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I want to run a Rogue Trader PBP. But before recruiting the rest of the retinue, I'd like to get first the Rogue Trader, as he will be the one responsible for a big chunk of the game, since he'd be designing the Rogue Trader Dynasty and the ship.

The successful applicant for the position of Rogue Trader will be the one to submit a compelling story about his lineage along with a design of his ship (preferably a cruiser, as the game I want to run will involve a lot of space battles).

Once selected, he will also assist me in selecting the rest of his team.

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I'm interested, that is if this is the type of Rouge trader I'm familiar with

Warhammer 40K right? I'm getting into Warhammer recently, and I'm not at all in any way familiar with this game system although I may be willing to learn it if it isn't too complex

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Here's a stab at a ship built for fighting. It's bare bones now, but it's got room both power and space for a bunch of expansion. The crew is downgraded for the backstory; that being a recent tragedy that almost spelt doom for the the Rogue Trader house and almost losing the ship. That could also be used to explain why the ship isn't outfitted with much. Perhaps it *was* but quite a bit was damaged an beyond repair and this is what they got it back to.

The weapons listed are really mostly fillers. I like the idea of it having a torpedo loadout, especially so low on PF. It means that the crew can pack a huge punch, but it'll cost them as they can't easily replace those shots. The macrobattery and lances are just thrown on and are easily switched around to something more fitting. I've found lances to be *really* subpar with the RT ship combat rules out of the book. With the Mathhammer rules they're a bit better. But I think the build works either way.

The ship's biggest "thing" is the amazing amount of speed you can get out of it for a Battlecruiser. Not much can escape this thing. I was torn on the Barracks. It gives a massive boost to military endeavors, which is good, but the ship is currently *very* focused. It might be more interesting to have something like Extended Supply Vaults or Arboretum and design it to stay out of port for extended amounts of time hunting pirates and such. Or maybe those were parts of the ship that were damaged beyond repair and need replacement?

With that said, it's way undergunned at the moment. Which is fine since it's fast and armored up. But that's something the crew would want to work towards.

Machine Spirit Oddities: 1d10 ⇒ 7
Past Histories: 1d10 ⇒ 7

The Heart of the Tempest

Hull Fluff:

Overlord-class Battlecruiser
Dimensions: 5.3km long,0.85 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 31 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 100,000 crew, approx.
Accel: 2.4 gravities max sustainable acceleration.
A successful early illustration of how workable the battlecruiser concept can be, the Overlord is as fine an example of a pure warship as can be found. Most Rogue Traders find the ship is poorly suited to anything other than combat, as its enormous weapons systems place a colossal strain upon the plasma drive.
Some Rogue Traders strip out the extensive macrobatteries, freeing up space for other Components, but others regard this as a foolish and blinkered waste of some of the most elegantly designed and lethally effective weapons systems in the galaxy.
Manufactured in the vast orbital shipyards of Cypra Mundi (as well as at other shipyards in lesser numbers), the Overlord is a difficult vessel to construct, but faithful and fierce in its service to mankind. It does not waste space on massive attack craft hangers or the temperamental nova cannon. Instead, most designs use powerful long-range macrobatteries and lance turrets, backed by prow torpedo tubes. This simple, proven, and effective weaponry plays to the strengths of Imperial Navy tactics and Imperial technology. The design is an ancient but successful one, and new examples of the class are still commissioned every decade or so.

Hull Crunch (base):

Speed: 5
Maneuverability: +10
Detection: +10
Hull Integrity: 70
Armour: 20
Turret Rating: 2
Space: 78
Base SP: 64
Weapon Capacity: Prow 1, Port 2, Starboard 2, Dorsal 1

Battlecruiser: This ship can use “cruisers only” Components

Complication and Machine Spirit Oddity:

Machine Spirit Oddities - Wrothful: The ship’s spirit constantly smoulders with anger. In battle, it explodes into a berserker fury, straining and exhausting its systems. During combat, the ship gains +1 Speed and + 7 Maneuverability. Out of combat, the ship suffers –1 Speed and –5 to Maneuverability and Detection.
Past Histories - Wrested from a Space Hulk; The ship has been recovered from a space hulk - a mass of wrecked ships that drifts intermittently through the warp and realspace. The ship is very old (and thus of high quality), but those who know of its origins whisper that it is cursed. The ship gains +1 Armour, +1 Speed, and +3 Maneuverability. However, every time the crew suffers a Misfortune, the GM rolls twice and chooses the worse of the two. The curse can have many other effects as well, many ill, but a truly skilled Rogue Trader can turn any situation to profit...

Essential Components:

Plasma Drive: Saturnine-pattern class 4a “ultra” drive
Power Generated: 90, Space: 14, SP:0

Warp Engine: Miloslav h-616.b Warp engine
Haste of the Damned: Reduce the duration of all warp passages by half. However, roll on the Warp Travel Encounters table every three days rather than every five days.
Power: 10, Space: 12

Geller Field: Geller Field
Power: 1, Space: 0

Void Shields: Dual Void Shield Array
Power: 7, Space: 2

Ship's Bridge: Ship's Master Bridge
Master Plotting Table: All Piloting and Navigation tests by crew on the Bridge gain +5.
Improve Fire Direction: All Ballistic Skill Tests to fire shipboard weapons gain +10.
Power: 4, Space: 3

Life Sustainers: Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer
Power: 5, Space: 3

Crew Quarters: Voidsmen Quarters
Power: 2, Space: 4

Augur Arrays: Mark–201.b Auger Array
External: This Component does not require hull space. Although it is external, it can only be destroyed or damaged by a Critical Hit.
Sensitive: Increased power draw provides a +5 bonus to the ship’s Detection.
Power: 5, Space: 0

Supplemental Components:

Soldiers: When working toward a Military objective, the players earn an additional 100 Achievement Points towards completing that objective.
Reinforcements: If the ship is transporting troops, it gains +20 to all Command Tests involving boarding actions and Hit and Run Actions.
Power: 2, Space: 4, SP: 2

Trophy Room
Past Experiences: When working toward an Exploration, Trade, or Criminal objective, the players earn an additional 50 Achievement Points toward completing that objective.
Power: 1, Space: 1, SP: 1

Energistic Conversion Matrix
Redirect Power to Engines: The ship’s captain can choose to activate the conversion matrix at any time as a free action. When he does so, he decreases the amount of Power generated by the ship and increases its Speed value. Transports and Cruisers can exchange 5 Power for 1 Speed. A ship’s Speed value cannot be increased by more than 5 using this Component. A captain may divert Power being used to power other Components, however, if he does so, the Component becomes unpowered for as long as the conversion matrix is used.
Power: 1, Space: 1, SP: 1

Supplemental Components, Weapons: -
Torpedo Tubes: Mars-pattern Torpedo Tubes
Larger vessels are capable of supporting far more massive installations of torpedo tubes. In addition to a larger ammunition capacity, these Components are also capable of firing six torpedoes in each salvo. It can store 42 torpedoes, plus an additional six if the ship’s captain does not mind keeping six “in the tubes.”
Volatile: If this Component is Damaged or Destroyed (but not Unpowered or Depressurized) while torpedoes are loaded, it has a 10 percent chance of exploding. In this event, the Component is destroyed and the ship takes 2d5 Hull Integrity damage.
Power: 2, Space: 8, SP: 2, Strength: 6

Macrobatteries: Sunsear Laser Battery
Strength: 4
Damage: 1d10+2
Crit Rating: 4
Range: 9 VU
Power: 6, Space: 4, SP: 1

Lance: Titanforge Lance Battery
Strength: 2
Damage: 10+4
Crit Rating: 3
Range: 6 VU
Power 13, Space: 6, SP: 2

Lance: Titanforge Lance Battery
Strength: 2
Damage: 10+4
Crit Rating: 3
Range: 6 VU
Power 13, Space: 6, SP: 2


Ship Stats-

Speed: 6 (7 combat, 5 non-combat)

Maneuverability: +13 (20 combat, 15 non-combat)

Detection: +15 (10 non-combat)

Hull Integrity: 70/70

Crew Population: 100/100

Crew Rating: Incompetent (Skill 20)

Morale: 100/100

Armour: 21

Turret Rating: 2

Space Remaining: 10 (68 Used)

Power Remaining: 18 (72 Used)

Weapon Capacity: Port 1 (1 used), Port 2 (1 used), Starboard 2 (1 used), Dorsal 1 (1 used)

I would be down for some Rogue trader. Are you wanting core only? Or are other books such as Into the storm and BK allowed?

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@ william nightmooon and seekofshadowlight, this thread is for the recruitment of THE ROGUE TRADER, if you have designs on heading your own dynasty and building your own ship, you're welcome to submit your version. You may use Core, Into the Storm and Battlefleet Koronus.

on the other hand, retinue recruitment (not the rogue trader) will follow after we've ironed out the dynasty and ship. so far, aptinuviel has submitted details on the dynasty and the intended ship.

@ Radavel, I know. I just wanted to know what books the RT creation was limited to.

Tweaked the ship a bit. Changed up the weapon load-out and added a Compartmentalized Cargo Hold. This makes the ship great for transporting weapons. If you're planning on a war in some far away place, this is the ship you hire to get stuff to you. Weapons, soldiers, and that's not even getting to the ship capable of outfighting most small fleets.

Would like to play some 40k Rogue Trader

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I know I sent a sample background for a RT, but that was based on an "open choice" in the Birthright section (my typical section to pick for open when running RT). However, do you plan to have an open pick, and if so, will it be the Birthright section?


I know this thread is for the recruitment of the Rogue Trader, but I'll dot to keep an eye on this and not miss the retinue recruitment. Don't know much about the setting, but always wanted to play some Warhammer.

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And another question: Would you like people to roll up the RT along with the concept, or do you just need the concept for now?

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Did a little updating of the ship sheet. It could use a little formatting clean-up, I think. I'll work on it.

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aptinuviel wrote:

I know I sent a sample background for a RT, but that was based on an "open choice" in the Birthright section (my typical section to pick for open when running RT). However, do you plan to have an open pick, and if so, will it be the Birthright section?


Open pick is fine. No need to roll stuff especially if it comes up to a combo you don't like.

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aptinuviel wrote:
And another question: Would you like people to roll up the RT along with the concept, or do you just need the concept for now?

Just the concept first for now.

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I was kind of looking forward to seeing other RT concepts thrown out there. I'm going to post the one I sent the GM here in the hopes that it inspires a few more!

The Rogue Trader
Lord-Captain Haji Qalandar Khan of House Durrani, Badcha of Haqqowijja:
Qalandar was born on Tolkhan, a Forgeworld in the Segmentum Tempestus. Unlike many in his culture, Qalandar had little family and thus was forced to struggle to survive. His natural curiosity got him into all sorts of trouble, including eventually the notice of a noblewoman of House Durrani. Khaista Durrani, the heir to the House, was a strong willed woman who would one day carry the title of Rogue Trader and carry the sacred Warrant of her dynasty. But first she would marry for love, despite her family's objections.

Qalandar accompanied Khaista on many an adventure before they found the Lost World of Ur. Unfortunately, the planet was lost with good reason. They thought they had found a dead world. How wrong they were. Khaista died saving her husband. She was not the last of the crew to be lost, but through wits, guile, and a large helping of luck, Qalandar kept what he could alive and led what remained of the crew away from the planet. Without his bravery, the fortunes of House Durrani would have been completely lost. In the wake of this near-disaster the Matriarch of House Durrani declared that Qalandar Khan would carry on as Rogue Trader and regain the fortunes that the House had lost.

The Lord-Captain is a tall, well-built man. Despite the darkness in his eyes, he remains quick to smile. His once black hair has started to turn silver, and he keeps a neatly trimmed beard upon his face. He wears a power sword at his waist in a manner that might give the impression he's never even drawn the weapon. The laspistol, almost an antique, seems to see much more use. His attire is that of a noble of Tolkhan, a culture similar to Tallarn's. Loose fitting and lightly colored, Qalandar always looks comfortable in whatever setting he's in.

Qalandar is not as familiar with the Imperial Creed as some members of the Ecclesiarchy would like. Despite not being a religious man, he is quite spiritual. But, like many people from Tolkhan, cultural values are sometimes held in higher regard than religion.

There are many mysteries surrounding Qalandar Khan, adding to his charm and fame, and not some small amount of infamy. But what is clear to everyone is that his crew will follow him to hell, or back to hell, as it were. That he will be the first to lead the way. And that he'll be laughing the entire trip.

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Working on some more RT concept, I was thinking of having Qalandar go the Crusade (Call to War) route having him be a former Imperial Navy officer and pushing the concept a bit more in the martial direction to be in line with the "lot of space battles" expectation. So, prior to marrying into the Durrani House, he served in the Navy.

I'll also do some work on writing up the House itself (motivations, goals, etc.) in a bit.

Warrant Age: The Age of Rebirth
Fortune & Fate: Fallen From Grace
Acquisition: Reward
Sanction: Age of Plunder
Contacts: Battlefleet
Warrant Renown: Famous

House Durrani is one of the oldest noble families of Imperium, having their hand in many of the worlds in the Coreward planets of Segmentum Tempestus. During the Age of Plunder the House joined many others seeking their fortune in the Calyx Expanse. The House sent a full fleet, often having many nobles serving in the Imperial Navy before commanding House vessels. Many being veterans of the Horus Heresy. It was there that they were rewarded with a Warrant for killing the notorious Dark Eldar pirate Alaryn Ellarion, a target that had eluded even the Ordo Xenos. The Warrant itself is still held in a stasis vault in one of the catacombs beneath the surface of Terra itself.

Long allied with the Battlefleet, House Durrani has been the bane of pirates for centuries. The House's main fleet, led by the Battlecruiser Heart of the Tempest, has brought the Emperor's judgement to raiders and reavers at the far edges of the void. In the last few generations the House has moved more toward smaller trading vessels and keeping open regular trade routes from their traditional planetholds in the Segmentum Tempestus. However, they still maintained several ships exploring the far reaches of the Koronus Expanse, finding new worlds and rooting out dens of scum and villainy.

But tragedy has befallen the House in recent years. Thinking they had found a fortune to be made on a lost world, the overconfident Lord-Captain committed their fleet to exploiting its resources. The destruction of most of its ships, and the near loss of its flagship, almost destroyed House Durrani. Even now, the Heart of the Tempest isn't at full strength and remains the only vessel the House can put towards endeavors to increase what wealth they have remaining.

I left the tragedy of the Lost World deliberately vague in case people put that into their background and have ideas for specifics. Also, I deliberately made the Dark Eldar's name close to the name of current Corsair in the Koronus Expanse. They don't have to be related, but I figured I'd leave that option out there just in case it sounded like fun to the GM. :)

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I'm not sure why that got posted under my GM alias. Either I was tired and set it to that, or I just clicked the wrong button! :)

It was probably David Tennant's fault, it always is.

Wheew, a RT game, nice!
The last one here on the boards died to quickly.

Any idea for the setting / theme?
I am reading "Mechanicus" novel atm ... so how do you think about a Mechanicus-aligned RT (maybe even a Magus by himself)?
Otherwise I might simply join in as a Explorator later on.

Also: Dot!

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I think the intent is to be a more martial focused crew (space battles being a big thing) and hunting pirates or being privateers.

*I'd* certainly like to see more RT concepts. Mine is the only one submitted so far and it'd be nice to see some other ideas. :)

Ahh, well "Those who can read, are at a clear advantage"...
Just found the passage in the initial post of the GM.

Mhhh... I am not well into the RT mechanics (running an OW game, where lots of stuff is quite different), so it would take me a while to get the mechanics together. Any guess on how long this will be open?

I think I just had an interesting idea.
The core?
137. son of a decadent noble family getting sent to the Navy, so he is "out of the way".
Just-as-planned has it, that he was part of an Inquisitorial strike force sent against on his own homeworld, some three decades later, as the captain of a navy ship.
His family has turned out to dabble in cult activity (unbeknown of him) and the Inquisition enacted a purge, which turned into a minor civil war.
At the end of the rather bloody fighting, he was thoroughly tested and screened by the Inquisition - and found free of guilt, beside being of the same bloodline as a bunch of traitors.
Thus he was given the millennia old treaty of warrant of his family (since all major family members were purged by this point) and told to "expect future assignments" by the Inquisition to re-prove his innocence and loyalty to the golden throne.

Sum it up:
A more or less freshly baked Rogue trader, using his old navy ship (yet to be implemented, not to mention: named) as his base of operation, having a more-or-less operational connection to the Inquisition.


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I like it. I think you could probably work out the same Warrant History path I used above as well. If you'd prefer Missionaria Galaxia in the Contacts part, that shakes things up a bit. But you end up with a lot more PF.

You could do something like this:
Warrant Age: Age of Rebirth [SP: 12/PF: 10]
Fortune & Fate: Struggling [SP: 6/PF: 4]
Acquisition: Bribery [SP: 12/PF: 2]
Sanction: Angevin Crusade [SP: 10/PF: 4]
Contacts: Missionaria Galxia [SP: 8/PF: 6]
Warrant Renown: Famous [SP: 14/PF: 4]

Total SP: 62
Total PF: 30

This is, of course, if you're pushing for as much SP as you can get while also having Inquisition connections as part of the Warrant. That gets you a decent Light Cruiser or a stripped down Cruiser. You can go lower on SP, but then we're getting into decent Frigate or stripped Light Cruiser territory. Not necessarily bad, but Radavel has expressed a preference for Cruisers, so I wouldn't go too light.

Alternatively, the Warrant itself doesn't have to be connected to the Inquisition. There are a couple of ways to get the Peer (Ecclesiarchy) Talent and you could also take the "Far Reaching Contacts" Lineage to get three Peer Talents and pick up Inquisition, specifically, as one of them. It's an expensive background, but it's also really good.

A quick look at the lineage turns up the same path you chose.
Contacts battlefleet are gone I guess, since he would really just start over, having a powerful ship but really nothing much else after the purge.

Have to take a good look at ship building though.
Probably an all-war ship, struggling to keep going for very long on its own since it is used to work for the navy, ever supported by its long arm.
Should make for interesting struggles...

Totally different approach: GM: How do you feel about a double rogue trader. I always feel that the very best stuff is created if you couple two minds cooperating pushing each other to new ideas. Just a thought that crossed my mind.

I was hoping to get me an Exorcist-Class Grand Cruiser (Carrier).
It has LOTS of space and upgrade potential.
Having fylers for catching&crippling fleeing pirates before finishing it off with the powerful broadsides sounded like a good idea.
The immense free space it offers (80 in total) sounded good as well.
By choosing Child of Desitiny for my RT and the full SP path left me with 73 SP, which would allow me to pick the ship, having 2 SP left.

Then I noticed that weapons cost SP and things started to fall apart, unless I want to start without weapons (I have to get an Archeotech component which costs at least one SP as well) on at least one side - not a good idea with such a heavy vehicle.

Currently I am looking into the Dictator Class Cruiser - the smaller brother of the Exorcist, leaving me with much more SP to play around with. But also with only 65 space and two gunports less...

@GM: Giving the campaign and my concept, can I convert 3-4 PF to SP? He really would have start from scratch, practically all resources of his family burned or sacked by the Inquisition. Would be enough to start with a pure military minded, off-the-shelf Exorcist, only featuring the bare minimum, leaving everything else open for the game ...

Scarab Sages

Some notes about the Exorcist:

1. It doesn't have any Prow or Dorsal mounts for weapons. It's a good boat for carrying smaller craft, but that's a bad solo role for a ship. That actually fits your fluff really well, so that might be okay with you. Also, small craft are, fluff wise, really good at pirate hunting. Mechanics-wise they're pretty good against anything.

2. You can get another 5 SP from downgrading your crew to Incompetent. This isn't as bad as it looks since crew rolls tend to be terrible even if they're decent. But, it does mean being okay with having a less well-trained crew. Maybe the best of them stayed with the Navy?

3. It's also *really* slow, coming in at 4 speed. Almost anything can outrun it. Though, if you check out the Heart of the Tempest above, you can see how to make a big slow ship least for short bursts.

4. I'd consider other classes of ship and just put Jovian bays on them. You're basically getting a 2 space discount when you choose the carrier-specific ships, but space is not exactly tough to come by in anything Cruiser sized or higher. Especially if you start picking up Best-quality components. It would cost 4 SP to put two Landing bays on another ship, but that might be worth it. For example, if you did that to the Avenger you'd spend 3 SP to get -2 space, +1 speed, +1 detection, +1 armor, +5 hull integrity. Though you'd still have the same weapon capacity.

Overall, because they mount only Port/Starboard weapons and aren't the most maneuverable, Grand Cruisers aren't all that great when alone. However, this fits what you're going for, so that's probably a good thing rather than a bad. :)

Where did you find that crew thing?
I was looking at a Overlord Class, equipping it with 2 hangars, energy conversion (this thing is cool) and 4 macro batteries, ending with 73 SP.
Maybe I can add some cool stuff in it, if going down the incompetent crew route...
Or maybe go with a cruiser after all...?

Currently looking at it, I like the Dictator Class Cruiser.
It is the cheapest Cruiser (or above) Class with 2 hangars. On top you get a sweet (random) +8 Detection buff and +1 Turret Rating, paying it with a -2 maneuverability - compared to the Lunar-Class Cruiser.
It will leave me with 7 SP (or 12 if downgrading Crew, although I don't like the idea actually) to upgrade some Maneuverability/Speed or other stuff.
Actually, no you save 1 SP while keeping the space if you compare Lunar and Dictator class. 2 Lathe Hangars cost 4 SP and 10 Space. Lunar is 3 SP cheaper and has 10 more space available.

Crew Rating: pg. 193 as part of ship construction. It allows you to upgrade or downgrade the crew.

Be careful with Lath Hangars. The downside is that if you lose power to the component when the doors are open, they automatically depressurize. Also you can't go into the warp with them open. (Which also means that if you accidentally enter the warp with them open, that's *really* bad.)

It essentially means that your cruiser is a bit more vulnerable and you can't shut off power to those components for the extra speed with the Energy Converter. Given they only require 1 Power each, that last isn't *that* big a deal, but with Jovian's you can squeeze out that last bit of power if you ever need it.

The Heart of the Tempest is built as a Torpedo heavy hitter, but you could easily convert it to a carrier. It's also built on 70 SP. If you have 73, all I'd do is pull out the Torpedo tubes, put in two Jovian bays, and throw another Sunsear on the prow. That's a sunsear and plasma firing in any forward-ish direction along with two carrier bays. And the ship moves *fast*. I was actually strongly thinking of taking the carrier track with it, and may still do so. Especially if someone is interested in playing a hotshot pilot Void Master. And, if you end up playing the RT, expect for me to put in a VM pilot application! :)

Haha I wanted to say the same.
If you're getting RT I will just slightly change my background and apply as void master.
Having a long standing navy background is well enough for a military minded RT as it is for a void master.

Currently working on background details rather than ship mechanics (not least du to its dual nature ... also because I love a good fluff for my chars).
I was thinking about a slight alternation of your design with flyers as well. Maybe tomorrow.

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@Swordwhale, SP to PF is ok but PF to SP is not. If you do not have enough SP, I suggest making using of Child of Dynasty. Several players with that should be a game changer.

Going carrier for a ship submission smacks of Battlestar Galatica. I love that show both the old and the new.

and can u explain further the double rogue trader idea that you have as i might have a different understanding.

@aptnuviel and Swordwhale, to which Imperial Institution does your dynasty owe its existence to? which does it work best with? which does it hate or avoid like the plague?

Also be advised that we shall be using the Roles from Into the Storm so Rogue Traders are required to style themselves as Lord-Captains. More about this once we've settled who's the RT.

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House Durrani is the RT House that my RT is associated with. I posted it mistakenly under my GM tag (Game Master Listener) above.

The House is closely associated with the Battlefleet and was originally awarded the Warrant due to it's efforts to settle the Calyx Expanse during the Age of Plunder. Due to the House having ties mostly to Forge worlds and the Battlefleet in Segmentum Tempestus, they have a rather rocky association with the Ecclesiarchy. They have a history of Privateering and Pirate Hunting, so they get along rather poorly with actual Pirates and have a rocky relationship with some Merchant Houses, being associated with one that is old, but which has fallen on hard times at the moment.

Scarab Sages

It actually might be more interesting if historically the RT House has hunted Pirates but recent hard times has forced them to make deals with some Pirate crews to fight some others. Hopefully some of the more "honorable" Pirate organizations, but hey, they're called hard times for a reason. And heck, they aren't reavers! :)

@Dual-RT: Actually you could play this in three ways.
.. A) Two Actual RTs, two ships, working together due to XY. Challenging because you would have to manage more stuff and have quite a power surge, but two ships also open up a lot of cool options to work together (especially in combat of course).

.. B) Two actual RTs, but one ship: I can image myself to play a RT without a ship, 'hiring' onto another RT for a considerable time unless my participation earn me enough to get a new ship of my own. Would fit my fluff quite well actually. I'd imagine that I bring a couple of SP/PF with me (like 1/2 or 1/3 of the actual), adding to the overall points of the other. Think of it like a desperate stock exchange gamble. You're near the cliff slowing driving backwards, so you take all you got into a company you have faith (or hope) in, gambling that one day, you will receive a huge paycheck for this support rather than getting slowly but steadily ruined.

.. C) 1 3/4 RTs, one ship: Both RTs are from the same family, one bearing the title, the other only just not. Maybe they were twins and the decision of whom continues the line was over a hand of cards or something similar. They are still tightly bonded and work together since their skills add up to more than the single pieces. Like one is an expert leader of men, the other good with money and strategic thinking. This coop should make for good RP and a well of new ideas from discussing all kinds of matters.

I like B and C, since A is probably a bit too big for pbp, but could be epic if one manages to set something like that up.

Other topics will follow soon

Yeah Battlestar Galactica is really cool and I happen to like carriers in most settings.

In addition, the fluff description of the hangars sounds awesome for any kinds of other activities. It is just really helpful to have a great amount of flying assets up your sleeves. Whether to hunt, reconnaissance, trading, ground activities ...

@Dynasty: That's something for the adepts, really. The warrant is REALLY old and was not being overly used over the last couple of hundred of years. If one would find the scribbles of ages long past and trace it back, cross-link it to other archies, one would finally discover a link to the Administratum and Imperial Navy. It was issued to house Bastillion - to be precise: Lord Francois Rundaan Ludovico von Bastillion - during the preparation for a crusade into undiscovered, Xeno-held territory. The original warrant offering the family vast power and influence in the (hopefully) new subsector if they use their resources and ships to scout out and securing a beachhead into the enemy territory ahead of the major imperial crusade.
These days are clearly long since over, the carved out subsector reduced to a couple of inhabited imperial worlds and many more lost and dead rocks and the ancient pact forgotten.
If Commodore Heinrich von Bastillion (my RT) will indeed take up the mantle of Rogue Trader his family has misused for a long time to cover their heretical activity, his partners will be the Imperial Navy (that shaped him into the man he is) and the Inquisition (who has purged his family and made him the new bearer of the warrant). Both fractions will certainly approach him regularly.
Problematic relations:
.. Other noble Houses with connections to his family. They will certainly see his rise with suspicion and his manors ... unfitting.
.. Ecclisiarchy & Inquisition: The extreme wings of both organizations will certainly suspect him of having heretical motives, somehow managing to mislead the Inqusitoral inspection of his person, continuing the foul work of his family in secret. He will have no problems with the moderate wings of both though, trusting Inquisitor Maria Dourngart to have very thoroughly screened and interrogated this man before letting him off the hook, yes, even trusting him with the warrant of his house.

Dossier: Friedrich von Bastillion, Inquisitoral Access Codes required:

+++ Dossier File: 674#AFF-7810-2 +++
+++ Classification: Senior Inquisitorial personal only +++
+++ Conscripted by: Ameran Gustav, Interrogator of Inquisitor Maria Dourngart +++
+++ Subject: Commodore Heinrich van Bastillion +++
+++ Keywords: van Bastillion, Traitor Nobilitas, Rogue Trader, Warrant of Trade, Misuse of Power, suspects +++

The imperial noble house of those from Bastillion, founded by Lord Francois Rundaan Ludovico von Bastillion, has been found guilty of heresy by Inquisitor Maria Dourngart.
Collecting all required evidence has taken her nearly half a century but in the end, she was able to prove their guilt unmistakably and undeniably. The Inquisitor herself led a powerful Inquisitorial task force of Imperial Navy, three Imperial Guard Regiments and a strike force of the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter to take out the rotten, mutated heart of Dvernur Primaris, heart of the Bastillion family.
The fighting was bloody and long, the cult worshipping elements of the family having all local PDF and SDF forces under their control, in addition to several well equipped household troops, mutated and twisted Cultists, even rogue psykers as well as several powerful spacecraft. The full dossier of this action can be accessed under the file identifier H40-652#T65278-93.
This dossier handles the investigation of Commodore Heinrich van Bastillion, 137. son of the Bastillion noble family, Imperial Navy pledge number 1789402897459-42.
Born into a powerless side-arm of the Bastillion family (presumably due to lack of participating in the cult activity of the main family) he was sent to the Imperial Navy at the young age of 11.
Investigation on this subject were undertaken by the Inquisitor herself. Core of the investigation were the Interrogations of the Commodore himself and one of the few surviving family members of his: Natalya Marjana von Bastillion, his aunt. She was previously declared innocent in front of the Inquisitorial court (see: Court-Case 647#2847-34-23-B).
According to both interviews, Tatjana Felonia von Bastillion (mother of the suspect, burned as heretical associate of second degree, guilty of connivance and failure to act) has sent her son away, onto the righteous path of the Imperial Navy, to protect her son from the foul influence of the family and secure his innocence and safety. May the Emperor lessen her punishment for this.
Heinrich von Bastillion raised quickly through the ranks, after completing Naval Officer School of the Administratum on the Sector capital insert respective planet here, according to setting with best grades and recommendations from all tutors.
His duty reports are filled with honorable mentions of his natural command affinity, a certain amount of luck and utter loyalty despite a near-catastrophic gellar field failure during his duty aboard the 'Crimson Dagger', as well as several pledges of his respective COs about his absolute integrity.
He held several commands over different classes of Navy vessels, participating in no less than 40 major battles and countless minor ones over a career of 43 standard years. Latest command is over the carrier vessel 'Rising Sun'.

The 'Rising Sun' participated in the space battle against the turncoat SDF and household space craft of house Bastillion, going to considerable lengths and risks to secure a safe orbital approach, which allowed the landing of ground troops. At a later stage of the battle, the vessel detected a craft, half-concealed by witchcraft, trying to flee from the lost battle with several high ranking family members on board. The ship was already beyond the interception range of any imperial ship and no one could have accused the Commodore of a failure to act in this situation. Rather than keeping his position, the Commodore ordered an immediate, dangerous short-distance warp transit of the 'Rising Sun', bringing the vessel within only a handful of kilometers of the fleeing craft. Ignoring the communication attempts of the vessel, he annihilated the small vessel with a single broadside of the 'Rising Sun'.
After the combat was won, Dvernur Primaris secured and the major players of House Bastillion purged, an arduously long investigation of all minor members of House Bastillion ensued, finding over 90% of it as guilty. The investigations turned up the millennia-old Warrant of Trade the family holds, kept secure in a safe in one of their estates.
The Inquisitor decided to pass the Warrant over to the Commodore after the most thorough Interrogation and psychic screening by three alpha-level astropaths. He is considered the only member of House Bastillion, fully free of taint and guilt by the Inquisitor, thus entrusting the Warrant in his hands is a precaution so that no other member of House Bastillion can claim it.

Since all ships of House Bastillion were disabled (if not entirely destroyed) during the battle, the Inquisitor approached the Lord Admiral Attilius Berth, supreme Commander of the subsector Battlefleet, CO of the Commodore to find a solution for this situation. The exact means by which the Inquisitor convinced the Lord Admiral does not matter at this point, but in the end, the 'Rising Sun' was given over to the newly declared Rogue Trader and former Commodore Heinrich von Bastillion.
+++ End of Dossier +++

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@Swordwhale, i like the twins idea, especially if they are posing as one and the same person like that movie Prestige.

so the Bastillon Dynasty has inquisitorial blessings, the Emperor's pet sociopaths.

wonder how the other dynasties gonna react to that.

@aptinuviel, a privateer dynasty is good.

Jup, that's what I meant with other noble houses.
Did you read the Ciaphias Cain books? Imperial Commissar with a pronounced connection to an Inquisitor. He would sent her heads-up about anything potentially interesting he encounters. She would get and find him, if something dangerous goes on and he is nearby, getting dragged into her campaigns.
Something like this, only on a Rogue trader level.
I guess that it would be VERY appealing for an Inquisitor to have such a connection. Free passage as you need it, backed up by military power and funds. Free roaming around a wide area, sniffing in all the levels of imperial societies as he goes.

@Twins: Haha, didn't thought of going so far. But this could be really cool.
"Brother, there is an Lord General calling ... Can you talk with him? I don't know what half the abbreviations should mean in the first place."
"Of course ... but you'll have to go on that high-society dinner next month. Can't stand those high-nosed, degenerated, pleasure-seeking idiots rolling around at those events."
"Deal. Always a good source of information you know."
"Yeah. Or a good target for an orbital strike. For the better of humanity."

Scarab Sages

For two RTs, I, of course, prefer option A. Given that pbp is on of the few places that *could* work. PbP is, after all, one of the few ways to play where splitting the party isn't necessarily a nightmare for the GM. :)

Aye to two ships, but you would also need about twice the players then - which will really bring pbp (or any game) down. There was a promising RT game here on the boards a while ago that was going that route but it (sadly) died quickly. Just way too many people to handle. I think it started with something like 9-11 players or something.
Even more so if we roll with ship roles (which is a nice system), but it is also somehow punishing for small crews, since many slots remain vacant.

What do you think about this ship:
Base: Dictator Class
Full Weaponized with Standard Macrocannons: 3 Slots, 1SP each, 66 SP
--> 2x Strength 2 Hangars (up to 12 Squadrons!)
--> 2x Macrocannon Braodside, 1xMacrocannon Battery
Energy Convertor Matrix: +1 SP (Archeotech) [67]
Augmented Thrusters: +5 Maneuvrability (2SP) [69]
Flight Command Bridge (+5 Command, +25 Trade)
Pilot's Chamber: +1SP, +3 Attack Craft rating [70]
Small Craft Repair Deck: +1SP, Tech-Use test to restore otherwise lost attack craft [71]
Barracks: +2SP [73]

Stats: (Using same quirks as you)
Speed: 6 (Combat: 7, Out-of-Combat: 5)
Maneuverability: 16 (Combat: 23, Out-of-Combat: 11)
Detection: 23 (Out-of-Combat: 18)
Armor: 21
Hull: 70
Turret: 3
Space: 56/65
Energy: 58/75 --> up to +3 Speed using Conversion Matrix

I like it. I modified Heart of the Tempest as a carrier as well. I took off the Trophy Room and Compartmentalized Cargo Hold as well as the Torpedoes, and threw on two landing bays. If someone were planning on being a Child of Dynasty and bringing three more SP, I'd add the two supplemental components back and put some Sunsears on the Prow.

Some suggestions:
1. Always use the Miloslav h-616.b Warp engine. It's just better all around. It's mechanically better *and* its spooky. That's just a win-win.
2. I think you can do better with 2SP than the Augmented Thrusters.
3. I suggest Sunsears as your Macrobatteries. They've got some decent range.
4. A main issue you'll run into is that your broadsides are decent (but lower than a true Cruiser broadside since you've got bays rather than a 3rd weapon), but your prow firing is really weak with just one weapon.
5. You're definitely going all-in on attack craft from the start. This isn't bad, but I'd probably use that 2SP from Augmented Thrusters to diversify just a bit.
6. What Auger array are you planning on using? You've got the extra power to go bigger if you want, but it's really up to you.
7. I think I'd still go with the Ship's Master Bridge on it, despite the Flight Command Bridge being great for carriers. If you *don't* have a hot shot pilot to go out with the squadrons it might be better? I think the +10 ballistics tests, even having less macrobatteries, is just too awesome to pass up.

And I agree on two ships being too many. As it is, it's best to have a large-ish (at least what would be large for a single TT game) single ship crew for pbp RT. You inevitably lose a few players early in games and having a few extra makes that loss a little less harsh.

1) Mhh yeah, might worth it.
2) I don't know how important maneuverability is for s ship. Thought an extra +5 would be nice for such a huge ship.
3) Sunsear is a good argument, although you want to take the Braodside variant from Into the Storm, adding more Strengh, bringing it up to Macrocannons.
4) Yeah prow. It's really just a "nice-to-have". I'd like to have the 2 weapons of the bigger cruisers, but yeah, I don't want to downgrade my crew. Does not fit the story and I have the feeling that it will bite one into the behind in some point.
5) Yeah 2 SP... I thought about getting a manufactorum as well. That's something really nice to have, gives a lot of trade option and speeds up repairs considerably. Will also please any AdMech we end up with.
6) Was thinking M201b (+5 Detection). The Ultimo Array is cool ... but provides the Enemy with a +5 to hit you ... that is really bad.
7) Actually I played with the though of taking "Reliquiary of Mars" for another Archeo-Tech and go with the Bridge of Antiquity (+10 Command & Social for all Bridge members, +5 Maneuverability), but yeah, the +10 BS is quite nice as well. Still not sure, since Warhammer usually is good to those that focus on one thing rather than generalists. I think the flight bridge is underpowered, comparing it to some of the others (e.g. the Ship's Master), but well ...

Another thing to consider: It is WAY easier to buy optional compartments than to buy weapons. You really don't want to leave weapon slots unequipped, since acquiring them in-game suffers a -30 compared to 'civil' components - aka any optional component like a trophy room or similar things.

Broadsides tend to have higher Strength at the cost of a lot higher Space and Power. Cruisers and bigger ships can afford that trade off, but they don't do more damage or Crit.

I tend to recommend Sunsear Batteries because there's nothing else for 1 SP with that range. With a Strength 4, same damage as pretty much any other Macrobattery, and way more range than anything else worth just 1 SP, they're all around a better weapon. There's no broadside option with them, but again, increasing the Strength a bit for massive power increases is...questionably good. I'm actually strongly considering dropping the Hecutor-pattern Plasma Broadside on the Tempest to a battery. It saves 4 Power and 2 Space for the price of 2 Strength. Strength is good, but the cost is rough unless you're a dedicated gunboat, which these ships aren't.

And you're absolutely right on guns being tougher to get during the game. *Way* tougher. It's why leaving the prow open on the Tempest is *so* rough, but it's on of those things the crew would just have to deal with.

You sold me on a bit more focus. If the Tempest gets 3 SP from a Child of Dynasty crewmember, then I'd pick up another Sunsear on the prow, the Trophy room (it's too hard to pass up), and either a Pilot's Chamber or Small Craft Repair Deck. The next upgrade would be whichever wasn't picked up.

I still think the Ship's Master Bridge is worth it on the Tempest, but not be worth it on the Dictator frame. The amount of firepower the Tempest is putting out, despite having bays, is impressive. A Port or Starboard broadside would have two Sunsears and a Hecutor broadside firing away. +10 BS on each of those is another hit each. That's...a lot of damage.

I was thinking ...
- Cruiser and above prow weapons can target: front + both sides
- If I swap out the Thruster ... I have 2SP more
- If I want the Rising Sun to pack a good punch ... How about Bombardment Cannons as prow weapon?

- Incredible Damage
- High Crit Chance and increased crit damage
- High Bonus on planetary-based Military Objectives and Intimidation

- Low Range

It will give my Broadside a hefty power up, damage-wise.
Reducing long-range potential further ... but it was not that good in the first place. We have fighters and bombers for that one.


I will try to get the Rising Sun posted later today.
Guess we're mostly done then, GM?

Current Version added to alias profile page.

Dark Archive

Very familiar with the good commissar.

So we have the Heart of the Tempest and the Rising Sun.

Anyone else throwing their hat into the ring???

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aptinuviel wrote:

For two RTs, I, of course, prefer option A. Given that pbp is on of the few places that *could* work. PbP is, after all, one of the few ways to play where splitting the party isn't necessarily a nightmare for the GM. :)

Is this a proposal to make an alliance squadron?

If you are willing to go with it, I'd love an alliance.
We may want to rethink our weapon/ship composition and come up with a linking background then of course, but "Hell yeah!" from my side ^^

If I may comment about it:
If we go with a big group (necessary for a two-ship campaign), we all should go with a quite hard-defined post window and bot-ing to keep things moving. Make it clear from the start and don't wait for longer than, say 24/48h before moving on, bot-ing all people that did not respond until your post. That way we'll keep on moving, keeping the game interesting for everyone, even those that may get bot-ed from time to time.
That's at least my point of view and that is how I run my Only War game.
Not trying to patronize you in any way, just blurting out my thoughts and views. I really want this to happen and endure :-)

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a 2-ship squadron will not require a big ship, if we go that way. light cruisers and frigates will be acceptable.

on the other hand, if we go that way, will you guys agree to limiting each retinue to 3 (including the RT)?

That's quite tough to be honest.
You really want a Tech-Guy, as well as a Navigator to keep your ship running (repaired) and to have at least semi-smooth void travels.
With RT included that's already a total of 3 each.
I'd like a Void Master to lead my flyers as well...

Maybe a total of 8, 4 each including RT?
Still on the big-party size, but nothing impossible to handle, probably?

Or could we build PC-NPCs (full-fledged NPCs build like another PC) to fill the most needed positions? Would also allow the other PCs to have a bigger choice for their characters.
Set the RT-Staff to PCs + 2-3 Bots to prevent shenanigans.

In my mind you really want to have:
- A RT
- A Astropath and Navigator
- A Tech-Priest
- Either a good shot or a flyer (depending on your ship's focus)

@Ships: I'd actually stay with the Rising Sun mostly as-is, since it fits my background quite well (+ I probably suffer from a Carrier Syndrome that may or may not be related to watching Battlestar Galactica as a youth).
Maybe aptinuviel want's to look at a smaller vessel and grab some more PF points instead, idk.

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