Why go back to Sandpoint after Jorgenfist?

Rise of the Runelords

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With everything learned below Jorgenfist I would think most players would just try to head on toward XS. What is the motivation to return all the way to Sandpoint AGAIN after finding out about the magical city and big bad in the K mountains?

Any help would be great!

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.) they are missing information about the location of xin-shalast
.) they know that mokmurian was searching something in sandpoint that might help them find xin-shalast
.) at this time in the ap, they should have at least a deep connection to the inhabitants of sandpoint, if not personal interest of some kind in that town

How about some well deserved rest and downtime.
Time to buy, sell, and craft items.

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Hythlodeus has the right of it...


Unfortunately I don't think the first bit about the location being missing is actually in Book 4. As best I can tell it's not mentioned until the beginning of Book 6. Mokmurian has explicitly removed all references to the location of Xin Shalast from the Library.

But the pc's should be focused on the Map in Mokmurian's possession that has a big X on Sandpoint and references both Runeforge and Xaliasa (Handout 4-2.) Using the library on Karzoug should turn up info on dominant weapons and Runeforge.

It's also possible there were captives from Sandpoint rescued from Jorgenfist - they need to go home.

I'm not sure if it's different in the original, but the Anniversary Edition also mentions that if the PCs don't come back on their own

the town scrounges up enough gold to get a Sending spell cast to ask them to come back and help with the sinkhole.

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