inquisitor advice


i am inquisitor 8 1/2 elf (half drow) .
Calistira as a goddess
traits are : falchion proficiency & armor expert.
abilites are:
str 18, dex 14 , con 14, int 13, wis 14, cha 10
1. skill focus stealth + dodge
3. power attack
5. mobility
7. spring attack

now, here are the Q's :
for levels 9-12 i am facing several options .
i LOVE spring attack, but need to boost my 1 attack a bit...

1. level 9 , take reflexes and 1 shadowdancer level.
this will allow me to atack and vanish, but also hide in plain sight in RP times.
yet, with invisibility and high stealth - i can "simulate" it a bit in RP times.
or even 3 levels for a pet.

2. stay inquisitor, accept the 1 attack will be lowish, and try to take enforcer and a cruel weapon for some "rider' effects.
or even trip (greater) tree - so i can attack more than once at times.

3. take 4 levels into unchained rogue (thug).
4 levels out of the main class is REALLY painful. and destrying the spell casting and bane.
but also, it will make m 1 attack really good.
(adding +3d6 \ shaken \ sicken \ talent effect like bleed \ unnmaed -2 )
so much less caster etc, but my 1 attack will rock sky high.

Have you thought about Furious Focus?


Furious Focus (Combat)

Even in the midst of fierce and furious blows, you can find focus in the carnage and your seemingly wild blows strike home.

Prerequisites: Str 13, Power Attack, base attack bonus +1.
Benefit: When you are wielding a two-handed weapon or a one-handed weapon with two hands, and using the Power Attack feat, you do not suffer Power Attack's penalty on melee attack rolls on the first attack you make each turn. You still suffer the penalty on any additional attacks, including attacks of opportunity.

Try to remake your character as a Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor. Spend a feat on Hellcat Stealth. Negate most of the penalty with the Penumbral Disguise spell. This way you don't need to Multiclass.

Furious Focus is a good option for getting rid of the negatives from Power Attack.
I'd reccomend Cornugon Smash over Enforcer since it doesn't require taking negatives do do non lethal with a falchion.
If you go that route you can also pick up Hurtful to get a follow up attack from intimidating (you'd take the power attack negatives for that attack though).
If you find youself struggling to make the indimidate checks you can also pick up Intimidating Prowess to give intimidate a bump.

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