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Solarians with the Stellar Rush ability make a charge without the penalties as a standard action. My two questions here being, would that include the movement penalties, effectively allowing you to charge and spear someone 5 feet from you or around a tree? And my second being, now that it is a standard action, would I be able to use it as a full attack and hit 2-3 more people around the field? If so, it would allow you to run at 6 times your speed while still attacking three times each round to hit anyone you wanted (although provoking attacks of opportunity if the enemies aren't dealt with on each hit).

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The only penalties associated with charge are -2 to AC, and -2 to the attack roll. Movement restrictions aren't penalties thus aren't ignored.

You could use your move action to move you character to a position where a charge is a legal action then use standard action to preform the stellar rush.

No you can't combine stellar rush with a full attack. Making a stellar rush uses your standard action for the turn. Since you no longer have a Swift, Move, and Standard action remaining after making a stellar rush you can't make a full attack. Or if you full attack first, you don't have a standard action remaining to make a stellar rush.

The restriction on a charge aren't penalties.

The penalties are as already noted the penalties to AC and attack rolls.

And no, you couldn't use stellar rush multiple times in a round or to make a full attack, as Maezer outlines you've used your standard action so you don't have the required actions remaining to make a full attack.

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