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Greetings fellow Starfinders!

I am looking to put together a regular team to play Sunday evening's, from 7-11pm GMT. At the moment, then plan is to play 1-01 on the first Sunday of January (the 7th) and play a module per week on a round robin GM basis so that we would hit level 3 on the 4th of March 2018.

Therefore I am looking to recruit a number of players who meet the following criteria:

- Able to play 7-11pm every Sunday evening, GMT.
- Able to use Roll20 and Discord.
- Willing to take their turn in GMing games, including reporting.
- Able to play every scenario.

If you meet those criteria, please leave a reply below.



I can offer the first three criteria and I would like to join.

About the prerequisite of having to be able to play all scenarios:
I think it is hard to fullfill. Because you can generally only fullfill it, if you haven't played any starfinder, but the repetable introduction scenarios. Which in most cases means, that you are not to interested in starfinder.

I have played up to 1-03 by now. I would certainly like to join starting with 1-04, if you have space left and deviate from your criteria.



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