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I'm going to allow dragonkin characters to take the Strix race trait Aerial Harrier without needing to first take the Adopted trait.

made a post about this in the other form

Ok, I'm thinking about making one last change. This one is to the racial stats. Instead of -2 Str, +2 Dex, and +2 Cha, I'm thinking of making it +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Cha.

Dragons historically have low Dex and high Cha, why would dragonkin have high Dex and low Cha???

I'm just trying to find a stat spread that works better.

It seems that most of Pathfinder's reptilian races have a -2 Int. I don't really want that, I want these guys to be cunning. I don't want a penalty to Wis for the same reason. And -2 Str and +2 Dex is really only for Small races and these guys are Medium.

That leaves only Cha unless I go with +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Wis.

*Thelith wrote:
Dragons historically have low Dex and high Cha, why would dragonkin have high Dex and low Cha???

not really, dragons typically have high str and con and low dex their other stats are usually meh kinda average

I'm going to go with +2 Dex, +2 Wis, and -2 Cha. I just like it better than the other options.

I'm necro-ing my own thread here, but I was reading a comic called The Handbook of Heroes. I started at the beginning and when I reached the Wizard vs Sorcerer page, I left a comic mentioning my own sorcerer. Who's a member of my homebrew race. And when I looked at his sheet, I realized that I had messed up when I wrote down his racial traits.

I was able to fix his sheet easy enough, but while doing that I realized that in one of the alternate traits I had made, I had added in an effect which meant it should have replaced one of the standard traits but didn't. So I had to rewrite both alternate traits to include the correct effects and replace the correct standard traits.

I'm pretty sure it's still balanced with the re-write as the changes are minor. But to make sure I don't lose anything if something happens to my laptop, I'm going to write them down again here.

Race: Humanoid (Reptilian)
Size: Medium
Base Speed: 30
Flight: 40 fly speed, Clumsy maneuverability
Stat adjustments: +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Cha
Starting Languages: Common and Draconic.
Bonus Languages: Dwarvish, Ignan, Elvish, Infernal, Gnomish, Halfling, and Ghoulish/Undercommon.
Darkvision 60.
Bonus cantrip: Add one spell with an Elemental descriptor to spells known or to prepared slots. Must be a caster class to use this trait.
Energy Resistance 2: Select either Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Fire. This choice can't be changed.
Natural Armor +1

Fight and Spell: Bite and 2 claws, 1d4 each, +2 against spells with single elemental descriptor. Replaces Natural Armor, Cantrip and Energy Resistance.
Fast Runner/Talker: +20 feet to Land Speed, +2 to either Intimidate or Diplomacy, immunity to Magic Sleep and Paralysis. Replaces Flight.

Breath Feat: Required: Character level 5, dragonkin. Gain a breath attack in the shape of a 30-foot cone. This attack does 4d6 damage and can be used 2 times a day plus Cha every 1d4 rounds. At level 9 and every 4 levels after, increase damage by 1d6 for a maximum of 7d6 at level 17. Ref save for zero damage. At level 12, Ref save for half damage. If you possess the Energy Resistance racial trait, this attack must match the type chosen. Otherwise choose Acid, Fire, Cold, or Electricity. This choice cannot be changed. DC 10+1/2 level + Cha.

Can take the Aerial Harrier and Winged Aloofness traits and Kobald traits without needing Adopted trait. Can take Lizardfolk feats, tail-based feats other than constriction, Cloak of Feathers, and some Kobald archetypes. Any specific scale-color Kobalt trait must match Energy Resistance type. Can't be taken if Energy Resistance is replaced.

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