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Hello everyone,

Sorry if this as been asked before (or if its in an FAQ that I just can't find), but i was wondering what Paizo's policy is on streaming to twitch or YouTube in regards to artwork.

My current group plays on Roll20 because we live in various parts of the country, and we want to start to stream the game. My main concern doing this is more for the maps and monster tokens. I wanted to use the Paizo Map Packs and flip maps for the terrain, and some monster artwork for the tokens. Would i still be able to stream the game or put it up on youtube doing this? I've read through the Community Use stuff on the site, and while i understand it in regards to making your own modules or for review purposes, it wasnt clear on streaming as far as I saw.

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The Community Use Policy applies equally to all media. (A live-streamed or archived game would be considered a "campaign journal" for the purposes of the policy.)

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Ok, so I wouldn't be able to make an encounter using say the Road Sysyem map pack and do a live stream of the game with that. Got it.

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