even for his kind. His coloration is cream and peach two-tone. His eyes are particularly large and expressive, but not unusually colored. He wears two-toned, simple clothing, and his voice, like all of his kind, is sonorous.
I'm going to be fleshing out more details after this point, but since we're playing relative youths (from my impression), and because of his peaceful living on a herdship, most of his life up to this point is uneventful. I do want him to have a little Ithorian version of a Bonsai tree that he prunes and nurtures.

Destiny: Rescue. Pato Bendo is a nurturing type and may save someone that no one else thinks needs saving. who it is, and what it takes to save them, is totally up to you to decide. Make it uncomfortable, if you want. Just please don't put me in a player vs. party situation... *holds up hands prayerfully*

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Okay, here is my submission. If I am selected, I'll make an avatar (since I almost have 100 of them).


Female Ewok Jedi 1

DEX 16
CON 12
INT 10
WIS 16
CHA 16

HP 31
Fort 13
Ref 16
Will 15
Init +3

Speed: 4 sq.

Lightsaber: +4 to hit; 2d6-2 damage

Skills: Survival +15, Use the Force +8

Feats: Weapon Finesse, Force Sensitivity, Skill Focus (Survival)

Racial Traits: Small (+1 to ref, +5 to stealth, lift and carry 3/4ths of medium limits), Primitive (do not get proficiency with pistols, rifles, or heavy weapons as starting feats, even if they are class feats), Scent (ignore cover and concealment for perception checks within 10 sq. and take no penalty from visibility while tracking), Sneaky (can reroll stealth checks, but must take second result), Conditional Bonus Feat (if trained in Survival, gain skill focus: Survival as a bonus feat)

Talents: Consular's Vitality (1/rnd; swift; grant one ally within 12 sq. bonus hp=5 + cha mod (8); last til beginning of my next turn; CW)

Equipment: Short Lightsaber, Jedi Robes, All-Temperature Cloak, Comm

Destiny: Education
Background: Orphaned (Survival)


Asha grew up with her parents who were both traders. After the battle of Endor, Ewoks had begun spreading out among the stars, typically by travelling on the ships of other species.

Asha's parents were traders who sold Ewok 'relics' to interested collectors from across the galaxy. Among their favorite scams was to sell Darth Vader's helmet by pretending not to know what it was.

While her parents were criminals, it was clear that they loved their daughter, and when her force abilities began to manifest, they booked her passage on a ship for Corescant with a letter in broken galactic trade explaining that she was a force user (although they called her a Skywalker in their letter).

That was the last time that Asha saw her parents, as one of the (rather powerful) collectors of Sith artifacts who had discovered that the helmet they had been sold was a fake caught up with her parents and spent a long time torturing them before they perished. Asha had no defense against the pain she felt through the empathic link she had with her parents, and she knew when they were dead.

All of this happened on the ship transporting her to Corescant, and by the time she arrived, she knew she was alone in the world. Determined to carry out her parent's wish for her to become a Jedi, Asha made her way to the temple and presented her letter.

Initially she was mocked and asked to leave, but a passing master discovered what was happening before things got too out of hand and had Asha take the test, which she passed with flying colors.

The next couple of years passed by in a blur, but eventually Asha was taken as an apprentice by Master C'tana, a Twilek knight who wanted to become a master, but found most students to be far too impressed with themselves. She found Asha to be a good listener and a capable student, and gifted Asha with the Shoto that she used as her off-hand weapon. Master C'tana then told her to take a training journey to practice all she had learned and act as an instrument of the will of the force.

Okay! Thanks to everyone who submitted. I've decided to take 7 players since I could not come to a decision between two of them.


  • Draylin Thul
  • Kon Laan
  • Irina Kayzeld
  • Joran Callos
  • Ean Flennic
  • Temil Androti
  • Thel Mereel

And of course GM Phntm888, our esteemed observer!

Please report to Discussion. Everyone else, thank you for your interest. If anyone is unable to join or drops out you will be my first alternates.

Congratulations to the victors!

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