Why so few monsters with conductive weapons?

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The only one in a major book is the Gate Archon who is a badass.

Plus, so many more monsters get cool, at-will abilities that they could spam out. One of problems with monsters is that they have strong attacks and strong SLAs, but can rarely do both. A Gate Archon can full attack and bestow curse every round.

So this is my call for more outsiders with conductive weapons!

However, one reason there aren't more monsters with Conductive Weapons would be that the creature has to have an SLA of the same range-type as the Conductive Weapon they'd like to wield (for example, a melee weapon to use an SLA with a range of touch like Bestow Curse), and free hands to wield said weapon, this limits effective combinations. Many magical monsters also have Natural Attacks, and therefore have no reason to carry any weapons.
Another reason there aren't more monsters with Cunductive Weapons is that such weapons typically aren't very useful to players, and one of the purposes for equipping monsters is actually just to funnel said equipment into the hands of your players. Too many Conductive Weapons could also stilt the campaign's economy.
The exception to these issues is, of course, to give them to Outsiders. Outsiders typically conjure their weapons from thin-air, and therefore leave nothing to loot. That +3 Conductive Greatsword is effectively just an unusual kind of Natural Attack. However... it would still be a little abusive if you started just handing Conductive Weapons to every Outsider with a SLA that it could use through it (nothing wrong with designing an Outsider especially to do so though)

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