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Beginner Box

I bought some time ago a bundle with many Pathfinder resources in PDF format, including the beginner box. I like having the books in that format, but I miss having the map and pawns.

Is it possible to get them separately or do I need to buy the full box? I cannot see it in the store. I have the PDF for the pawns and the flip mat as well, is it possible to print them somewhere? I'm in the UK, but just knowing if it's possible and the type of material or printer would be enough, I can probably find a shop nearby.

Your best bet is to take the PDF files to your local printer and ask if they can print the map for you.

The pawns are difficult: in the Beginner Box set, the pawns are color printed on thick cardboard and fit into little plastic holder designed for that thickness of cardboard.

Again, take a sample pawn to the printer and ask for their best advice.

Much depends on the skills and equipment of the printer, and if they can't do it, they might be able to refer you to a shop that can.

Or you might consider using pawns form other sets. Here's a link to the pawns that Paizo sells

Pathfinder Pawns

and the maps
Paizo Maps

You may find that the least expensive alternative is simply to by the complete Beginner Box. As far as I know, the maps and pawns have never been sold separately

Thanks! That's what I was fearing. I was confused because there was a digital version of the BB, and expected to be able to buy them separately or that the digital copies could be printed.

I already had a look at the shop, and I'll buy a few things. I'll get at least a flipmat I can use to draw some maps. Or buy the generic maps and move things around a little bit

Thank you!

I'd recommend looking around for the Beginner Box in local stores. I've had a fair bit of experience getting Paizo PDFs printed and it's rarely cost-effective (even with the shipping costs to Australia).

The Beginner Box is a special case - as an introductory "gateway product" it's very low margin so it's good value, imo. (I actually bought three copies so I could get multiple copies of some of the components).

There are some sites you might have some luck getting individual components. I know Noble Knight Games have had individual components of the Beginner Box for sale from time to time. I seem to remember some other sites (Auggies, maybe?) also bought lots and opened them to sell piecemeal.

I believe the Beginner's Box flip mat is made up of one side Basic and one side Haunted Dungeon. As Haunted Dungeon is out of print, that's not real helpful, I know, but you might run across a used copy somewhere.

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Paizo is selling "non-mint" complete Beginner Box sets for under $30 US right now.

My experience with Paizo's "non-mint" products has been great so far: at worst, the non-mint products I've ordered from them have had minor shelf wear. (Your mileage may vary.)

I think the price is worth it - the Beginner Box is a nice, convenient product, and Paizo are, no doubt, selling the "mint" copies already pretty close to the price it costs them to manufacture it. I doubt you could produce or source the individual parts separately for very much cheaper. (The cost for about 30 pawns (about $6-7), a flip-mat (about $16), and a set of dice (about $6) will set you back that much anyway - the nice printed copies of the rule books, adventure books, and character sheets - not to mention the nice storage box - would just be icing on that cake!)

I've not looked around Ebay or anything like that, either - it's possible you might find a used copy containing at least the parts you want for even cheaper.

In any event, I'm tempted to snap up a couple of those non-mint boxes for myself: they would make great gifts for people who are into RPGs and so on.

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casting "Raise Dead" on this thread because someone has posted a simple, clear set of instructions on how to create pawns from pdfs, complete with great pictures

Creating Pawns from PDF Files

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