3.5 Warmage Conversion; Looking for Feedback!


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Hello, boards!

One of my players really wants to play the Warmage from 3.5, but it seems a bit... underpowered... even for 3.5, and especially so for Pathfinder. I tried my hand at a quick conversion - any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

There's a few things I'm definitely up in the air about (giving Heavy Armor Proficiency, and having both Warmage Edge and Spirit of War), but any and all input would be appreciated!

Edit: It would help if I added the link, eh?


Your conversion is a good start. Most 3.5 classes are under powered compared to pathfinder classes, and a few are right on par without conversion.

I've seen on other forums that the warmage was considered under powered by some, even in 3.5, but I have to disagree based on my personal experience with the class. It's possible to do more with a standard wizard, including better blasting, but the warmage is like a pregen easy-mode blaster.

I like that you added free combat feats. That helps support the martial aspect of the class and helps to keep it on par with the power bloat of pathfinder.

I think keeping it at the original 2 skill points per level makes more sense, as both the wizard and fighter have 2 skill points in both games and it's an intelligence based class.

What really made the warmage excel was the unique spells and the sudden metamagic. I would suggest grandfathering in sudden metamagic feats and giving them to the class at the usual levels, as well as allowing them as odd-level feat selections.

I would also suggest allowing the unique warmage spells. Pathfinder has already created enough content that they are less unique, but may still have some differences.

Consider Pathfinder's Wreath of Blades vs. 3.5 Ring of Blades. The difference is early access, 1 dagger instead of 4 mithril daggers, and 1 minute per level instead of 1 round per level. Ring does less damage, but the warmage edge helps mitigate that, making this a devastating damage over time.

I used to use Ring of Blades with Blade Barrier to trap enemies in my kill zone like a giant blender. Definitely not underpowered.

Warmage is a unique burst damage class that has a narrow focus, but is good within that focus. The prevailing opinion is that blaster mages are underpowered (I disagree), but this class was designed for exactly that purpose. With free metamagic at the caster's discretion, warmage's edge, and 9 levels of casting while armored I think the original warmage is about right for the power level of core pathfinder.

Your modifications so far allow the class to keep up with the additional power creep of Pathfinder supplements, but I really feel that the class needs the sudden metamagic and unique spells, even if they aren't that unique anymore.

As written, this class needs very little aside from Intelligence. As such, I think it should be a 2 skill point class. If the class were rewritten to encourage the use of other skills, I think 4 would be fine. Why is Fly on the list of class skills? I don’t see anything on the spell list that grants flight. Why is Perception on the class list? Aside from it being good for any class, I can’t think of a reason the warmage should have it.

You should revise the wording that grants proficiency in a martial weapon. It’s awfully loose. On the subject, why does he need it? He has no class features that help his ability with weapons, no spells that help out, and no incentive to invest in Strength. I would like to see a revision of this class that does encourage some use of weapons. Not to the extent of the magus, but something.

Versatile Blasting
I guess I don’t see this as necessary because this warmage already has access to all spells on his spell list. If he needs cold damage, he can just cast a spell that deals cold damage.

Advanced Learning
OK so there are some evocation spells that don’t deal damage and can allow the war mage a bit of utility. The thing is, I don’t think that one spell every three levels will make much difference. I don’t see a problem with opening up the possibilities here.

Spirit of War
The warmage doesn’t have trouble dealing damage with spells. That’s not his shortcoming. At 5th level it’s only a +5 to spells like fireball, but at 11th level it +20 damage to the same spell and he has a lot more spells per day.

I would suggest implementing a list talents that can be chosen every other level. Probably odd-numbered levels because new spell levels are gained at even-numbered levels.

Is there a capstone?

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