Yet more Barathu questions

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As more and more Barathu are surfacing in the SFS, here is what I still don't see any obvious answers to:

1) Do Barathu get features from Aberration type (at least, Darkvision)?
2) Can Barathu speak audibly?
3) Do they have two default "hands" to wield weapons, as per generic equipment rules?
4) Not having a land speed, do they need to spend move action and roll Acrobatics each turn just to keep in place?
5) Is their extraordinary flight influenced by heavy armor speed penalty?
6) How should they handle the systems for augmentations? Can they slot Speed suspension (which clearly requires legs per se)?

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We'll be addressing this (and more) in the near future. As posted in the previous thread on this topic, it's something that Organized Play doesn't want to make a unilateral decision on, and we're working with the Starfinder Design team to get these addressed in a timely manner.

Thanks for your continued patience.


Do we have any answers for this yet? I am about to finish filling out my alien archive boon and I want my Kuthonite Hellknight barathu to join the society with the minimum of confusion.

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Yes. It was addressed in this thread.

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