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Okay, so it's been quite some time since I've ran. I'm trying to figure out information, notably trying to figure out what faction a player I have joined (he has his sheets, but his faction isn't listed there).

When I try to find My Pathfinder Society info, I keep getting redirected to the main page. So I don't even know how to find -my- old info now.

Please halp.

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The PFS guide lists what old faction fit into the new faction.

Have your player check there.

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It should be on each chronicle sheet, or on his Paizo account. GMs have enough to do, I feel.

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Ok I see that I didn't fully understand what was being asked so I am going to give it another crack.

If you go to the My Organized Play tab at the top (was My Pathfinder Society before), you will be taken to a page that shows all the characters that have been recorded in the system. Each character will have a symbol that gives the faction that the character has be given by the player/GM. If you are unsure of what the symbols mean, you can go to the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild section and scroll down. The symbols will be near the bottom of the page with their names.

These are the current factions. If the symbol does not appear here it is likely an an older faction. At that point you will need to consult the guide as I suggested in my earlier post to determine which new faction the old factor was placed.

Some old factions have been closed and not put into a new faction. In those cases, the play may select a new faction without paying the PP cost to switch. But the player has to do this before playing the character again.

As as Starglim states, the faction should be recorded on each chronicle that the character has. If the player did not record the faction than that will complicate things.

Hope this post is more helpful.

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Adding on to Gary’s post, here is what you need to know about faction changes:

Grand Lodge never changed.

Andoran became Liberty’s Edge.

Cheliax became Dark Archive.

Lantern Lodge & Shadow Lodge retired. Pick a new faction, free of cost.

Osirion became Scarab Sages. Scarab Sages will be retiring after July 2018, but they are still available to play now.

Qadira & Szarni merged into The Exchange.

Silver Crusade is unchanged.

Taldor became Sovereign Court.

After July 2018, the Concordance elemental nature faction will be an option as well.

This should help you and your player figure out what faction his PC is in.


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try the "Create a character" button. It takes you to your character info stuff now.

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