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Just wondering, what does the FAQ button on the forums? Do they go to an inbox somewhere? I know I have pushed it for a bunch of really good questions and I haven't seen a response. I don't see the FAQ updated often. Just wondering if I am doing it wrong.

Great question! The sticky threads in the Starfinder forum are a little bare-bones, so I borrowed the writeup from Pathfinder's Rules Questions forum:


How the FAQ System Works

Aspects of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game may be confusing or unclear, and the FAQ system provides GMs/players with official answers from our designers. However, it is not intended to provide answers to niche, situational questions that are uncommonly found at the gaming table. Paizo firmly believes that it is the role of GMs to issue rulings in respect to unusual characters or encounters.

As indicated above, if you believe a question should be a candidate to be answered in the FAQ, it is best formatted as an actual question, in as clearly a format as you can manage (without links to past discussions or extraneous situational detail). As community members respond to the question, they may mark it as an FAQ candidate for our team to review. The FAQ system is based on individual posts, not by each thread—spamming a thread with FAQ clicks will not generally result in a faster answer. For insight into how FAQ and Errata is processed by our teams, refer to this blog post by Director of Game Design, Jason Bulmahn.

New answers are provided on a weekly basis on Tuesday. You can keep up to date on what's been answered in the FAQ Updates Sticky Thread. If a question has been and is marked with "answered in errata," you may find PDFs of errata documents on the Free Downloads page.

The full post can be found here.

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That's more or less exactly what it does. Its going to set a flag that someone can easily search for to see what people have identified as a question. They seem to be even less interested in answering Starfinder Questions than pathfinder ones though (which was pretty infrequent in itself.)

I miss the days when Dungeon/Dragon magazine came out with a regular page of FAQ updates per issue. (That said the FAQ for 3.x was quite a book in itself by end days).

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