A series on Netflix, and the second season just dropped about a week ago. It's a sci-fi series about time travelers who take over the bodies of people in the present in order to change events. Evidently the future is all sorts of horrible, and so they built the technology to transfer their consciousness into the bodies of people in the past. Unfortunately they kill the hosts when they do that, so they use historical records (government and social media) to identify the exact time and location that the person died. The traveler enters the body and changes the very last decision the person makes. From there they lead a double life, maintaining the host's original life as best they can while going on secret missions sent to them from the future.

It isn't especially cerebral in its approach to examining the nature of time, free will, or humanity. There are some plot holes, and if I were to pick the shows biggest weakness, it would be some of the writing. The acting and directing are spot on though, and the writing varies from okay to good (and occasionally very good).

The show breaks the 4th wall occasionally in some interesting ways (always minor).

I recommend it.

I finished up season 2. I didn't enjoy it quite as much as season 1. Looking forward to season 3, if there is one. Traveler 0001 is an awesome BBEG.

I'm kind of mixed on which season is better. Season 2 gets more into complicated factors of how difficult it is to predict the consequences of actions. Season 1 was a little simpler and straight forward though and had great world building.

"17 minutes" was probably my favorite episode.

17 Minutes was a great episode, showed some of the problems of time travel to fix a problem.

Finished season 3. Some great character development and story arcs. The final episode did a nice job of tying into Season 1 Episode 1. Hopefully Netfix decides to do a season 4.

Yes, season 3 got brutal on some of the characters, which is something I actually like with an ensemble cast. There was at least one death which surprised me.

The TV production nerd side of me loves part of the concept of the show. It's a sci-fi show about people from the future, but they're in the present, and they can only transfer ideas, but not materials. You get a sci-fi show without having to spend money on fancy sets or special effects. A few gadgets here and there, but that's pretty easy to produce cheaply.

The closing message from the director is great. It leaves the show open to infinite seasons, can recast characters, or have wholly new ones. The basic premise, a few major events, and the like will stay the same, but the it is extremely flexible.

I'd be in for a season 4 with the same actors/characters, but I kinda hope they just do a whole new cast.

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