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Hey guys,
I'm fairly new to D&D, but not to roleplaying. My DM is having me start out as a lvl 3 with a 16 pt build, and we don't have any RP. I have been looking through the different characters, and classes to find something that I could use to be something like a Star Wars Bounty Hunter.
The race and class I have chosen was a Kyton-Spawn, Bounty Hunter.
The reason I am asking for help, is I am trying to figure out how to put together the character sheet, and the best way to build it. I know I am going to need to take the Medium Armor Feat so I can have a helmet, and I was also looking at the Beguiling Liar trait.
Any advice on spells, starting weapons, and other traits/feats would be helpful.
The sheet I am using is the sheet from Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pathfinder_RPG/comments/36zc9l/automated_pathfinde r_character_sheet_v50_is_here/
The reason why I am using a Google sheets form, is I don't like the messy look the paper sheets can have after a few battles of erasing, and reentering the information.
Thank you again for your help!

Just a bit of verification- do you mean the slayer archetype called 'bounty hunter'?

Anyway, how about some more info on what you want- what kind of style do you want? Ranged? Two handed? TWF? etc?

The way that I want to play it, is something like Boba Fett. Mysterious, good at everything, quick thinking. I do want some ability to use weapons, but not guns. More of a trickster, assassin type character. Hiding in the shadows, attacking from a distance, but being able to handle my own if it gets close and personal.

Yes, I mean the slayer archetype bounty hunter.

Also, any tips with this character would be awesome.

And what does TWF stand for?

TWF = Two Weapon Fighting.

Dunno what you mean by needing the medium armor feat to have a helmet. Where a magic or otherwise special helmet matters you don't need that feat, and there's no bonus in the mechanics for wearing a non-magic/special helmet other than it being a part of many suits of armor. If it's just a part of the image a chain shirt or leather lamellar (light armor) includes one I believe, and those are much better for sneaking around.

Using the bounty hunter archetype you're going to want improved grapple by 6th level and you may well want improved dirty trick early also. I suggest taking the dirty fighting feat early to fill the prerequisites for those.

Grand Lodge

Skip dirty fighting and take Underhanded Trick as a talent. Get greater dirty trick and dirty trick master.

2 kukri are great weapons but also carry a sap.

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