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I'm running a dwarven wedding this weekend. The bride is a cleric of Bolka, so she wants aaaaaaaall the extras.

So far I haven't found any info on dwarven weddings. What are they like on Golarion?

Ideas so far:

- Ceremony takes place in an underground chapel. The bride and groom emerge from an even deeper chamber behind the altar. Afterwards, the wedding party and guests leave the chapel together, emerging outdoors to re-enact the emergence of the dwarves at the end of the Quest for Sky.

- The altar is a giant, completely functional anvil with accompanying tools and an active furnace.

- Bride and groom do the hand-fasting thing, only it's masterwork cold iron manacles. Each of them wears one half of the manacles, which have short chains dangling off them. They have to cooperate to forge the final link in front of the assembled guests out of solid gold. Possibly with a dwarven choir chanting guttural songs.

- Refreshments outside consisting of traditional dwarven foods: hot, packed with calories, designed to sustain you through a fully day of mining or forging. Plus vast quantities of alcoholic beverages, mainly ale and stout.

- Finally, the bride and groom have to collect a coal from the altar and use it to start the fire in their new home. It's terribly bad luck if the coal goes out.

I would totally buy what your ideas are selling, I think you should roll with them, I can feel the dwarf love, like silky smooth cold iron :).

Bit of a tweak, why not have the bride and groom forge the final link by making an alloyed single link of gold and silver, then alternate hammer strikes with each other when closing said link. Little details.

Like the coal bit too, perhaps include from the priest(ess) a special gift to the newly wed couple. Could involve a bit fancy (and pretty reliable) coal carrying vessel, prevents MOST accidents, plus, it would be something nice to put on the mantle or on a forge nook that reminds them of their fasting :)

Perhaps each clan/family should provide a masterwork forge hammer to the member of the couple that is not family, to be used in said ceremony and as a very useful welcome to the fam gift.

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In case anyone's interested, here's the ceremony I wrote up, as delivered by Father Lothard Faraldson.

The Wedding:
Brothers, sisters, friends! We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two of our number: Hilda Aelfredasdottir and Sherman Waldsson. The occasion of a marriage is joyous, for obvious reasons -- we get to congratulate our dear friends, and to give them a good start on their shared life. But there is more to it than that: let us take a moment to reflect.

In darkness, we were born. Deep beneath the surface, Torag walked and found fine veins of metals, gems, and vast caverns -- all lying empty. And so he shaped the first of us to fill those caverns, to mine those gems and metals, and to forge them into beautiful things.

But soon we fell into contention. We formed clans which argued with one another, each seeking to hold the most, to forge the finest. And he saw that our forges lay mostly cold and neglected as we strove against one another. While we fought amongst ourselves, we could not mine the metals, nor carve the gems, nor build cities to fill those vast caverns.

And so Torag called together the heads of the clans, and taught them that the real strength of a people lies in the ties forged between them. The true foundation of the great cities we might build would not be gold or gems. The foundation is the people, bound together and working side-by-side for shared goals.

Thus it is with marriage: two people join themselves to work together, for their own shared benefit, and for the betterment of their community. Hilda Aelfredasdottir, are you prepared to bind yourself to this man, Sherman Waldsson?

(I am).

And are you, Sherman Waldson, prepared to bind yourself to this woman, Hilda Aelfredasdottir?

(I am).

Then take up your tools, and begin the forging.


(Describe the bride and groom forging; you may want to watch a video on forgewelding chain)

Set the weld
Even out the shape

Bride and groom alternate steps.


And is the join strong?

(Bride, groom, and assembled guests: Yes!)

Then, in the sight of Torag and Bolka, I pronounce you husband and wife!

(They kiss)

Come, friends, let us Seek the Sky as our honored ancestors once did!

Well done Tinalles!

This is fantastic stuff! Really, really great!

Thanks! ^_^

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