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I've slated my group to run into a Remorhaz next session and I want to make this the most dangerous encounter that session; ideally the group will be in real danger of losing a PC or two but barring exceptionally bad rolls/tactics on the party's part I don't think it can wipe them, nor do I want it to.

The group are all level 5 and consists of
Unchained rogue (swashbuckler archetype)
Gunslinger (Pistolero)
Dual-wielding fighter (Focused Weapon w/ Kukris)
Brawler/Shifter (Verdant Shifter)
Arcane Healer/Studious Librarian Bard (whose items can let them supply a whopping +5 buff to the parties' attack/damage)

Lastly the PC's do get a chance to identify that a Remorhaz frequents the area.

I believe that covers the important details but if there's anything else you need to know to get a better picture I can try to answer (within reason)

So any advice?

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Have it attack from below, using tremorsense and its burrow speed, to get a surprise round.

Remember to use the Heat ability to do 8d6 points of damage to unarmed strikes and, failing a DC 19 Fortitude save, to weapons. So prep the Hardness and Hit Points of your PCs' weapons.

Against AC 20, your PCs will be hitting more often that not, some probably 75% of the time. This is OK, because of Heat.

Try to use Awesome Blow and Bull Rush to get at least 1 PC down the hole. Consider dropping Cleave and/or Skill Focus Perception for Improved Critical bite and/or Bull Rush Strike.

Try to swallow at least 1 PC.

I'm assuming no energy resistance or fire resistance. The Heat will do about +28 fire damage. So most PCs will only survive 2 hits from the remorhaz.

Since these hit hard AND destroy weapons, the PCs will probably be concerned, scared, or worried. Play to their tensions, don't focus attacks one PC at a time unless you want them dead, and definitely mix up all the special attacks Remy has.

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Thanks for the input! It went about as expected. Two PC's bought it (one died from sheer bite damage, the other died after being swallowed), but the rest of the group managed to kill it. Gunslinger was definitely the main damage dealer to the thing, especially with some help from the Bard's boosts. The Brawler/shifter did do some damage despite the burns, and she might've died too if not for the gunslinger getting the finishing shot. It was a pretty exciting fight.

Now as the swallowed fighter is one of the character's brother they do plan to raise them from the dead... however I'm not clear on what happens to a corpse that's suffered quite a lot of fire damage... any input there?

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Have you ever overcooked a roast. He'll be burned and blackened but there should be enough there to raise.

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Balancer wrote:
Have you ever overcooked a roast. He'll be burned and blackened but there should be enough there to raise.

Makes sense, thanks!

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Don't forget the digestive juices all over it, once it's carved out of the corpse.

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